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    The diet for giardiasis cleanses of parasitic toxins and prevents reproduction

    Dietat a lambliasis is the most effective method of treatment of this disease as helps to cope with it without reception of medicines.

    Causes, Symptoms, and Features of the Diarrhea for Lambliasis ^

    Giardiasis is a parasitic disease caused by the ingestion of the simplest lamblia( parasites) through unwashed food, tap water and cyst-contaminated household items. Ljamblii are capable to amaze not only a thin and thick gut, but also a liver with a cholic bubble.

    Symptoms of Giardiasis are flatulence, pain in the stomach, diarrhea, a feeling of weakness, a decrease in appetite and performance, worsening attention, memory and fatigue. Often, this disease causes and allergic reactions: rashes, itching, conjunctivitis, respiratory disorders - rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

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    Giardiasis is dangerous to humans, as it can lead to dysbiosis and digestive disorders, central nervous, immune and other body systems. Dietary nutrition for giardiasis, both in a complex of medical measures, and for the purpose of prevention should correspond to the basic requirements: to deprive the nutrient medium of parasites and to remove them from the body;to cleanse the body of laxemia secreted toxins.

    The diet for giardiasis is designed to take into account that foods eaten, create as many unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of lamblia. From the dietary diet are completely excluded:

    • Sweet and bakery products, chocolate, sugar, honey and buns;
    • Spicy, smoked, pickled and fatty foods;
    • Sausages and pasta;Sweet fruit, incl.melons, bananas, sweet grapes;
    • Carbonated sweet juices, alcohol, milk drinks;Radish, onion, horseradish, radish and garlic.

    The dietary diet of the dietary method for lambiosis should consist strictly of the allowed products:

    • Sour berries, fruits, fruit drinks, fruit juice, fruit juice, juice and compotes of them: currants, cranberries, blackberries, sour apples and citrus fruits;
    • Rice broth;
    • Vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and cucumbers( boiled, stewed, raw);
    • Unsweetened cottage cheese and yogurt, brynza, lean fish, meat;
    • Porridges on water: corn, rice, oats, buckwheat and barley;
    • Non-rich soups and broths.

    Diet for the treatment of giardiasis: an approximate menu and features ^

    Therapeutic diet with giardiasis should be carried out in three stages:

    Stage 1-st

    • Lasts 2 weeks;
    • It is aimed at reducing intoxication and preventing the reproduction of parasites;
    • The daily ration includes porridge, vegetables, dried fruits, baked apples and vegetable oil.

    Stage 2 of

    • Lasts about three weeks;
    • It is aimed at the withdrawal of lamblia parasitizing in the body;
    • The menu consists of products and dishes with a high availability of fiber: pears, dried apricots, apples, vegetables, blueberries.

    Stage 3 of

    • The duration is 2-3 weeks;
    • The aim is to create conditions that exclude the multiplication of parasites and increase the protective forces of the whole organism.
    • The diet includes dishes from fruits, vegetables, cereals and sour-milk products.

    Diet for giardiasis in adults

    The diet for giardiasis in adults is the most effective method to cure this ailment. The main condition for success is strict adherence to the diet. On request, cereals can be cooked from any permitted cereal, but always on the water. During treatment of Giardiasis, baked apples should enter the menu daily. Approximate menu of a dietary curative food system for infection with Giardiasis:

    • Morning: corn porridge, a piece of cheese, berry fruit;
    • Lunch: chicken soup, braised zucchini, yogurt or rice broth;
    • Snack: 2 baked apples;
    • Dinner: small rice( corn) flat cake, mashed potatoes or vegetable stews, chicken meatballs, citrus drink.

    Diet for giardiasis in children

    In children's lambliasis, the preparation of a diet can cause certain difficulties, since one of the symptoms of the disease can be skin rash. Often, allergens can serve as berries and citrus.
    When a lambliosis infection occurs in infants, breastfeeding is replaced with artificial milk.

    For older children, the daily menu should be:

    • Porridge and tortillas from corn or rice;
    • Any sour and unsweetened fruit, but if there is an allergy to some of them, only green apples and pears of unsweetened hard varieties are allowed;
    • Kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt;
    • Vegetables;
    • Poultry meat;
    • Fresh compotes, juices and fruit drinks.

    In addition, allowed products can be combined with each other, for example:

    • Green apple puree mixed with cottage cheese;
    • Pancakes made from cornmeal cooked with yogurt or kefir;
    • Pear and chicken salad dressed with linseed or olive oil.

    Diet with intestinal form of lambliasis

    Dietary nutrition with intestinal form lasts at least three months, from the menu of which alcohol, soda, any kinds of sweet dishes, smoked products, marinades and sausages are strictly excluded.
    The main aspect of the diet - sour dishes, foods and drinks, which should be consumed half an hour before each meal.
    The daily curative menu is prepared taking into account strictly allowed products. Cooked food should only be cooked, steamed or stewed.

    Diet for lambliosis of liver

    Damage to lamblia of the liver can lead to serious consequences, therefore dietary nutrition is necessarily combined with medicinal antiparasitic drugs.
    Compliance with the diet implies the use of cereals, kefir, vegetables, lean fish and fruits.

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    The results, recommendations and feedback of physicians on therapeutic nutrition with giardiasis ^

    The results of diet with lambiosis are very positive:

    • Gradual improvement of health, reduction of painful symptoms;
    • Cleansing the body of intoxication and harmful parasites.

    The dietary method for giardiasis should be observed until complete recovery. In addition, doctors strongly recommend that during the treatment period adhere to the main hygiene rules, which include:

    • Regular hand washing with antibacterial soap after going to the toilet and before eating;
    • Wash raw vegetables, berries, fruits with boiling water;
    • Frequent cleaning and linen change( bed linen, bed linen);
    • Use only drinking boiled water.

    Despite the fact that the doctors' reviews of the diet for giardiasis are generally positive, they believe that it is not always possible to achieve a certain correct diet. Therefore, along with the dietary system of therapeutic nutrition doctors prescribe the patient medication, as well as strict adherence to hygiene rules.

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