Festive table for the New Year 2015 - preparation of the festive table for the New Year 2015

  • Festive table for the New Year 2015 - preparation of the festive table for the New Year 2015

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    Very soon the most beloved holiday of adults and children New Year will come. And that means it's time to take care of the menu for the festive table.

    Traditional New Year recipes, such as olivier, herring under a fur coat, mashed potatoes and fried chicken legs, have recently been seldom seen on the New Year's table. These dishes became a symbol of the past Soviet era.

    New Year's table for the eastern horoscope

    Sheep - the symbol of 2015

    The coming year will be the year of the Emerald Wooden Goat( Sheep).It is very important to please the animal - the symbol of the year. It is believed that the New Year's dishes, cooked taking into account the preferences of the animal, contribute to harmony and happiness in the family.

    Goat( Sheep) is a good pet. It symbolizes the warmth and comfort of a home, so it's easy enough to please.

    Please note! It must be remembered that the symbol of the year eats grass, so there must be a lot of greenery on the festive table.
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    • Give preference to vegetable dishes, snacks and salads.
    • Use the usual fruits to decorate the table.
    • It is not recommended to make dishes from meat of beef, pork and mutton. This can push away the goat, which means, and luck in the new year.
    • If still you can not do without meat, give preference to fish and poultry. The goat does not like fire, so it is better not to serve fried foods. The best option is stew.

    Decorating dishes

    Decorating a salad

    A festive table for the New Year 2015 now is a real work of art. Each hostess wants to give a zest and unusual to each dish. For this, various decorations of main dishes and salads can be used.


    So, with the help of chopped boiled carrots, you can lay on the dish a dial with arrows, symbolizing the coming of the new year.

    Decoration from tomato and cheese

    Beautifully look salads, decorated with bright kiwi slices, green grapes, tomato and other vegetables.

    Vegetable salad

    You can decorate the bottom of the plates with lettuce leaves, and lay festive dishes on top.

    Santa Claus from crab sticks

    With the help of grated cheese, olives, vegetables and greens, you can put figurines of Goat, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Snowman on a dish.

    Flowers from cucumber and tomato

    Carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes can be laid out in the form of roses and flowers.

    What should be on the table

    Candles from the Bulgarian pepper

    So, what dishes must be present at the New Year's table on the eve of the year of Goat?

    • Plenty of green
    • Salad greens
    • Salad greens
    • Vegetable salads
    • Cutting from boiled and fresh vegetables
    • Cheese cutting
    • Dairy dishes
    • Stewing poultry or fish
    Fruit slicing
    • Fruit slicing

    As a supplement to dishes, you can use fresh bread, baked with your own hands or homemade rusks.

    Milk porridge for children

    When preparing a children's menu, give preference to milk dishes and casseroles with fresh vegetables and fruits.

    Drinks on the table


    What is the holiday without traditional Christmas drinks? At midnight, make a wish for a glass of champagne.

    Non-alcoholic beverages include the following:

    • Berry compote
    • Morse
    • Kissel
    • Apple juice
    • Milk cocktail



    A goat is a real sweet tooth.

    Please note! There must be a sweet dessert on the New Year's table.

    The main dish is a homemade cake. It could be Napoleon or Honey Cake. The main thing is that it should be prepared by yourself.

    Will be appropriate:

    • Sweet pies with fruit or curd filling.
    • Different sweet casseroles. They are perfect for both children's and adult menus.
    Raspberries in sugar
    • Frozen and candied berries. Ice cream with berries.

    Desserts can also be decorated with Goat figurines and New Year's drawings.

    Decoration of the New Year's table

    New Year's table with candles

    Paying special attention to the preparation of festive dishes, do not forget about the table setting.

    • So, take the festive fabric of warm pastel shades.
    • Select paper napkins in beige or milky color.
    • Festive plates should also correspond to the main theme of the holiday.
    • Do not forget about the correct table setting. Place the instruments in the correct sequence near each plate.
    • An unusual atmosphere of solemnity and comfort is created by candles. Get beautiful candlesticks and put candles in them. Install them on the table in such a way that they do not interfere with those present.
    Decoration of glasses with chocolate
    • You can decorate celebratory glasses by making a snowy rim. To do this, dip the glasses with a rim down into the sugar solution, and then into the sugar powder, cocoa or vanillin. The bottoms of glasses can be tied with rain or tinsel.
    Figurine Goats
    • A figure of the year must be present on the table. Set it to the center of the table.
    • You can also decorate the festive table with small bunches of spruce branches, tinsel and Christmas toys.

    A festively decorated New Year's table will bring a festive atmosphere to your home and give a feeling of a real winter fairy tale.