How to cover the table for the New Year 2016 - design of the table

  • How to cover the table for the New Year 2016 - design of the table

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    To make the New Year's holiday memorable for all guests, you should think over all the details in advance. Particular attention should be paid to the table, since it starts and ends with any celebration. It is important to purchase all the necessary products in advance, since on the last day before the New Year it will be quite problematic because of the huge queues in each supermarket.

    Mandarins, champagne and olivier, which in almost every house is prepared according to a special recipe from the hostess - the constant companions of the New Year's table. However, it is important not to forget that every New Year is held under the auspices of a certain animal, which, like the zodiac signs, is only twelve. To ensure that in the next year all households were exclusively successful, and adversity was avoided, one should worry about covering the festive table according to the tastes of the mistress of the year 2016 - the monkey. In such a simple way you can appease the animal and adjust it to a positive attitude towards yourself.

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    In an atmosphere of comfort

    Monkeys are great lovers of beautiful and satisfying life. At the same time, they prefer only natural food. Cover the table on New Year's Eve should be as creative as possible. At the same time the dishes should differ from the usual ones not only with their size and shape, but also with an unusual taste.

    New Year's table at home

    The formula for happiness next year is quite simple - dishes cooked with love plus a creative approach to serving the table. It is not necessary to decorate the table magnificently. This to attract the favor of the monkey does not affect. The main thing is a friendly positive atmosphere of the holiday, from which comes warmth and comfort. The monkey must not only feel it, but also want to come to the flame.

    Decor of the New Year's table

    Laying with ribbons

    Each and every owner is worried about not only what should be on the New Year's table 2016, but also the ways of decorating it. To decorate the table, you should try using colored ribbons. With their help you can decorate the cutlery and tablecloth. To do this, you need to make a small ribbon from the ribbon, which with pins are attached to the corners of the tablecloth.

    napkins are of great importance. You can also show yourself creatively in decorating a New Year's table using properly selected napkins. Under the plates of each of the guests are put small napkins made of silver foil. It would be superfluous to use candles to decorate the New Year's table. They should be matched to the tone of the tablecloth and combined with the general theme of the holiday, decorated with sparkles or tinsel.

    Red candles in the color of

    Thanks to the competent decoration, even the most modest traditional festive table will play with new colors. Here, for example, see the recipes with photos.

    Than to surprise a monkey

    Salad with greens

    Monkey's inclination to the use of natural products suggests that the table should be abound with low-fat salads and gentle appetizers. All of them should be prepared exclusively from fresh products, and be decorated with greens. It should be on the table as much as possible. Moreover, greenery is added to almost every dish. Without it, when preparing the festive meals simply can not do.

    As for the festive menu, it can be varied. Equally well will look like meat dishes, and fish.

    Fish on the New Year's table

    Everyone knows that monkeys are very fond of sweet. To lure an animal, be sure to decorate the table with fruits, especially bananas. Dessert should not only be tasty, but also incredibly attractive externally. It is advisable to make it by your own hand, and not to get ready in the store.

    You can decorate a dessert with the image of the monkey or New Year's symbols - chimes or Christmas balls. If fruit is needed to decorate the dessert, in this case bananas are also suitable.

    Dessert with bananas

    Freshly baked muffins and bread - a good option for decorating the New Year's table. In order to please guests, you should make several variations of bread with various additives from spices or vegetables.

    It is worth to refrain from strong drinks. A monkey does not tolerate drunk people. Having arranged for yourself an alcoholic paradise in the New Year, you can pay for it for a year by failures in your endeavors. Ideal for serving on the table in the New Year will be quality wines.

    Whatever dishes are prepared for the New Year's table, it is important that they are made with love. Only in this case, even the most simple dish will acquire an extraordinary taste and conquer all the guests gathered in the house.