• Useful and medicinal properties of gold

    Gold( Aurum, Au) is a heavy metal of yellow color. From time immemorial, it was very much appreciated, as evidenced by historical documents and those things that archeologists extract during excavations. The first gold products were found in the cultural layers of the Neolithic( 5-4 millennium BC).The rulers of the most ancient civilizations valued this rare precious metal for the sake of which wars were waged, robbed the conquered states, forcing slaves to work in gold mines. Alchemists called gold "the king of metals", trying to get it by artificial means. From the noble metal, coins of the highest value were minted from ancient times, they made the most beautiful decorations, vases and insignia. Gold was adorned with the residences of the lords and their tombs.

    Properties of gold .Gold is very rare in nature and it differs from other metals.

    As a rule, real gold is found in the earth, where it occurs in the form of nuggets, ie, in pure form without any impurities, but more often in the ore, which is contained in conjunction with other metals. Almost always, gold particles are found in silver and compounds with copper.

    This noble metal is not oxidized by the action of air and does not fade, remaining bright and not losing its luster. In addition, it is almost not corroded by common acids. In addition, gold is a soft metal, and therefore can be easily processed and acquires any shape. Only 1 g of gold can be rolled into a plate of 2 square meters.m, and it can be easily bent, and it does not break.

    Since time immemorial it has been used as currency, jewelers for jewelry, dentists for dentures, and esculops for treatment.

    Application of gold in medicine. Gold has been used for centuries in medicine-folk and official. Solutions of gold salts are detrimental to many pathogens, so gold is often included in some medicinal potions and remedies. Gold preparations are used in the form of suspension and water-soluble drugs for injection in the treatment of chronic arthritis, lupus erythematosus, often in combination with hormonal or other drugs. Radioactive gold in combination with surgical and drug therapy is used in the treatment of tumors, as well as for diagnostic purposes.

    Gold has a warming property, it is used for diseases of the nervous system, it improves cardiovascular activity, strengthens the heart muscle."This metal is useful to keep in your mouth for the destruction of a bad smell. This procedure protects the throat and nose from colds, helps with angina and other colds. Gold improves memory, intelligence and understanding, gives energy to the heart. This noble metal is able to disinfect, kill microorganisms, so gold jewelry is useful to wear during epidemics.

    For reception inside since the most ancient times gold water was used. For its preparation, you can use even an ornament of gold, however, it should be without a stone. Such water helps with nervous diseases, various kinds of colds, anxiety, fear, anxiety, heart attacks, bone pains, weakness and exhaustion, lung and liver diseases.

    Not everyone knows that a lot of gold is contained in the waters of the World Ocean. Scientists have proved: with the amount of sea water that is available on our planet, the gold in it is at least 10 billion tons.

    Contraindications. Preparations from gold often cause side effects: fever, irritation of the intestine, kidneys, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat yourself with the use of this noble metal, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor.

    Contraindications to the use of medicinal forms of gold are diabetes, severe forms of tuberculosis, diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, kidneys and liver. Gold as an ultramicroelement is contained in our body. In some people, due to the peculiarities of metabolism in the body, it can interact with other organs and tissues, giving them a blue-gray hue. This phenomenon is called in medicine "chrysiaz"( from the Greek "chrysos" - "gold").

    People who prefer to wear thick gold chains and pendants, massive gold earrings and rings, should analyze whether they are good for well-being.

    Signs of increased sensitivity to gold are a bad mood, a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, complications from the kidneys and liver, deterioration of hair growth and the condition of the teeth. It is necessary to remember one more fact. Our skin has a predominantly acid reaction, and with some liver diseases it becomes even more acidic. Ornaments from Russian gold, including gold engagement rings, contain a considerable share of copper. It is this element, entering into chemical relations with the pH-factor of the skin, can leave a mark on it. Therefore, if a noticeable dark trace appears on the skin with a constant wearing of gold rings, you should not get particularly frightened, however, you need to pay a visit to the doctor.