• What is characterized by the omission of both kidneys

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    Nephroptosis is a condition of the human body when both kidneys fall or only one of them falls outside their physiological norm. Thus, in a normal state, the kidneys are slightly behind the peritoneum, approximately at the level of the thoracic m of the two upper lumbar vertebrae. In this case, the right kidney should be physiologically located slightly lower than the left kidney.

    Obstruction of the kidney should be performed immediately if it is characterized by high organ mobility. The consequence of this condition is a violation of blood flow, enlargement of the renal pelvis and then - serious deviations of the work up to the development of arterial hypertension.

    How the pathology of

    manifests itself. The manifestation of symptoms will depend entirely on which pathological pathology affects the body. There are three degrees:

    1. The lower part of the kidney is felt when inhaled by
    2. Kidneys all of the kidney can be palpated when the patient is in an upright position.
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    4. The kidney leaves completely from the hypochondrium, regardless of the position of the body and is able to fall even into the small pelvis.

    Symptoms of the disease at the first stages of its development may not manifest itself strongly enough or completely absent. First of all, a person begins to complain of dull aching pain in the lumbar region or in the area of ​​injury. In the first stage, pain occurs after severe physical exertion or when coughing. Pain is characterized by a sharp decrease in the person's horizontal position.

    This is important! In the second stage of the disease, pain intensity increases. And on the third steel begins the appearance of a pronounced inflection in the ureter. In this regard, the omission of the kidney provokes renal colic, and the pain becomes intolerable. The pain often ends with nausea and vomiting.

    Choosing the right treatment and its implementation

    If there is a mild omission of the kidney, conservative therapy is carried out - a special bandage is required, a set of exercises for the muscles of the press is performed, and a strengthened diet to normalize the fat layer that holds the organ.

    Proper nutrition when omitted makes it possible to eliminate the primary symptoms of nephroptosis, to prevent the formation of complications. In the second and third stages of the development of the disease, radical techniques are used, namely surgical intervention. The operation is performed in the case when the usual treatment is ineffective - severe pain and serious disruption of the organs. After the operation is completed, it will take a few days for a person to comply with bed rest.

    Recommendations for diagnosis of omission of the kidney

    Diagnosis of nephroptosis requires constant monitoring by a urologist or nephrologist, periodic urinalysis and ultrasound diagnostics. An unfavorable course may require surgery.

    With the development of omission it is forbidden to lose weight, on the contrary, it is necessary to fill the lost weight and increase the body weight, because the position of the kidneys is maintained by means of fat - it supports them in the likeness of pillows.

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to wear a bandage in the form of a fixing elastic corset or belt. The bandage supports the muscles on the abdomen in tone, and the bandage will be required immediately after the patient has gotten out of bed in the morning.

    Do not carry heavy loads or lift heavy objects.

    This is important! It should be abandoned such sports that increase the load on the human body in a standing position and are supplemented by a constant shaking. We do not recommend volleyball, basketball, jogging, etc. But the benefit will go slow walking, aerobics and swimming in the pool.

    We need to organize physical education. Exercise physical therapy involves strengthening the muscles of the press and the muscles of the back. Tonus in the muscles is very important in order to maintain the kidney in the correct position. Such complexes of exercises help to select instructors in physiotherapy exercises. It is necessary to spend gymnastics every day, it is better in the morning time for twenty to thirty minutes.

    Three to four times a year you need to carry out courses of massage of the abdomen and back. The course consists of fifteen procedures. When implementing a massage, you need to exclude movements that are accompanied by a concussion of the body - for example, effleurage.

    If you follow these rules, standing health will improve noticeably.

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