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    • essence and secrets of the power of Brazilian actresses
    • Brazilian diet: Menu 7, 14 days and 4 weeks
    • reviews and results of weight loss on the tough Brazilian diet

    Brazilian diet helps to lose up to 12 kg weight loss in 4 weeks

    Many women, watching the Latin American series, envy the figures of actresses, who even in adulthood can keep an excellent shape. That is why the Brazilian diet immediately won the hearts of our ladies.

    essence and secrets of the power of Brazilian actresses ^

    There are several varieties of the Brazilian program, which differ in duration and menu. But the basic principles and positive aspects of these dietary techniques are similar in many respects:

    • Relate to protein diet programs. Due to this, the weight decreases more quickly, and the muscles remain in tonus.
    • An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a huge amount of useful substances and trace elements. It is important that the plant foods contain fiber, which helps improve digestion.
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    • The predominance of useful products and the exclusion of harmful "heavy" food. All this has a positive effect on appearance and well-being.
    • It is based on a reduction in calories, thereby reducing stomach volume, especially after long programs.
    • Food is excluded after 7 - 9 pm, which significantly increases the effect of the weight loss system.
    • All products necessary for the method of losing weight brazilian, are available, so you can lose weight without any serious cost.
    • A four-week program is an excellent solution for those who like to eat delicious.

    Like any strict dietary method, the Brazilian diet is not recommended for pregnant women and mothers during lactation. People with kidney and stomach diseases should also be treated with caution. One option involves a large amount of coffee in the diet. Therefore, those who have problems with the heart and pressure, this method is contraindicated.

    Brazilian diet: Menu 7, 14 days and 4 weeks ^

    One and is considered the most popular actresses of the Brazilian diet. There is a huge amount of diet programs with this name, because every actress has his own method of losing weight. Here's one of them.

    Menu for 7 days

    Approximate menu for one day

    • Breakfast: sour-milk product and fruit.
    • Snack: a glass of juice or a fruit. Dinner: chicken or fish, vegetables.
    • Snack: cheese, vegetable salad.
    • Dinner: kefir, fruit.

    Based on this, you can create your own menu. This option is designed for a week, for which you can lose 2-3 kg. But losing weight argue that it is possible to eat by this method for up to one and a half months, for which some managed to get rid of 15 kg. Do not forget about the limitations. It is necessary to abandon bananas and grapes, as well as potatoes, beets, carrots and, of course, salt. In unlimited quantities you can drink green tea and water.

    Menu for 14 days

    A two-week Brazilian diet will help you lose weight by 5 kilos or more. It is worth noting that her diet contains a large number of eggs and coffee. Therefore, those who do not like or can not use these products, such a system of weight loss does not fit. The detailed diet for one week is described below, and the second week completely corresponds to it.

    On Monday and Tuesday

    • in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, you need to eat on an apple and egg, drinking it with coffee.


    • Breakfast: scrambled eggs.
    • Lunch: 120 g of boiled beef with spinach garnish.
    • Dinner: spinach salad with egg.


    • Breakfast: egg.
    • Lunch: fish steak with tomato salad.
    • Dinner: coffee with an omelette.


    • Breakfast: tea and egg "in a bag".Dinner: fish baked with tomatoes.
    • Dinner: 120 grams of fish and the same amount of vegetable salad.


    • Breakfast: scrambled eggs and coffee drink.
    • Lunch: 120 g of boiled beef with cucumbers.
    • Dinner: 180 g of beef and coffee.


    • Breakfast: coffee and egg.
    • Lunch: 90 g of chicken fillet, vegetable garnish( tomatoes and cucumbers).
    • Dinner: 90-100 g of chicken meat, a mixture of vegetables, apple and coffee.

    Menu for 4 weeks

    For those who have a hard Brazilian diet for some reason not suitable, a program designed for almost a month is developed. It is carried much more easily through fractional nutrition( 5 meals in 3-4 hours).It is important to frequent meals with "modest" portions. If you skip one of the meals, the body will not get the necessary amount of trace elements. Thanks to this program, you can say goodbye to 6-12 kg( depending on the characteristics of the body).


    • Fresh citrus fruit, banana, orange;
    • citrus fresh with toast;
    • 100 g of trout with vegetable salad;
    • any fruit;Orange juice and cracker.


    • Soft-boiled egg with apple juice;
    • apple fresh and toast;
    • 120 g veal with a garnish of potatoes;
    • nourishing salad of meat, eggs, green peas, lettuce and greens;
    • apple juice and cracker.


    • A glass of milk and bread;
    • 110 g low-fat cottage cheese;
    • 100 g of brown rice, fresh cabbage;
    • 110 grams lean meat, apple;
    • green tea.


    • Pineapple juice, 100 g pineapple pulp;
    • citrus fresh and bread;
    • 110 g of boiled meat, 25 g of cheese, grapefruit;
    • 100 g of potatoes, raw carrots;
    • pineapple fresh and bread.


    • Mango juice, 100 g pineapple pulp;
    • orange and apple;
    • fish with carrot garnish;
    • soup with vegetables;
    • mango juice and cracker.


    • Apple fresh with a cracker;
    • grated beetroot;
    • soup with vegetables, cooked on low-fat meat broth, a slice of rye bread;
    • 100 g of stewed mushrooms, vegetable mixture.
    • apple, bran bread.


    • Grapes and banana;
    • grape drink and a piece of bran bread;
    • 100 grams of meat with cabbage-onion garnish;
    • soup made from mushrooms or fish;fruit assortment;
    • grapes.

    This menu must be repeated 4 times. To a four-week Brazilian diet was more effective, when preparing dishes, it is necessary to abandon the spicy spices and spices that foment appetite. Sauce and dressing for dishes can be prepared from olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar and greens.

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    Reviews and results of losing weight on a rigid Brazilian diet ^

    According to numerous reviews of those who have lost weight, after four weeks to keep good results of the Brazilian diet will not be very difficult. But after a tough technique to keep weight is not all, because many, having achieved the desired, again return to the usual diet. This should not be done in any case.

    It is important to organize the right way out after the Brazilian diet. It is clear that it is always impossible to feed on such a system. But smoothly to pass to more habitual and rich diet it is possible without effort. To do this, you need to gradually increase the caloric content of meals until you reach a daily rate of calories. In the future, it is very important to learn to "fit" into this framework, so as not to overeat.

    Do not forget that the secret of Brazilian beauties lies not only in nutrition, but also in physical exercises. It is not necessary to practice Latin American dances in order to increase the effectiveness of weight loss, but at least the minimum load should be.

    As the reviews on the Brazilian diet show, the last version of it is carried over much easier than the previous ones. This is due to frequent meals and a varied menu. Seven-day option can be repeated no more than once in 2 months. On a diet designed for 14 days, you can sit without harm to health, not more often than once every 3 months. But the last four-week way to lose weight will not bring harm if you do not resort to it until six months later.
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