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    Lunar Diet: reviews and results of losing weight

    The lunar diet is a diet dependent on the phase of the moon, during which several kilograms of weight are lost, and the body receives the necessary cleansing.

    Diet for the lunar calendar for weight loss: essence, benefits and features ^

    Long ago people used the opportunity to plan the conception of a child or the treatment of various diseases, following the lunar calendar. Losing weight on it is also quite realistic, but you need to consider products that you can eat in a particular phase of the moon.

    The relationship between the diet and the lunar calendar has been proven long ago by scientific observations: depending on the specific cycle and foods a person consumes, one can achieve maximum purification or weight loss.

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    Features of the lunar day diet

    Before you go on a diet for the lunar calendar, you need to familiarize yourself with the phases and choose a suitable diet. The full lunar cycle lasts only 28 days and is divided into 4 phases of 7 days, and each of them is responsible for certain changes in the human body:

    • Diet with a growing moon improves metabolic processes, tone. During this period, the appetite is the most increased, so eating fruits and vegetables without salt is recommended;
    • Diet with a waning moon displays all harmful substances, there is a surge of strength and energy, the excess fluid is eliminated. It is necessary to give up sweets and flour, and drink plenty of water;
    • Diet on the new moon adds strength, becauseat this time, their decline is noted. Protein food is recommended;
    • Diet in the full moon helps fill the intercellular space of the body with liquids, and for weight loss you need to eat porridges and fermented milk products.

    The diet for lunar days has no contraindications, but before you include this or that dish in your diet, people with chronic illnesses are best advised to consult a doctor.

    Choosing the best day to start a diet depends on the cycle in a particular year, so the lunar calendar should be a necessary attribute for complying with all dietary rules.

    Lunar diet for weight loss: an approximate menu, recipes, rules ^

    Moon diet: menus, recipes, advice from astrologers

    Rules for successful weight loss on the lunar calendar:

    • You need to start the diet from the first day of the phase;
    • During this diet, fat, fried, flour and sweet foods should be removed from the diet;
    • Drink daily from 1.5 to 2 liters of water without gas.

    Moon diet for 4 days

    This diet is used from the first day of the new moon, and its principle is food at certain times. For 4 days of limited nutrition, weight is reduced by the same number of kilograms, and the body does not experience severe stress.

    Menu for all 4 days:

    • We have breakfast at 8 am: we drink a cup of green tea, and at a snack we eat a teaspoon of honey, we eat the same at noon;
    • At 10 o'clock we eat two boiled eggs;
    • At 14. 00 we eat 200 g of boiled poultry meat;
    • At 16.00 for a mid-morning snack we drink a glass of kefir;
    • At 6 o'clock in the evening we eat an apple;
    • At 20.00 we drink red wine( 1 glass);
    • Before going to bed, at about 10 pm, drink a glass of yogurt.

    Diet on the waning moon

    At this time, it's best to start losing weight on cereals and drink as much water as possible. For one phase, weight is reduced by about 4-5 kilograms, if you follow the following menu:

    • For breakfast - green tea and oatmeal;
    • We have dinner with boiled rice and fresh vegetables;
    • Supper with a light salad;
    • We have a snack with fruit.

    Diet for the Growing Moon

    During such periods there is an improvement in appetite, therefore it is recommended to do physical exercises and include protein foods in the diet. Weight reduction occurs gradually, and in one phase you can lose 3-4 kilograms.

    Sample menu for every day:

    • Have breakfast curd( 200 g), two boiled eggs or vegetable salad;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup without potatoes and a piece of boiled chicken breast;
    • We dine with salad from vegetables and 100 g of boiled fish;
    • 2 hours before sleep, drink kefir;
    • We snack between meals cheese, cottage cheese or a cocktail with proteins.

    The lunar diet for women

    To effectively cleanse the body, dieticians are advised from the evening before the full moon and until midnight to refrain from eating, and use only non-carbonated water or natural juices.

    As a result of such a diet, edema occurs, immunity rises and weight decreases by 1-1.5 kg.

    Moon diet Vasilisa Volodina

    The famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina uses her own method of losing weight, which should be started 2 days before the full moon. The diet lasts only 6 days, and for this period you can lose up to 6 kg of excess weight.

    First day:

    • In the morning we drink tea or coffee;
    • Lunch with light soup and seafood salad;
    • We have supper with stewed vegetables.

    Second day:

    • Lunch boiled eggs and tea;
    • For lunch we eat vegetable soup;
    • We have dinner with boiled mushrooms and salad.

    The third day - unloading:

    • We eat fruits and vegetables in raw form, drink a decoction of beetroot and green tea.

    Fourth day:

    • We have breakfast with yoghurt;
    • For dinner, stew vegetables and drink broth of rose hips;
    • We have dinner with a glass of yogurt.

    Fifth day:

    • Lunch boiled eggs and tea;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup;
    • For dinner, we eat salad from sea kale.

    The sixth day:

    • In the morning we eat an apple and an orange;
    • At noon we have lunch with any dish of boiled vegetables;We dine with a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

    Lunar diet Anita Tsoy

    Singer Anita Tsoi uses a diet called "Lunar Ten" several times a year. It lasts 10 days, and for this period of time the weight decreases by 6-8 kg. This method is best used on the waning moon, but on the growing one you can afford to eat any food.

    There are no special prohibitions here: Anita recommends limiting herself only to sweet, fatty and carbohydrate foods, and also to adhere to several simple rules:

    • Use separate food: do not combine meat with foods containing starch and proteins, do not combine cereals and fruits, discardfats;
    • Daily exercise;
    • Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water every day;
    • To eat last time not later than 8 pm;
    • During the phase, do 1 day off.
    We also recommend that you read the article Diet for the sign of the Zodiac.

    Lunar diet: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    Many doctors consider nutrition in the phases of the Moon quite effective, because it has long been proven that they affect the health and psyche of a person. The menu of the lunar diet is not rigid, so it is almost impossible to cause harm to the body and cause a negative reaction.

    The results of the diet for losing weight on the lunar calendar are largely dependent on compliance with all the rules of nutrition, but for one such day of restriction in food, weight is reduced by about 1 kilogram, and for the entire cycle, metabolism improves, metabolism is normalized, and all toxins and slags are eliminated.

    You can apply this or that lunar diet in 1 cycle, that is approximately 1 time in 2 months, depending on what goals you want to achieve: increase tone and increase strength, reduce your appetite or just lose weight.

    To keep weight, you need to remove fried, sweet, flour and smoked food from your diet, as well as doing sports or home gym.

    Reviews of the lunar diet for losing weight of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Catherine, 30 years old:

    "I lost weight in the lunar technique of Anita Tsoy, and the weight really decreased by 7 kilograms. In general, the diet is uncomplicated - it was difficult only during the fasting day, when I had to drink only one kefir. Now I'm going to repeat everything in a couple of phases, becauseyou need to throw another 10 kg. "

    Maria, 25 years old:

    " I really liked the lunar diet Volodina, and I moved it easily. I just threw off only 3 kg, but at least I got some result: other methods did not help. "

    Olesya, 35 years old:

    " I had a fairly heavy four-day diet for the lunar calendar: I was hungry all the time, and I was afraid to break. It's good that my expectations were justified, and as a result I began to weigh 3.5 kilos less ยป