Herpes virus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 types, symptoms and treatment

  • Herpes virus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 types, symptoms and treatment

    Probably, with many manifestations of herpes faced many people.

    Getting into the human body the virus begins to show itself cunningly and artfully. You can get infected in various ways: through saliva, sex, hygiene items, as well as by airborne droplets.

    If you look at the official statistics, we will see that by the age of majority of the carriers of the virus is more than 90% of all people on the planet. The most common types of herpes are shingles and simple, which usually manifests in the form of bubbles on the lips.

    Below we will consider all the varieties of this disease, in total there are 8 types of herpes, which can manifest differently in humans.

    Herpes simplex virus type 1: symptoms and treatment

    The defeat of the body with it occurs with direct contact: during a kiss or the ingress of saliva from an infected person.

    As a rule, the first infection occurs at the earliest interval of childhood. Age ranges from 5 months to 2.5 years. In this case, infection occurs without any visible signs. If the symptoms have disappeared, this does not mean that the virus has left you.
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    Clinical picture:

    1. 1) Unpleasant vesicles characteristic of such a disease appear in the region of the sky, as well as of the tongue, cheeks and even lips. In addition, they are filled with a cloudy - transparent liquid.
    2. 2) Sometimes they can be transported to the buttocks and genital area
    3. 3) The tissues that are infected with the infection swell. Thus, there is hyperemia.
    4. 4) After a while, the bubbles darken, and a crust appears.
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    Herpes simplex virus type 2: symptoms and treatment

    The virus affects only the genitals. The first infection occurs during the period of maturation and is associated with the entry into sexual life.

    The fact of the fact that the virus is being introduced into your body is interesting, not showing itself as essential signs, but smoothly turns into nervous plexuses.

    Clinical picture:

    1. 1) Swelling, which occurs on the penis, and in the beautiful half it is in the vulva, as well as on the walls of the uterus.
    2. 2) The appearance of bubbles, which are filled with a turbid liquid. They are characterized by uncomfortable sensations.
    3. 3) In areas affected by the virus, you feel a burning sensation.
    4. 4) Lymph nodes in the groin area are enlarged by an order of magnitude.
    Similar symptoms are characterized by a sudden temperature jump. Take note that the high concentration of the virus in the vesicles characterizes the strong contagiousness of the disease.

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    Herpes of type 3: symptoms and treatment

    Recognized as the causative agent of the notorious "chickenpox", which is observed in children from 9-15 years.

    In the first stage there is a stain that goes into the papule, then it turns into a crust. In a person whose age has passed beyond the 36-year-old line, the spinal cord as well as the cranial nerves are affected.

    Take note that the virus affects the body, as well as a small part of the face. It has a fairly long period of flow, and is characterized by symptoms such as:

    1. 1) The appearance of vesicles, which then turn into large
    2. 2) The patient has areas of inflammation that seem to encircle the body.
    3. 3) There are frequent migraines and weakness of the whole body.
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    Herpes 4 types: symptoms and treatment

    In medicine is called the Epstein-Barr virus. It activates infectious mononucleosis and the syndrome of pathological mononucleosis. In addition, the disease is accompanied by the emergence of a number of malignant tumors.

    Clinical picture:

    1. 1) Body temperature rises
    2. 2) Symptoms of sore throat, ARI
    3. appear 3) Appearance of weakness
    4. 4) Liver as well as spleen increase
    If to speak about malignant formations, the virus promotes their growth, and also promotes infection of B - lymphocytes and even inhibits maturation. All these factors provoke a rapid increase in the size of the neoplasm.

    Herpes Type 5: Symptoms and Treatment

    Cytomegalovirus can provoke the most unexpected lesions. It should be noted that their activation directly depends on the immune system.

    The most serious side effect of the disease is the infection of the child inside the womb, but when it comes into being, the disease does not manifest itself at all.


    1. 1) CNS lesion
    2. 2) Bradyacoustic
    3. 3) Developmental lag
    4. 4) Defects in the internal organs.
    In special cases, infection can lead to death. The virus of this group provokes the most serious diseases and pathologies leading to:

    • chronic digestive system disease
    • eye damage, brain
    In addition, the virus manifests itself:

    • by the temperature jump
    • chill
    • migraine.

    Herpes 6 types: symptoms and treatment

    This type is characterized by the presence of viruses: HHV-6B and HHV-6A.The latter, as a rule, provokes the emergence of diseases of the neuroinflammatory group - multiple sclerosis. The second type activates baby roseola.

    With the progression of the disease, organ transplantation can be performed. Clinical picture:

    • pneumonitis
    • depressed bone marrow
    • encephalitis
    With the development of the disease, you feel a constant increase in body temperature with the subsequent occurrence of rashes.

    Type 7 Herpes: Symptoms and Treatment

    This type is considered the main cause of pathological fatigue. In this case, the virus can be infected as early as childhood, and at an early age can manifest itself due to weakened immunity. The main lesion is the lymphocytes.

    Infection of immune cells causes the appearance of the following symptoms:

    1. 1) Chronic fatigue state, even if you have a rest
    2. 2) Decreased intelligence as well as memory
    3. 3) Severe depression
    4. 4) Irritability
    5. 5) Muscle and joint pain

    Herpes 8 types: symptoms and treatment

    This is nothing more than a malignant tumor of blood vessels. However, it can occur in 4 forms:

    1. 1) African
    2. 2) Classical
    3. 3) Immune - suppressive and also AIDS - associated
    The main symptoms are:

    • burning
    • lesion of the feet, and also the
    • tibiae formed plaques become ulcers.
    The African variety extends to the lymph nodes, as well as the internal organs.

    Kaposi's sarcoma is one of the main symptoms of AIDS.It should be noted that the tumor appears on the tip of the nose, as well as the hard palate and mucous membranes. As a rule, it is observed in people who have not reached the age of 35 years.


    In order to prevent the onset of a serious illness, certain hygiene rules must be followed: try to avoid contact with people who have signs of herpes.

    In addition, refuse casual sexual relations and use a condom at intimacy. Try to strengthen immunity.

    If you feel the first symptoms of herpes, you should immediately take up treatment, but such an insidious disease does not tolerate dilettantes, so contact an experienced doctor.

    Complications of

    If your immunity is weakened, the relapses of herpes are pathological and can be repeated up to 7 times. Known is the fact that bubbles appear on the affected area. In this case, the patient experiences unpleasant sensations on the inflammation focus.

    The virus is cunning, and this manifests itself in the fact that once it appears in the body, it remains there and takes a pathological character. If immunity is weakened, the viruses become activated, and then multiply, thereby causing an exacerbation of herpetic infection.

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