• Unloading day on kefir

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    Unloading day on kefir: result minus 1.5 kg per day

    Unloading day on kefir will help not only to lose weight, but also gently cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.

    The result will be amazing - for one procedure you can throw up to a half kilograms of excess weight.

    Kefir unloading day: benefit or harm ^

    The advantages of kefir unloading days are unquestionable:

    • Kefir is inexpensive and is available to almost everyone.
    • The drink is perfectly combined with other dietary foods, for example, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, buckwheat, etc.
    • Kefir does not need any special preparation or heat treatment, so this procedure can be done anywhere, even on the road or on the roadworkplace.
    • The drink helps to reduce weight due to the general cleansing of the body. Kefir gently removes all the slag, relieves the intestines of gravity, removes harmful substances from the liver and bile ducts. This product is especially useful for people suffering from hypertension and atherosclerosis.

    Some people should refrain from such procedures. First of all, it concerns women during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. Their body is already weakened by natural physiological processes. Also it is not recommended to unload to adolescents and people with diseases of the stomach, such as an ulcer, gastritis, etc.

    Recommendations for food intake for kefir fasting day:

    • The main product of the day is kefir. Optimum option can be considered a 1% fat drink.
    • On the day of kefir mono-diet, you need to remove salt from your diet, which detains fluid in the body.
    • You should also give up sugar or at least replace it with honey.
    • It is recommended to consume large amounts of water and other liquids.
    • Caloric content of food should also be significantly reduced.
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    Unloading day on kefir: popular variants of kefir unloading, menu ^

    Unloading day on kefir: approximate menu

    Kefir - apple day of reloading

    • In addition on this day it is necessary to use 1.5 kg of apples.
    • Kefir with fruit must alternate alternately, with a break of one hour.

    Curd - kefir day of unloading

    In this case, the consumption of fat-free cottage cheese per day is assumed to be 400 g. It can be lightly sweetened with a small amount of honey or fresh berries.


    • For breakfast, you need to eat a little cottage cheese and drink it with a glass of kefir.
    • One hour later, you need to consume kefir.
    • In the afternoon it is recommended to eat 100 g of cottage cheese and 200 ml.kefir.
    • You should drink a sour milk product again for a snack.
    • For dinner, you need to finish eating the remaining cottage cheese and drink it with kefir.
    • At night you should finish the drink.

    Unloading day on kefir and buckwheat

    Buckwheat does not need to be cooked in the usual way, it is recommended to simply boil it with boiling water in a 1: 2 ratio. Groats need to be warmed up, wrapped in a warm towel, and leave to swell until the morning. Porridge should not be poured, otherwise it will lose all useful properties.

    • For an unloading day it will take about one and a half liters of kefir.
    • A small part of the buckwheat should be put in a bowl, pour kefir and eat.
    • Thus it is necessary to eat throughout the day, using the whole cooked cereal.

    Unloading day on kefir and fruit

    With this version of unloading, it is allowed to use any fruit or berries.

    Sample menu:

    • In the morning - a glass of sour-milk drink and fruit. After a while it is recommended to eat an apple.
    • For lunch, you can prepare a light fruit salad, which should be filled with kefir.
    • In the afternoon snack you need to make a light snack with fruits, which you will need to drink with kefir. You can also prepare yogurt by chopping the selected fruits and adding them to the drink.
    • For dinner, you should eat an apple.
    • For the night you need to finish the remaining fermented milk drink.

    Unloading day on kefir and beet

    This day will require 1.5 liters of yogurt and 1.5 kilograms of beets. You can alternate the use of these products or drink down each reception of sliced ​​finely beet with a small amount of sour milk drink. But the greatest effect is the preparation of a special cocktail.

    • To do this, the beets are pre-cooked without adding salt.
    • Then it should be finely chopped and mixed with yogurt.
    • To enhance the taste, you can add parsley, dill or a small amount of celery to the drink.

    Unloading day on kefir and rice

    • The rice must be welded, divided into several parts and consumed, washed down with a sour-milk drink.

    Unloading day on kefir and prunes

    • For breakfast and dinner it is recommended to eat a little prunes and drink it all with a glass of kefir.
    • In breaks, you can back up with a small amount of prunes.
    • For the night you need to drink the remaining drink.
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    Unloading day on kefir: testimonials and real stories of losing weight ^

    Nutritionists recommend repeating such procedures once every 7 to 10 days. More frequent use of such diets can negatively affect the work of the whole organism. In breaks between similar procedures it is still necessary to revise your own diet and eat more correctly, then the results of unloading days on kefir will become more noticeable.

    Reviews of the yogurt discharge day of our regular readers:

    Tatiana, 34 years old:

    "After kefir unloading, I got cheerfulness, optimism and self-confidence. With the help of this diet, I was able to lose weight a little without much effort and sacrifice. "

    Irina, 39 years:

    "I like that this drink can be combined with other products, so do not feel an acute sense of hunger. In addition, it is very tasty and incredibly useful. "

    Svetlana, 42 years old:

    "I was so relieved to lose weight, but now I feel a little more light, I'm even more comfortable, I feel young and full of strength."

    Unloading days can be an excellent alternative to more strict diets, help to cleanse the body and get rid of excess kilograms. However, before deciding on such a procedure, it is better to consult a doctor about the available diseases, which can become contraindications to its use.