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    Buckwheat day: result minus 1 kg

    Unloading day onbuckwheat will improve the body, save it from accumulated harmful substances and give a sense of ease. With the help of such a one-day diet, you can say goodbye to one or even two unnecessary kilos without much effort.

    Buckwheat fasting day: benefit or harm ^

    Advantages of fasting days on buckwheat can be considered lightness and relative harmlessness of this procedure for a person.

    • The main product is very accessible, easy to prepare.
    • The buckwheat diet is well tolerated by humans and does not cause a feeling of acute hunger.
    • Buckwheat digests slowly and retains the feeling of a full stomach for a long period.
    • Saturates the body with vitamins, minerals that help slow down aging, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, lower cholesterol, increase immunity.

    Contraindications for fasting day on buckwheat :

    • It is not recommended to unload with buckwheat to women in position, nursing mothers and those who suffer from stomach and intestinal diseases, especially ulcers and all kinds of gastritis.
    • Other people like this mini-diet will be very useful, because, due to the content of a large number of dietary fiber, it can easily cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins.

    Buckwheat can be consumed as the main food, and can also be combined with other dietary products, for example, kefir, milk, apples, vegetables, chicken, etc. During discharge, it is necessary to maintain a plentiful drinking regime, consuming plenty of water and other unsweetened liquids.

    Preparation for buckwheat fasting day:

    • recipes for serving the whole day should be washed 250 g of buckwheat, pour on the night of her two cups of boiling water, seal the dishes and it is good to warm, wrapped in a towel.
    • Having stood thus for a long time, the croup will swell considerably and will be ready in the morning.
    • You can not salt or sugar porridge.
    • You should also not use sauces or butter when preparing and eating food.

    Buckwheat can be green or brown. Green cereals are not roasted and have less pronounced taste, but it is the most useful.

    If the choice has fallen still on the brown groats, you need to use whole grain, that is, the kernel, and not the cut. Also pay attention to the color of the grains. Lighter shades mean that buckwheat was fried not very long, so it retained more useful properties.

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    discharge day on buckwheat: buckwheat unloading popular options, menu ^

    Buckwheat discharge day: a rough menu,

    recipes discharge day on buckwheat and kefir

    you require in addition to cooked buckwheat, another 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt, better than 1%.All day you need to eat cooked grits, divided into several portions, washing it with kefir.

    There is another method of cooking porridge: pour boiling water instead of barley fermented milk drink in the ratio of 1: 2 and left to swell overnight.

    Unloading day on buckwheat without kefir

    You can do without one porridge without any additives.

    • For this, the prepared cereal should be consumed in small portions.
    • The last time you need to eat at 19-00 or even earlier.
    • main rule: do not forget to drink plenty of green tea, water, etc.

    discharge day on buckwheat and milk

    Such an option is quite delicious and nutritious..

    • Prepared buckwheat should be filled with low-fat milk or drink it after eating porridge.
    • 1.5 liters of milk is required for unloading.

    Unloading day on buckwheat and apples

    It is better to use green apples.

    • You will need 3 pcs per day.medium size, which must be eaten before taking buckwheat.
    • It is recommended to drink green tea, water, etc.

    Unloading day on buckwheat and chicken

    You need to boil the chicken without salt and spices, taking off the skin first. It will take about 500 g. It can be eaten as with buckwheat, using as a garnish, alternating alternately.

    Supplement to the diet can be chicken broth, which has many useful properties for the body. It is better to use domestic chickens, as well as the so-called second broth, when the chicken is refilled with new water after boiling, and the first, more fatty, poured.

    Unloading day on buckwheat and bran

    You can vary the menu with bran.

    • For this, a small amount of this product is recommended to soak in water and wait for half an hour.
    • Next, it is recommended to drain the liquid and use alternately buckwheat and bran.
    • With this discharge option, it is important to drink enough water or any other liquid.

    Unloading day on buckwheat and tomato juice

    • The main product remains buckwheat, each reception of which must be accompanied by the consumption of tomato juice.
    • The entire volume of the drink should be one liter.
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    Unloading day on buckwheat: testimonials and real stories of losing weight ^

    Buckwheat fasting days for weight maintenance are recommended to be repeated once a week. In breaks between them, you need to change your basic diet and try to exclude from it harmful salty, smoked, sharp and fatty foods. Then the results of fasting days on buckwheat will be more noticeable and impressive.

    Reviews of the buckwheat unloading day of our regular readers are very positive:

    Irina, 32 years old:

    "The result just impressed me. With buckwheat, I managed to lose almost two kilograms. I feel fine and am happy, looking in the mirror! "

    Margarita, 27 years old:

    " If you get used to the rather specific taste of the product, it's not bad at all. In addition, such unloading is very useful for the body. Therefore, I can recommend buckwheat as a great product for losing weight and maintaining physical health. "

    Svetlana, 39 years old:

    "Do not hope that keeping a habitual way of life and eating a bunch of pies and other sweets every day, a buckwheat one-day diet can help you lose weight. Yes, with all the rules, you can easily throw off a couple of kilograms, but this is due to the general cleansing of the body. Therefore, this method is suitable for quick and short-term gaining harmony, for example, on the eve of an important party or a holiday. "

    Not all women like buckwheat unloading, however, those of them who easily get used to a dietary diet are happy to note improvement in health and weight loss.