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    The slag-free diet clears from toxins and toxins, normalizes the stool and reduces cellulite

    A slag-free diet is a coursetherapeutic nutrition, in which in a short time you can effectively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, adjust the stool and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Essence and features of a slag-free diet ^

    There are many reasons why the body is slagged. One that does not depend on us is ecology. With the rest, a person can quite cope.

    These include overeating, the use of large amounts of animal fats, proteins, starches, bad habits, an insufficiently mobile way of life.

    The fact is that people tend to consume far more nutrients than they consume. As a result, the cells receive extra energy, which turns into toxins and causes irreparable harm to the body.

    Stages of slagging of the body:

    • Irritability and rapid fatigue.
    • Dysfunction of the digestive tract - constipation or diarrhea, nausea;
    • Skin problems, rashes, aches in the joints;
    • Allergies, excessive discharge from the nose and eyes, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, otitis, various chronic diseases;
    • Benign formations, "stones" in the kidney or liver, obesity;
    • Periodontal diseases, stomatitis and deformities of joints or internal organs;
    • Diseases of the nervous system;
    • Changes in cells that lead to malignant tumors.

    In order not to allow the sad consequences, you need to pay attention to your condition in time and take a course of medical slag-free diet. However, a slag-free diet is contraindicated for people with an active lifestyle, because they need to get enough energy.

    Advantages of a slag-free diet are the rapid cleansing of the body - the effect manifests itself in a few days. Also, the diet can reduce unaesthetic manifestations of cellulite, reduce weight, return the body a feeling of lightness, refresh your complexion.

    Disadvantages of a medical slag-free diet can manifest itself in weakness, nausea, headache and opacities in the eyes - these are side effects of purifying the body. During a low-calorie diet, there is a feeling of hunger.

    Prohibited products with a slag-free diet:

    • borsch with cabbage;
    • soup and cereal, cooked in milk;
    • okroshka;
    • fried fat fish;
    • canned food and semi-finished products;
    • fatty meat, goose, duck;
    • smoked sausage;
    • baking;
    • sweets and sugar;
    • mushrooms - pickled or salted;
    • spicy seasonings and spices;
    • alcohol, carbonated drinks, kvass.

    Recommended for cleansing products:

    • zucchini, cucumber;
    • carrots, beets;
    • salad, cabbage, parsley, dill, green onions;
    • turnip, radish;
    • millet, brown rice, green lentils, buckwheat;
    • low-fat dairy products;
    • melon, watermelon;
    • teas - green or karkade, infusion of lemon, St. John's wort;
    • apples, peaches, oranges, pineapples, grapefruit, pear, lemon.

    Fruits and vegetables should grow in the area where a person who observes a slag-free diet lives. Heat treatment should be minimal. Melon and watermelon mix with anything is not recommended, dairy products can be combined with fruits.

    Neutral food:

    • baked potatoes,
    • shrimps, low-fat cooked fish, squid,
    • poultry, veal,
    • tomatoes, red lentils, red beans,
    • corn,
    • garlic,
    • whole-grain pasta,
    • porridge( semolina, wheat, oatmeal),
    • bran, Chicory, honey.

    Slag-free diet: menu for 3 days ^

    Menu for 3 days - option 1

    1 day

    • In 2 liters of water, boil 0.5 kg of white cabbage. Cabbage with olive oil( 1 tsp) and herbs divided into 5 portions. Have it during the day, washed down with cabbage decoction. In addition, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water.

    Day 2

    • Cut the leek( 1 kg) and boil it in water( 1.5 liters).The resulting broth is divided into 5 meals. You can eat with olive oil and herbs. I drink a lot of water.

    Day 3

    • Steble celery( 1 kg) cucumber( 200 g) and cut the greens and mix into a salad. You can fill it with olive oil and lemon juice. Do not salt. Salad to eat during the day for 4-5 times.

    Menu for 3 days - option 2

    1 day

    • Breakfast: warm mineral water without gas;
    • Second breakfast: apple;
    • Lunch: bananas( 2 pieces), mineral water;
    • Dinner: fruits and berries( up to 400 g).

    Day 2

    • Breakfast: banana( 1 piece), water;
    • Lunch: an apple and 200 g of berries;
    • Dinner: Pears( 2 pieces).

    Day 3

    • In the morning: apple, water;
    • Lunch: 1 or 2 pears;
    • Dinner: citrus fruits or berries.

    After the use of a slag-free diet, digestion is accelerated, but dietitians do not recommend dieting for longer than a few days, since there is no protein in it.

    The cleaning procedure for slags is indicated before the diagnostic procedures and surgical procedures.

    Slag-free diet before colonoscopy

    The study of the large intestine will be reliable only after preparation in the form of cleansing the digestive tract. Before colonoscopy, the restrictions in food are adhered to 3-7 days. From the diet completely exclude meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, which are allowed in the usual slag-free program. Do not eat in the evening. Supper should consist of sour-milk products and water.

    Slag-free diet before operation

    If a person is to undergo surgery, the stomach and intestines should be empty, so that after the injection of anesthesia there are no negative consequences in the form of vomiting.12 hours before the operation there is no longer recommend. Prior to this, a diet is prescribed, which can include lean meat, white rice, crackers, bananas, and peeled boiled vegetables. Do not eat dairy and wholemeal products, as well as raw fruits and vegetables.

    Slag-free diet before irrigoscopy

    Restrictions in products are introduced 2 days before the procedure and for 4 - if there are problems with the stool. The menu is made up of semolina porridge, low-fat boiled meat, meat or fish broths( low-fat), vegetable broths( not strong), fermented milk products( except cottage cheese), cheeses, boiled sausages, eggs, boiled rice, white flour, butter, compotes, weak tea. In the evening before irrigoscopy you need to eat only liquid food.

    Slag-free diet before ultrasound

    The diet before ultrasound excludes from the menu products that cause increased gas production - these are fresh vegetables, legumes, whole milk, black bread, confectionery, carbonated drinks.

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    Results, testimonials and doctor's recommendations about the free medical diet ^

    The slag-free nutrition program is shown to everyone who lives in modern society, eats semi-finished products, desserts and fast foods, and also inhales air polluted by the smoke of production.

    Reviews of a slag-free diet of doctors are the most positive - experts recommend periodically to carry out such a program, however, it should be planned for a period when mental and physical loads will be minimal. Before antislag dietary course, you should always consult a doctor.

    The results of the slag-free diet - are positive changes not only in well-being, but also in appearance. Those who tried it lost 3 to 5 extra kilograms for 3 days. More than a week to adhere to such restrictions, doctors do not advise, it is better to repeat the anti-slag diet after a while. A slag-free diet course is considered one of the most difficult, since food restrictions are very strict and they can not withstand hunger because of hunger.

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