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    Diet Margarita Queen helped to lose weight to many stars of show business

    Diet Margarita Queen is a good way to get rid ofextra pounds, which is especially desirable with the onset of summer. One of the new weight loss programs quickly gained popularity in the star circles.

    The rules of losing weight from Margarita Queen ^

    Margarita Koroleva is a well-known doctor, a nutritionist, one of the first in Russia to create specialized courses for modeling a figure. Now her recommendations as an expert in weight loss are in demand far abroad.

    Essence and rules of the program

    The course of losing weight from Margarita Queen consists of 9 days, which are divided into 3 stages - mono-diet for 3 days each. The effectiveness of the technique is achieved through healthy eating and competent separation of products:

    • In the first third of the diet, only rice is used, the second - chicken or fish, in the final - vegetables.
    • In this case, the body needs a lot of water( about 2-3 liters per day), you can drink green tea.
    • Once a week there should be a kefir unloading day, when only kefir is used.
    • During the diet it is allowed to eat unsweetened fruits, vegetables, low-glycemic cereals, chicken and beef.
    • The food should be five times a day.
    • You can not eat after 19 hours.
    • For men, the portion should not exceed 400 grams, for women - 250.
    • The menu completely excludes sugar, flour, all sauces and alcohol.

    This food is quite extreme for the body, therefore it is contraindicated for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

    The benefits of the Margarita Queen's weight loss course are:

    • its ability to significantly accelerate the metabolism at the intracellular level,
    • the presence of a large amount of fiber in the diet that does not let it feel hungry,
    • in the simplicity and accessibility of the menu.

    Technique minuses:

    • decrease in consumption of essential trace elements,
    • change in blood sugar level in the first stage of the course,
    • change in the exchange of water and salts - on the second.

    Diet by the Queen: 9 days menu and stages ^

    The first stage( 1 - 3 days)

    Everything you can eat at the first stage of the diet - unpolished rice and honey, in large quantities you need a liquid( water, green tea, natural juices are allowed).

    • Rice cooks porridge from rice. Groats should be soaked overnight, drained and rinsed in the morning, boiled for 15 minutes.
    • A glass of this porridge is eaten for breakfast, the remaining one is divided into 4 or 5 servings for other meals.
    • You can eat 3 tsp per day.honey, washing them with water.
    • Liquid is drunk all day, only not at night.

    During the first third of the program, Margarita Koroleva, the body is effectively cleared of toxins.

    Second stage( 4 - 6 days)

    During the second stage of the diet, only chicken, lean fish, honey and water should be present in the diet.

    • Each day requires 1.2 kg of chicken or 0.8 kg of fish( pollock, hake, cod, etc.), 3 h of honey and 2 - 2.5 liters of liquid.
    • Chicken meat( or fish) must be cooked in the evening. In the morning, before eating, a glass of water is drunk, then you can eat a fifth of the meat, and the rest is divided into 4 or 5 parts for subsequent meals.
    • You can alternate fish with chicken on days, in one day there is both that and another it is impossible. Fish can be eaten with herbs and lemon juice.

    At this stage the body is saturated with protein, excess fat is burnt.

    The third stage( 7 - 9 days)

    In the menu - vegetables, honey, water.

    • A day requires a kilogram of vegetables. Choose green and white fruits, in which a lot of water - white cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers and onions.
    • You can eat tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots and beets, but not much.
    • Half of the vegetables can be put out for a couple, from the second half - to make a salad.
    • For example, if you eat stewed vegetables for breakfast, then for the second breakfast - fresh.

    This stage helps to reduce the stomach and provide the body with vitamins.

    But before such a difficult course, full of restrictions, Margarita Queen advises to lose a few kilos in a more simple and gentle way.

    Sample menu for Margarita Queen's program for 7 days:


    • low-fat kefir or natural yogurt( you can add fruit and berries);
    • a quarter of the pineapple;
    • low-fat cooked chicken, asparagus;
    • vegetable soup;
    • seafood( stewed or boiled) and a salad of leaves.


    • 200 g low-fat cottage cheese with berries;
    • grated carrots with a teaspoon of low-fat sour cream;
    • low-fat boiled fish with fresh vegetables;
    • apple;
    • egg and cauliflower boiled.


    • omelette from 1 egg and 1 squirrel with greens;
    • 200 g of berries;
    • oil-baked fish with spinach;
    • a glass of natural juice;
    • baked zucchini.


    • rice porridge with vegetables;
    • fresh sweet pepper;
    • lean meat boiled with vegetables stewed( cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli);
    • a quarter of pineapple;
    • mushrooms and spinach.


    • oatmeal with honey, apples and berries;
    • freshly squeezed juice;
    • steamed fish and green vegetables;
    • some almonds;
    • vegetable stew, boiled egg.


    • porridge from buckwheat with onions and carrots, pasted on water;
    • two cucumbers( fresh);
    • boiled chicken and lettuce;
    • dried fruits;
    • boiled low-fat fish and cauliflower.


    • zucchini pancakes with herbs and natural yoghurt;
    • fruit salad with honey;
    • baked meat and stewed vegetables;
    • cup of yogurt;
    • potatoes "in uniform", salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

    All dishes should be prepared without salt and without sugar. One of the days, according to Margarita Koroleva, it is useful to make unloading, using only low-fat kefir. Another day can be spent on an orange-egg diet.

    Recipes for the Margarita diet Queen

    Here are some popular and delicious recipes that help to nourish and effectively lose weight:

    Salad of herbs

    • Ingredients: arugula( 75 g), salad leaves( 75 g), spinach( 75 g), basil( 50 g), asparagus( 50 g).
    • Greens tear, add fragrant herbs( dry), season with lemon juice.

    Vegetable salad

    • Ingredients: white cabbage( several leaves), 1 carrot, 1 beet, greens, olive oil( 1 tsp), lemon juice( half a teaspoon), water( 1 tbsp.).
    • Beet and carrots grate, cabbage and greens - finely chopped.
    • Season with lemon juice and olive oil, add water.

    Grilled meat

    • Ingredients: 200 g chicken breast, half lemon, curry( 0.5 tsp), a rosemary sprig.
    • Lemon juice mixed with curry.
    • Chicken breast grate with rosemary and spread the mixture.
    • Meat oven on the grill.

    Eggplant with tomatoes

    • Ingredients: 2 eggplants, 2 tomatoes, fragrant herbs.
    • Cut the vegetables into rings. Put layers on top of each other, alternating - first eggplant, then - tomato, etc.
    • Sprinkle with herbs and bake in the oven.
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    Results, testimonials of those who lose weight and recommendations of dieticians ^

    To get out of Margarita's diet, the Queen needs to follow the rules of low-carbohydrate nutrition:

    • Rice can be replaced with buckwheat, eat with meat( can beef) and vegetable salad - all this should fit in small portions.
    • Sweet try to avoid.
    • Doctors advise to repeat such a program of losing weight no more than once a month.
    • In case of any discomfort, immediately switch to a more gentle mode.

    Results of Margarita Koroleva diet are quite significant - loss from 3 to 4 kilograms of excess weight. Reviews about the diet of Margarita Koroleva are very positive - those who lose weight talk about rapid weight loss( about 1 kg per day), but the convergence is that the rate is quite tough.

    Some losing weight admit that they allowed themselves some digressions from the assigned menu in the form of mushrooms to rice, half sausages or a little sugar in coffee - however, the desired result was achieved.

    The advantages of express weight loss for 9 days were appreciated by many stars of show business and screens. Valeriy, Nadezhda Babkina, Anita Tsoi and TV presenter Andrei Malakhov and Tina Kandelaki quickly parted with Margarita Koroleva's advice with extra weight.

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