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    Diet "Minus 60" helped to lose weight to Ekaterina Mirimanova on60 kg

    Recently, the "Minus 60" diet is gaining popularity as it is a very flexible and effective weight loss system, without strict limitations and cumbersome counting of calories.

    Essence and rules of losing weight according to Mirimanova Minus system 60 ^

    Ekaterina Mirimanova worked out the method of losing weight exclusively for herself, therefore she bears her name. For a year and a half she managed to create a power system that gives a tremendous effect.

    "Minus 60" - this is not just the name of the diet, but the result, which reached its creator, losing weight exactly 60 kg. Ekaterina Mirimanova, having achieved the desired goal, decided to help other people.

    She shared her method with everyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds on your page on the Internet. Her books have also been published in several languages, which describe the simple rules of this food system, recipes, the psychology of losing weight, physical activities and answers to many of the questions faced by slimming people.

    Mirimanova diet is suitable for those who do not accept strict restrictions on food and whoever any strict diet leads to a breakdown and additional weight gain. This technique is not accompanied by bouts of hunger. There are fresh, tasteless food or deprive yourself of your favorite products also do not have to. A few strict rules, nevertheless, exist, but the "sacrifice", in comparison with the result, is negligible.

    The biggest difficulty in Mirimanova's technique, which will have to accept losing weight, is the refusal to eat after 6 pm. Dinner is strictly at 18. 00. You can not miss, if you do not have time, then you'll have to spend a hungry evening. On this complexity and shortcomings are exhausted, there are only advantages. A minus will be pleasant, because it will begin to show the scales.

    Advantages of the Mirimanova diet are undeniable:

    • There are no age restrictions, it can be adhered to by both nursing and pregnant women.
    • People with serious illnesses can consult a doctor who will make an individual adjustment, but this is hardly necessary.
    • It does not require strict calorie counting and exclusion of some products. And up to 12 hours there are no prohibitions and restrictions at all, everything is possible.
    • No harm to health, the body gets all the nutrients in abundance.
    • The diet does not cause weakness, apathy and nervous overexertion.
    • The diet offered by this technique does not contradict the medical canons, many doctors and nutritionists advocate the refusal of an evening meal.
    • The Mirimanov diet can be used indefinitely.
    • You need to drink fluids exactly as much as the body needs, not forcibly.

    Diet minus 60: menu for the week and recipes ^

    Mirimanova is sure that food eaten before noon does not add fat accumulations. Therefore, according to the methods of Mirimanova, from the moment of awakening to 12 hours there is everything, without restrictions. Even cakes and sweets. The exception is milk chocolate.

    • Breakfast is mandatory, even for those who are used to limiting themselves to a cup of coffee and can not fully eat in the morning. It will be necessary to add a piece of cheese or croutons to the coffee. And after a while, breakfast is denser. Breakfast should be satisfying, you can not skip it.
    • At lunch, the principle of separate meals comes into play. Meat and fish dishes can not be combined with pasta, bread and potatoes. As a side dish can be vegetables, rice, buckwheat. If the first dish is meat, the potatoes are not added. But it can be present in vegetable soups and stew. Borsch or soup can be seasoned with low-fat sour cream or mayonnaise. As a dessert, for lunch( instead of sweets), berries and fruits are recommended.
    • Dinner. Here, many can face the first difficulties - after 6 pm food is prohibited. But this is just a new diet, the habit of not eating up before going to sleep is produced quickly, especially since the whole day the food was satisfying. And for those who are used to staying up late, it is allowed to drink low-fat kefir, yogurt, eat fruit 3 hours before bedtime.

    In the evening you can cook meat or fish, without garnish. If it's vegetables or cereals, then no meat. Or only fruits and sour-milk products. You can choose any option, but one thing - mixing products is prohibited. You can not include in the evening meal potato and bean dishes, pasta, pumpkin, avocado, mushrooms, sugar.

    Menu "Minus 60" for 7 days

    The exact menu simply can not be, and it pleases. It is important to adhere to the regime and remember that after noon some foods are not allowed, but allowed to use in the right combination.


    Breakfast can quickly become a favorite meal, as it is unlimited. However, Mirimanova's "Minus 60" technique warns that portions should still adhere to reasonable ones. You can choose any breakfast option or come up with your own. Here are a few tasty and useful options:

    • Milk porridge: oatmeal, pumpkin, rice, semolina or other, with butter, can be with honey or sugar. A sandwich with cheese, tea or coffee. Portion of fried potatoes. Sweet coffee. Meat or fish casserole with potatoes or pasta. Tea.
    • Pancakes with curd or meat filling or bun with sausage, fruit and tea with biscuits or sweets. Cottage cheese with sour cream and a slice of cake. Tea coffee.
    • Lavash roll with any filling, a sandwich with cheese, ham or caviar. Compote, or tea.
    • Cottage cheese casserole or dumplings, a bun with butter, a glass of yogurt, yogurt or tea.


    • The main rule is not to use potatoes and pasta in combination with meat.
    • Dinner for fruit: apples, avocados, kiwis, citrus fruits, plums and pineapple.
    • Beverages: water not aerated, coffee, tea, sour milk drinks, dry red wine and natural juices.

    For an example, you can take the following lunch option:

    • Vegetable borscht on meat broth( without potatoes), buckwheat with stewed liver or meat, rye rusks.
    • Vegetable stew with potatoes, but without meat, tomatoes stuffed with cheese, a slice of rye bread.
    • Fish baked, steamed vegetables, salad with boiled beet, dressed with sour cream.
    • Stuffed with meat, Bulgarian pepper and fresh vegetable salad.
    • Macaroni with cheese and vegetable salad and egg.
    • Baked chicken and salad with vegetables and cheese.
    • Lenten soup with potatoes, rolls with eggplant cheese, or vegetarian pilaf, rye bread.


    Dinner should be a monocomponent . If meat, then without garnish. Vegetables are also separate. It is more preferable to eat a protein dish for dinner, which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. And vegetables or soups, on the contrary, can cause evening hunger.

    Dinner options:

    • Boiled beef, chicken or lamb.
    • Jelly from meat, shrimp or fish.
    • Baked chicken or fish.
    • Vegetable stew with potatoes or rice with vegetables.
    • Fish or meat cutlets. Shish kebab from fish.
    • Any dishes from cottage cheese and sour-milk products.
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    Reviews of those who lose weight and the results of losing weight on the diet of Ekaterina Mirimanova ^ "Minus 60"

    The diet program "Minus 60" is very easily transferred, it is enough just to get used to the new regime. Reviews about the diet of Ekaterina Mirimanovoy both doctors and slimming people are the most positive. You can stick to such a diet for the rest of your life. At any time, the diet program can be completed and started again.

    After finishing losing weight on Mirimanova, the body will not be in any trouble, as there were no sharp restrictions. However, having achieved the desired result, hardly anyone will want to return to the old weight.

    The results of the diet of Catherine Mirimanova "Minus 60" are simply stunning, you can lose up to 60 extra pounds on it. To achieve weight that is comparable to height, gender, age and physique will succeed gradually, but everyone will need different time. In addition, the Mirimanova diet "minus 60" is by no means considered an emergency - this is the principle of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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