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    Anti-cellulite diet helps to lose weight and get rid of the "orange" peel

    Anti-cellulite diet is oneof the most important components in a combination of measures to combat cellulite, which also include physical exercises, massage procedures, pressotherapy, laser or mesotherapy.

    However, it is worth noting that this dietary program will have proper effectiveness only if normal blood circulation is restored in problem areas and lymph drainage from them.

    If this point is ignored, this power scheme may not yield positive results, as there will be no possibility of access to the necessary tissues.

    The role of healthy nutrition in the fight against the "orange" crust ^

    Cellulite is a common fat cells, unevenly distributed in the space between the muscle tissues. The content of these cells consists of fats with fat-soluble slags. Most often they are formed in humans, if there are any disorders of bile secretion. It is common knowledge that bile readily dissolves fats and if this process is upset for some reason, fatty plaques begin to circulate in the blood, which can provoke serious poisoning of the body.

    And just in order to get them out of the blood, the body and envelops them with a special membrane. That's why it's impossible to fight cellulite deposits without eliminating bile deficiency. Appearance on the body of "orange crusts" also contribute to fluid retention, caused, as a rule, by malnutrition.

    Cellulite is a scourge of sedentary women, easily gaining extra pounds and not showing enough attention to keeping the muscles and skin toned. Therefore, get rid of this scourge can only be combined with a special diet with bracing exercises and cosmetic procedures. And dietary nutrition in the program to combat cellulite is used rather at the final stage.

    Before you start to comply with the anti-cellulite diet, it should be well prepared. To do this, it is necessary to restore normal blood circulation in the problem areas and ensure the outflow of lymph from the tissues. This is exactly what the training and anti-cellulite massage procedures do.

    As for the diet itself from cellulite, it should be aimed at removing toxins from the body, improving bile secretion and normalizing the water-salt balance. In addition, this food system creates a calorie deficit, which allows you to translate the body into a mode of consuming internal energy reserves and getting rid of fat cells.

    So, the 5 main reasons for the development of cellulite:

    • bile deficiency,
    • slagged body,
    • water retention,
    • low-activity lifestyle,
    • stress.

    The essence of the anti-cellulite diet consists in excluding from the diet products that promote water retention, the consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals, as well as a large amount of liquid. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are actively fighting cellulite deposits through the restoration and normalization of the intestine. In addition, they are for the body a source of vitamins and trace elements. The content of the menu of carbohydrate and fatty foods should, on the contrary, be sharply reduced.

    Anti-cellulite diet also implies the restoration of the correct water-salt metabolism in the body. This is achieved by taking at least 2 liters of water per day. Observance of an abundant drinking regime also contributes to the washing out of toxins and wastes. You will need to eat more often( every 2-4 hours), but in small portions.

    Active physical loads will have to be temporarily replaced with calmer ones, since the menu will be quite low-calorie. The daily caloric intake of the diet is calculated by the formula of individual energy needs minus 500-1000 Kcal. On average, you will have to limit yourself to 1200 - 1500 Kcal per day.

    What should you eat while following this diet?

    First, products that help clean lymph:

    Millet and brown rice;
  • oats and wheat flakes;
  • herbal teas and natural fruit juices;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • mineral water and purified - in large quantities.
  • Secondly, in the diet there must be those types of products that contribute to bile secretion, slag removal, and also restoration of water-salt balance:

    • liquid - drinking water, teas, compotes, sugarless fruit drinks;
    • fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices are a source of fiber and potassium. They should be about 2/3 of the total diet;
    • dried fruits;
    • fresh or boiled vegetables;
    • beans;
    • whole grains;
    • black radish, barberry berries, grapefruit, dog rose, celandine, dandelion flowers, mint leaves, chicory - they all improve liver function and stimulate active bile secretion.

    Thirdly, in small quantities to balance the diet it should be present:

    • skimmed dairy products, lean meat, fish and seafood( source of protein);
    • vegetable oils, seeds, nuts - a source of fatty unsaturated acids.
    • Salt consumption should be kept to a minimum.

    All harmful products , , which load the liver and kidneys and promote fluid retention in the body and the formation of free radicals, must be completely eliminated from food. These include:

    • animal fats;
    • fatty meat;
    • fried food;
    • sausages and smoked products;
    • semi-finished products and any canned food;
    • oily dairy products;
    • caffeinated products;
    • sweeteners;
    • sweets and pastries;
    • margarines;
    • marinades, pickles;
    • drinks that retain liquid - coffee, black tea, alcohol;
    • packaged juices, aerated water.

    Based on the above principles of anti-cellulite nutrition, you can choose those products that suit your preferences, which will allow you to eat deliciously, diversely and wholesome, and simultaneously defeat cellulite deposits on your body.

    Anti-cellulite diet: menu for 10 days ^

    The menu of the anti-cellulite program for 10 days is simple enough:

    1, 3, 5, 7, 9 days( odd)

    • only raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten.
    • Only fruit is chosen for breakfast.
    • At lunch, prepare a vegetable salad with olive oil. It will also go well cashew, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.
    • For dinner, vegetable salads and fruit are allowed. It is highly recommended to add salted wheat seeds, bean sprouts or soybeans to salads.
    • From fruits it is necessary to give preference to pineapples, oranges, grapefruits, kiwi, mango, apples, papaya, pears. All dairy products are banned these days.

    Day 2

    • during the day eating only fruits( except bananas).

    4, 6, 8, 10 days( even, except 2)

    • it is necessary to eat boiled vegetables.
    • Also add to the diet a little cereals - buckwheat, oatmeal, lentils.
    • Preference is given to raw vegetables, then boiled and after that - cereals.
    • For example, breakfast - 300 grams of fruit and a glass of juice.
    • Lunch - a portion of fresh vegetables, then a portion of cooked vegetables.
    • Dinner - only raw vegetables and a few spoons of unsalted cereal.
    • In the evening, you can eat a small amount of low-fat yogurt.
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    Reviews and useful tips on getting rid of cellulite ^

    Do not expect a miracle and think that in 10 days the result of an anti-cellulite diet will be the complete disappearance of the "orange peel".The fight against cellulite is a daily work for 2 - 3 months. And if you do not make efforts to implement a full range of measures to remove cellulite deposits, then this fight can and be lost.

    The fact that at the end of the anti-cellulite diet you will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but you can lose 2-3 kg of excess weight - this is unquestionable. But it is important to keep the result achieved, and this is much more difficult. It is necessary to continue after the end of the diet to adhere to the norms of proper nutrition, but in a softer form. The menu needs to be rationalized and balanced, giving preference to eating fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and seafood that actively breaks down the protein. Do not throw and exercise.

    In parallel with compliance with the diet from cellulite, you must also use special cosmetic procedures. These include anti-cellulite massage to restore the elasticity of the skin, which you can do yourself( self-massage), or visit a specialist in the beauty salon. Of great importance are also anti-cellulite wraps, they are also successfully practiced at home. Time, all these procedures will not take much, but the result will be, as they say, obvious.

    Reviews of the anti-cellulite diet are only positive, since this program is aimed not only at reducing cellulite deposits, but also has a purifying nature and positively affects human health in general.

    There are no special contraindications to the diet against cellulite. However, if you were recommended by a doctor for a certain diet and nutritional restrictions, then any slimming programs you are contraindicated. It is not necessary to adhere to this system of a feed and in case of problems with GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, cardiac system, kidneys, a liver. Recall that no dietary program should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.
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