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    The diet helps to lose weight and cleanse the body

    The diet has a double effect on the body. First, it contributes to the cleansing of the intestine, since the intake of plant fiber food stimulates the excretion of accumulated waste and slags from the body for a long time.

    Secondly, it helps to reduce body fat, which is achieved by reducing the caloric content of the diet and faster processing. How much you can lose weight, depends only on the duration of the diet.

    How useful is the lean diet ^

    About how useful fasting is clearly evidenced by the healthy spirit and physique inherent in the primordially Russian man in the preceding centuries. Then in Russian villages the observance of Orthodox fasts was strict and rigorous. Their fundamental idea was the partial disposal of the body from toxins through starvation and the preference for plant food of the animal.

    It has long been known that improper operation of the digestive tract is most often the result of excessive slagging of our body, which is a prerequisite for the development of many diseases. Lenten food, which includes vegetables, fruits and cereals, that is, products of vegetable origin, mainly containing fiber and pectin, contributes to:

    • lowering cholesterol in the blood;
    • normalization of the urinary system;
    • for the proper functioning of the endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems;
    • regulation of metabolism;
    • general improvement in the condition of facial skin, hair and nails.

    Fiber, which is called "the cleaner" of the body, is able to remove almost all harmful and toxic substances from it: nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, which often arise from the excessive entrainment of modern humans with the use of antibiotics.

    The Orthodox Church has four main multi-day types of fasting, each of which contributes to the purification of one of the basic systems of the human body:

    • So, Lent has a positive effect on the work of the intestine and cardiovascular system,
    • Petrov Post favors the activity of the liver and gallbladder,
    • Uspensky - regulates the functioning of the intestines, bladder and kidneys,
    • Christmas - helps prevent gastrointestinal and pulmonary function.

    And it is erroneous to believe that the basis of the vengeance is the exhaustion of the body, in fact it is aimed at abstaining from food, and the rigor of fasting everyone chooses according to their needs and health. The optimal option for the body will be observance of short-term one-day fasting days during fasting, allowing to give the body a complete rest from food and enhancing the effect of eating lean food in the following period.

    The essence of the Orthodox fasts is the alternation of consumption of vegetable and meat foods, which is the most useful option for both healthy and sick people. In the latter case, however, the use of a lean diet is allowed with some reservations, but, nevertheless, you can and should fast all.

    Lenten diet: menu for the week ^

    The essence of the lean diet consists in the complete rejection of any products of animal origin. These include meat, mayonnaise, dairy products, eggs. It is also forbidden to drink alcohol, bread, sweet pastries, sweets, rolls and other sweets.

    The diet is for 7 days. And weight loss at its observance can reach a minimum( 1-2 kg), or not to be observed at all. But the benefit of the lean menu will still be - it will allow your gastrointestinal tract to rest from the meat and completely recover. Diet in the post allows the use of any unsweetened drinks( teas, water, juices, fruit and berry compotes, as well as dry wine).You can repeat it after a month.

    Fast Food Menu for the week:

    Day 1

    • breakfast: millet porridge with pumpkin and apples, tea;
    • lunch: lean borsch, salad from cabbage, carrots and onions, 100 ml of dry wine;
    • afternoon snack: potatoes with mushrooms, unsweetened compote;
    • dinner: stewed turnips with carrots and onions, a handful of cranberries or candied fruit.

    Day 2

    • breakfast: potato pancakes with salted mushrooms;
    • lunch: soup with champignons, apple salad, rutabaga and celery;
    • afternoon snack: apple-cranberry mousse, vegetable stew;
    • dinner: stuffed cabbage with vegetable minced meat and mushrooms, rye cake, tea, candied fruit.

    Day 3

    • breakfast: vegetable salad, chicory coffee;
    • lunch: lean soup, salad from boiled beets, baked patty;
    • afternoon snack: potato cutlets( mushrooms and onions can be added to the filling), salad from sauerkraut, currant jelly;
    • dinner: boiled or baked pumpkin, baked patty, tea, candied fruit.

    Day 4

    • breakfast: mushroom roe, toast of black bread, oatmeal;
    • lunch: turnip salad, carrots and lingonberries, vegetable soup, baked patty;
    • afternoon snack: turnips stuffed with vegetables, pumpkin salad with apples and 1 tsp.honey;
    • dinner: casserole with semolina with apples and raisins, tea. Day 5
      • a day of rest. They drink water or berry fruit. In the evening it is better to visit the bathhouse.

      Day 6

      • breakfast: oatmeal porridge, squash caviar, coffee with chicory or tea;
      • lunch: bean soup, baked patty, grated carrot salad;
      • snack: stewed vegetables, baked apples, salted mushrooms;
      • dinner: mashed potatoes( without butter), salad from grated carrots, onions and greens, pickles, tea with candied fruits.

      Day 7

      • breakfast: rice porridge, pancakes with honey;
      • lunch: carrot and beet salad, soup with roots, croutons;
      • snack: buckwheat patties with onion sauce, sauerkraut, berry jelly;
      • dinner: pudding from black bread with gravy from prunes, crackers with tea.

      The mild diet is not considered simple, as it requires the preparation of useful, lenten dishes, but their variety is large enough. You can experiment with domestic preparations - pickles, marinades, sour cream and with half-finished products from pepper, zucchini, mushrooms.

      Porridge is better to cook with the addition of greens and vegetables, soups to cook lean or from canned vegetables, as the first dish you can also eat okroshka. If you follow a lean diet, you can also eat soy products.

      Popular recipes for fast dishes ^

      Cucumber salad with champignons

      • Ingredients: fresh, boiled or canned mushrooms, fresh cucumbers, dill, dressing( lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce is better for lean salads).
      • In equal quantities take cucumbers and mushrooms, crumble, add dill.

      Vinaigrette with beans and mushrooms

      • Ingredients: boiled beet - 3, boiled potatoes - 3, boiled or canned beans - 1 glass, salt mushrooms - 200 g, onion - 1, pickled cucumbers - 3, half glass of olive oil, salt.
      • Potatoes, beets, onions cut into cubes, cucumbers and mushrooms - slices. Beets are seasoned with vegetable oil and then combined with other vegetables. Add the beans. Salt - to taste.

      Potatoes soup with mushrooms

      • Ingredients: potatoes - 7, champignons - 150 g, onion - 1, carrots - 1, salt, pepper, dill, parsley.
      • Champignons cut into slices, peeled onion finely crushed, carrots rubbed on a large grater. Onions with carrots are fried in vegetable oil. In another pan fry the mushrooms. Cook potatoes, knead it in puree, potato broth bring it to the consistency of liquid sour cream. There put mushrooms, fried carrots with onions, sprinkle with herbs, salt, pepper. Soup with millet and garlic
        • Ingredients: millet - 0,5 glasses, 1,5 l of water, bulb - 1-2, garlic - 3 cloves, greens, salt, pepper.
        • Millet is peeled, washed, poured with water and cooked until soft. The onion is finely chopped, the carrot is rubbed on a large grater, the vegetables are sawn and added to the millet. Cook for 5 minutes, put chopped garlic, put finely chopped greens. Insist soup for another 5 minutes.

        Eggplants fried with garlic and greens

        • Ingredients: eggplants - 1 kg, vinegar - 0,5 glasses, garlic - 7-8 denticles, cilantro, celery, onions, salt.
        • Eggplant cut the tail, clean them, cut into circles. Sprinkle with salt, leave for 20-25 minutes, squeeze out bitterness. Then fry them in vegetable oil. Fried aubergines spread, cool. Shinkuyut bulb, sprinkle with salt, after 10-15 minutes squeeze. Vinegar is boiled, garlic and greens are ground. All but onions are mixed with aubergines. Onions are sprinkled on top.

        Ingredients: cabbage - 500 g, fresh or dried mushrooms, onion - 2, boiled rice, dill, salt, pepper.

      • Lukovichku shred, fry or passeruyut. Add the chopped mushrooms, fry for another 5-7 minutes, put rice, dill. Head of cabbage is released from the stalks, boiled for 3-4 minutes in boiling water, disassembled into leaves. Mushroom stuffing is wrapped in cabbage leaves and baked in the oven.

      Ingredients: red canned beans - 1 can, bulb - 1, carrot - 1, vegetable oil - 3-4 tablespoons, a handful of walnuts( can be without them), greens, garlic.

    • Carrots and onions are fried in oil, all ingredients are passed through a meat grinder, beaten with a mixer.

    Potato cake

    • For the dough: potatoes - 1,5 kg, starch - 1,5 tsp, salt, pepper. Potatoes are rubbed on a large grater, washed with water, pour boiling water for 5 minutes.
    • For filling: champignons - 0,5 kg, onions - 0,5 kg. Cut onions and stew for 20-30 minutes in vegetable oil, without frying. Champignons are passed through a meat grinder and stewed with onions.
    • Now squeeze the potatoes, add the starch and layer them layer by layer with the mushrooms into a mold on parchment, oiled. Top form is covered with foil, and kept in the oven for 1 - 1.5 hours.
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    The results, feedback and advice of specialists ^

    According to the weight loss, for the entire period of fasting( 7 weeks), you can lose at least 10 kg of excess weight( depending on the initial body weight), so this diet program is often called lean diet minus 10 kg. It is relatively easy to transfer, so you can repeat it several times a year.

    However, despite the fact that the diet of the lean diet is fairly balanced, the absence of animal fat prevents the adherence to this dietary method for too long. It is not necessary at the diet and excessively increase portions - if not gorging, include in the diet more mushrooms, soy and nuts, as this is a very nutritious and nutritious food.

    Do not fast with children, pregnant women, or elderly people. With caution, it should be used by people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
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