What to choose a gift for the New Year 2015 girlfriend - features of a New Year's gift for a friend

  • What to choose a gift for the New Year 2015 girlfriend - features of a New Year's gift for a friend

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    Gifts for the New Year - the most, probably, difficult in preparation for the holiday. How can I please everyone? How not to be mistaken with the choice of a souvenir? With households, more or less everything is clear. But how to choose a gift for the New Year 2015 girlfriend, is not always clear.

    Please note! First you need to determine the amount of money that you can spend.

    Although, good things are not always expensive. In addition, a gift can be functional, necessary, or maybe just a souvenir that will remind you of a holiday celebrated together.

    First, a girlfriend is a girl. Therefore, the range of potential gifts is greatly expanded. Modern girls need many things: from decorative cosmetics to interior items. In addition, the girl can give a soft toy. So this option should also be borne in mind. Let's consider in more detail.

    Decorative Cosmetics

    Eye Shadow

    Every girl knows how to apply makeup. Even if your girlfriend does not use a wide range of products that emphasize true feminine beauty, then lip gloss or powder is always there.

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    In the case when decorative cosmetics is an integral element of your girlfriend's life, everything is much simpler. In stores always sell good sets. It is enough just to choose exactly what suits your friend.

    Cosmetics for the body

    Body lotion

    Here in general everything is simple. Surely, your girlfriend wanted to buy something, but she thought it was too expensive or someone had intercepted her purchase, but she did not see a shampoo or mousse that she liked more than a shower gel. Modern manufacturers offer an incredible choice of various "helpers" for the body: shampoos, shower gels, creams and mousses for the body, for hands and feet, scrubs and masks, etc., etc.. .. You probably know what meansyour girlfriend uses, so the chance to guess with a gift is very high.

    Hair styling products

    Hair products

    Various varnishes, foams, mousses, gels and hair waxes help to maintain order on the head. Undoubtedly, such a gift is very useful to your friend. Or maybe she needs a good hair dye? Take an interest, often we can not afford ourselves expensive paints. So why not please your friend?

    Personal wardrobe


    Another shopping disappointed your friend a little, because she could not buy anything? Did she like a blouse or a T-shirt, jeans or shorts? Expensive? Give your girlfriend for the New Year a certificate of this store for half the amount you like. And you will not be unprofitable, and a friend can please yourself with a new thing.

    Interior items

    Wine glasses

    Various figurines, frames, figurines and much more were comfortably placed on the shelves of stores with gifts. In this sphere, fantasy can also go wild. Maybe your friend dreamed of a new set of elegant glasses or a beautiful vase?

    A set of plates

    A good gift will be a set of beautiful plates.

    Please note! When choosing it is necessary to take into account the design of its home interior.

    It is not good if the same set of plates does not harmonize with the overall design of the kitchen.

    Accessories for phone or computer equipment

    Phone case

    An excellent gift will be a phone case, a protective film on the screen, a bag, a mouse, a stand for a laptop. Suitable and speakers for the computer. To choose the right gift, it is worth, as if by the way, to ask what exactly is not enough for a full-fledged work. In stores you can find accessories for every taste and purse. Therefore, a beautiful and necessary thing will not necessarily be expensive. Such a gift will not only be pleasant, but also practical. Every day, a friend will be able to remember you with gratitude.



    On the Internet on special sites you can buy discount coupons for a variety of purchases and services. Each girl will be pleased to receive such a gift. And what will it be: a massage in a beauty salon, a haircut at a famous hairdresser, movie tickets, a pizza trip, heavenly flashlights or something else - it's up to you.



    A healthy lifestyle is very important. Therefore, a friend for the New Year can give a ticket to the gym or pool. There are many different fitness clubs, gyms, tennis courts. It is also worth considering the option of subscription to a dance studio, for example, modern or oriental dance.

    Attention - the main gift

    Welcome gift

    It's not so important what exactly you will present. The very attention is important. Undoubtedly, everyone is pleased to receive what he secretly desired, but could not acquire. But it is often difficult to guess the secret desires of another person.

    Please note! Minimize the possibility of a wrong gift will help a normal conversation.

    Listen to your girlfriend: maybe she already told you about what she would like to get under herringbone.