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Ionova diet helps to lose weight even in the presence of a high degree of obesity

Lidia Ionova's diet is notjust a diet, and a professionally developed dietary system for proper nutrition, aimed not only at losing weight, but also on the surgical treatment of excess weight.

The essence of the technique of losing weight from Dr. Lydia Ionova ^

Lidia Ionova is one of the best dieticians in Russia, who founded a network of clinics and is its general director. The unique dietary program developed by her is based on safe and balanced nutrition.

Ionova diet is a smooth weight reduction, the speed of which fits into the safe limits allowed by the world health organization.

The essence of the Ionova diet is strict adherence to the five main principles:

  • The solution to the problem of obesity or overweight should consist of an integrated approach that is to maintain health in the period of weight loss and further stable results;
  • Stable reduction of extra pounds. This principle implies a gradual weight loss, excluding sudden jumps in weight. It is these undesirable weight changes that can adversely affect your health;
  • Effective weight loss, eliminating strict food restrictions. The essence of this principle is the freedom to choose one or another permitted product;
  • The formation of healthy permanent eating habits. The diet of the Ionova diet should be organized so that in the future the slimming person does not have a desire to switch to "harmful" food;
  • Prolonged preservation of the positive result.

The dietary nutrition regimen of Dr. Ionova's method is formulated as a food pyramid, which includes products with a glycemic index of up to 50.

The food pyramid of the nutrition of the Ionova dietician is calculated on the time during which it is necessary to strictly admit the allowed foods:

  • The first breakfast( 6.00-11.00): consistsfrom cereals, namely: brown rice, peas, oatmeal, lentils, pearl barley, beans;
  • Second breakfast( 11.00 -14.00): meat products - fresh, frozen, baked or boiled fish, meat( beef, chicken) and seafood( squid, shrimp, mussels);
  • Lunch time( 14.00 -17.00): dairy, sour-milk drinks and products;
  • Snack( 17.00 - 19.00): berries, fruit in fresh or frozen form. The exception is mango and watermelon;
  • Dinner( 9.00-23.00): frozen or fresh vegetables. Exception - potatoes, corn;
  • Fat-containing products, such as butter, olive and nuts - the daily norm of 20 g;
  • Water with a daily calculation of 30 ml.for each kg.weight.

Ionova diet prohibits the inclusion in the diet of thinning foods and dishes, the glycemic index of which exceeds 50 units. These include fried and boiled potatoes, white rice, corn, bananas, muesli, sugar, chocolate, biscuits and the like. Advantages of Dr. Ionova's diet:

  • No tight restriction in products;
  • Self-mastering the rules of healthy eating;
  • Free choice of this or that food;
  • No contraindications;
  • Safe weight loss and the further possibility of its retention;
  • Improve overall health;
  • Significant increase in efficiency.

Ionova diet: approximate menu and healthy habits ^

Seven-day diet menu IONOVA


  • Morning( until 11.00) - pearl barley with oil and salt, water;
  • Lunch( until 14.00) - boiled shrimp;
  • Lunch( before 17.00) - a glass of curdled milk;
  • Snack( until 19.00) - a couple of oranges;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - a portion of stewed Bulgarian pepper and tomato.


  • Morning( before 11.00) - buckwheat porridge with butter;
  • Lunch( until 14.00) - baked fish with greens;
  • Lunch( before 17.00) - kefir 200 ml;
  • Snack( before 19.00) - a couple of apples;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - boiled broccoli with herbs and salt.


  • Morning( before 11.00) - oatmeal with oil and salt;
  • Lunch( before 14.00) - boiled lean beef;
  • Lunch( before 17.00) - fat-free cottage cheese with sour cream 100 g / 10 g;
  • Snack( before 19.00) - two persimmons;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - salad from tomato and lettuce leaf.


  • Morning( until 11.00) - lentil gruel with salt;Lunch( before 14.00).white chicken boiled meat with salt;
  • Lunch( before 5 pm) - a glass of sweet-milk product;
  • Snack( before 19.00) - a pineapple;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - cabbage salad with fresh carrots, salt and olive oil 200 g.


  • Morning( until 11.00) - rice with oil, salt, water;
  • Lunch( before 14.00) - boiled fish with salt;
  • Lunch( before 5 pm) - drinking yogurt;
  • Snack( until 19.00) - apricots;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - beetroot and carrot salad.


  • Morning( before 11.00) - oatmeal or oatmeal with salt;
  • Lunch( before 14.00) - squid boiled;
  • Lunch( before 5 pm) - milk;
  • Snack( until 19.00) - an orange, a pair of kiwi;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - salad from radish, cucumber, tomato and celery with olive oil.


  • Morning( before 11.00) - bean porridge with oil and salt;
  • Lunch( until 14.00) - boiled beef;
  • Lunch( before 5 pm) - brynza 50 grams, fermented baked milk;
  • Snack( until 19.00) - two large pears;
  • Dinner( until 23.00) - boiled vegetables.

The basis of the diet of Ionova are healthy habits, which consist in the following - in order to reduce weight and keep it, it is necessary to develop the ability to constantly eat right. Dr. Loniya's book "Healthy Habits" tells how not only to achieve the desired result in losing weight, but also to rethink their behavior, nutrition and way of life.

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Results, testimonials of those who lose weight and doctors about the diet of Ionova ^

The results of the Ionova diet are simply stunning. Despite the fact that this diet does not apply to excessively strict and rigid nutrition systems, but is balanced and satisfying, losing weight can safely reduce the weight to 7 kg in seven days. And many patients, obese for many years, could effectively lose weight on the diet of Ionova for a month as much as 13 - 20 kg.

Moreover, according to many of those who have lost weight, after applying the diet from Dr. Ionova, there is no desire to return to the former, contributing to weight gain diet. After a long dietary treatment according to the Ionova technique, the desire to eat fatty, harmful or sugary food is dulled.

Thanks to the unique technique of Lydia Ionova, many of those who lose weight have found not only a well-formed figure, but also confidence in their abilities. The correct way out of the Ionova diet is not provided, since it is programmed for further proper nutrition, excluding the return of excess kilograms.

Reviews about the diet of Lydia Ionova among her patients and the women's methods that applied her, remarkable. They note that, despite a rather late supper, the weight went down superbly. A huge number of people who have got rid of the problem of extra pounds, with gratitude speak about the diet of Ionova and advise it for use to all of their friends.

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