Homemade gifts for the New Year 2016 - do it yourself

  • Homemade gifts for the New Year 2016 - do it yourself

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    Once in our country everything was in short supply, any thing of factory imported production was a welcome gift. They gave everything from fragrant soap and tights to dishes and books. Now the material value of the gift has receded into the background. Nowadays, everyone can buy themselves what they like, not just what they can find on sale. On the foreground comes the originality and unusualness of the gift given.

    Recently, the world just swept the hobby of all man-made. This is understandable - in things made by machines, there is no man-madeness, soulfulness. Author's embroidery, handmade costume jewelry, knitted things become not only collectibles, but also desired gifts. Make homemade gifts for the new year 2016 just forces the very mistress of the next year. An indefatigable inventor and an active inventor, she appreciates the creative approach to solving any problem and welcomes those people for whom such work is only a joy.

    Discovering the hidden talents of

    Each of us has some skill or gift that can help in creating an unusual hand-made gift. Someone from childhood painted well, for someone knitting is not just a hobby, but a way of self-expression. Remember how in childhood we all with ecstasy came up and made gifts for the holidays to relatives and friends. The same, only at a higher level can be done now.

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    Homemade must be neat

    To make the gift pleasant and useful, it is not enough to put your soul into it. Quality and accuracy of work are of great importance. Careless edges, curves inscriptions, "crawled out" glue can look touching only in the work of the child. For an adult, such flaws are unacceptable. Any thing in the first place should be neat. Everyone can make a gift with their own hands, for this you need only have a fantasy, free time and a passionate desire to please the recipient.

    Use your knowledge of

    Each of us necessarily has something to do. Think and choose what works well for you and what can bring joy and pleasure to the gifted.


    Tablecloth crocheted

    If you are a good specialist, it is not difficult for you to tie a sweater or jacket, just know the size. In all other cases, crocheted hats, scarves, gloves and socks may be fine gifts. It will be great if they are in the colors of the Fiery Monkey or will be decorated with its symbolism. Such a gift will be doubly pleasant and memorable.

    Knitted set

    Knit absolutely not necessarily personal things. You can make a beautiful napkin or tablecloth, crocheted, now it is again very fashionable. In the same way, you can make an elegant bag, belt or even flowerpots for flowers. The more unusual the idea, the better. Than to buy New Year's gifts to my mother in the store, tie for her a large cozy shawl or a smart cloak on the chair. Such things are not only beautiful and practical, but also bear the positive energy of the person who created them.

    Postcards and drawings

    Handmade card

    In childhood we are all very fond of and able to draw. With age, most forget about these abilities, and completely in vain. Original gifts for the year Monkeys can include greeting cards made in various techniques: painting, applique, decoupage, collage and so on. You think that you paint badly, but do you have a lot of old magazines? Choose from there the most beautiful photos and cut them, and then make original beautiful compositions. It remains only to paste them neatly on a cardboard and write congratulations.

    Beautiful cards are obtained with the help of applique. Take the scraps of colored paper and fabric, ribbons, lace, tulle, rhinestones, beads and dried flowers. Create a unique pattern and fix everything with hot glue.

    Please note! The value of a gift in its man-madeness and absolute uniqueness.

    Remember, with what ecstasy we in the childhood painted for our moms and dads. Make a family portrait. Take a beautiful old photo, enlarge it and turn it into a big picture - oil, pastel or watercolor.

    Please note! Do not let you do it the way a professional artist did, the main thing is that you tried very hard.

    Textiles and embroidery

    Pillow with monkey

    Every woman knows how to sew - someone is better, someone is worse. With your hands, you can perform a variety of works - from a tiny pillow for pins and needles to a set of bed linens. Make your girlfriend a smart silk pillow with an embroidered cute monkey or needle bed in the form of a fun banana. The hostess of 2016 will be very pleased with this presentation.

    Do you know how to weave or embroider with beads? A beautiful bag or purse, cosmetic bag or ochechnik will please every woman, and the handmade of this work will give her a special charm.

    Embroidery with beads

    Sew a man a bow tie, it's quite easy. Such a thing not from the assembly line will be an excellent gift for a creative, open and cheerful person.

    Gifts from non-standard items

    Children's table

    Want to please the kids? Make for them a composition of sweets. It can be a bouquet or more complex work in the form of a monkey, a typewriter, a smart Christmas tree or a lush flower. It all depends on your imagination. But be prepared for the fact that the construction, so lovingly and painstakingly created by you for long hours, will literally be swept away by a hurricane in a matter of seconds. But the reward to you will be happy children's laughter and cries of joy.

    Edible Christmas tree

    You can make many gifts for your children, but homemade sweets will be especially pleasant for them. Unite with one of the relatives or girlfriends and cover the baby with a separate sweet table. Jam, pastries, cakes, sweets and soda with compotes - put on the table all that so spoils your teeth and is so loved by children. Remember that today is a holiday, and the Monkey is very fond of fooling. Give the children the opportunity to feel themselves in the jungle, having issued cakes in the form of exotic fruits, and decorating the cakes with a figurine of a monkey. Choose bright dishes and smart napkins - the symbol of the year is very like it.