Milk diet for weight loss, against the stomach and for a set of muscle mass

  • Milk diet for weight loss, against the stomach and for a set of muscle mass

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    • Milk diet: menus for 3, 5 and 7 days
    • Recipes for mixed milk diets
    • Milk diet for weight gain

    Diet on milk helps to lose weight and get rid of stomach

    Milk diet for weight loss - not an innovation or an exotic. It has been popular for many years and helped many people get rid of excess weight.

    But, if initially this program assumed a complete rejection of all products, except milk, for two weeks, at the moment it was substantially modified and added various innovations that make it easier to lose weight and minimize the risks of frustration and negative consequences of starvation for the body.

    Diet on dairy products: benefits and contraindications ^

    Despite the fact that some nutritionists have begun to doubt milk use in recent years, dairy and sour milk products still occupy a worthy place in the diet of almost everyone. The presence in them of a large number of vitamins, minerals and valuable microelements for the human body plays a huge role in our nutrition.

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    Drinking a glass of milk a day, we supply our body with a vital protein, which is the building material for all cells and tissues. In addition, dairy products are very widely used for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Regular consumption of milk promotes more intensive work of the body, normalization of bowel function and, what is extremely important, burning fatty deposits.

    Weight loss on milk has a number of obvious advantages over other weight loss programs:

    • this diet program, due to the saturation of milk products with pure protein, does not adversely affect the loss of muscle tone, and therefore, on your physical form as a whole;
    • milk contains calcium, and after a long time it is proved that the lack of this element in the body leads to a weakening of the effectiveness of even the most rigid and extreme methods for combating obesity. Thus, the saturation of the body with calcium contributes to a faster discharge of excess kilograms;
    • the effectiveness of the diet on dairy products is also reinforced by the lack of solid food in the diet during this period, which significantly accelerates the burning of fats.

    There are dietary programs based on milk and certain disadvantages:

    • is a fairly tough food program, requiring considerable willpower for the hungry;
    • milk does not include fiber, so long-term use of such methods of weight loss is not allowed, otherwise the result may be complete exhaustion of the body;
    • excessive consumption of milk products often causes digestive disorders, dehydration and microflora disorders in the intestines, which can become a trigger for problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract afterwards.

    As evidenced by numerous reviews of the milk diet, its use is quite effective. However, one should never forget that any methods of weight loss can not be universally applicable to everyone - each organism is individual, someone will eat such food ideally, and to another it can do much harm.

    Even if you do not have an individual intolerance to dairy products, a competent dietician will advise you on the possibilities of using this diet program and will give instructions on how to properly adhere to it.

    This method of weight loss has a number of contraindications:

    • it is not used for skin problems;
    • use of dairy products is contraindicated for people who underwent stomach surgery;
    • this program is not recommended for those who have contraindications to the reception of monotonous food.

    The results of the milk diet are impressive: in the seven days of compliance with such a diet, on average, it is possible to lose up to 6 kg of excess weight.

    Dairy diet: the menu for 3, 5 and 7 days ^

    There are several types of diet programs on milk. The most rigid and extreme of them is a strict mono-diet, during which during its entire duration it is allowed to use exclusively fresh milk, and nothing more. The duration of a strict version should not exceed three days, and its observance will require you to have strong willpower.

    But, despite the rigidity and monotony, a strict mono-diet helps to quickly bring the figure in order and allows you to safely throw a few extra pounds to some important event.

    Sample menu for 3 days

    The menu of a milk diet for 3 days is simple - only milk is drunk, the first reception should take place at eight in the morning, and the last one at eight in the evening, during this period of time our body digests better dairy products. It is best to use for a dietary diet of fresh milk.

    On the first day, 1 glass of milk is drunk every two hours, on the second day - every half hour, on the third day - an hour later. In the period of compliance with such a program of weight loss, you must take multivitamin complexes. The result can be a loss of 3 to 4 kilograms of excess weight.

    For those who will be deterred by such a hard option of dietary nutrition, you can suggest other varieties.

    Dairy diet for 5 days

    Menu for 5 days, option number 1:

    • breakfast - a glass of low-fat yogurt, prunes, green tea with lemon;
    • second breakfast - a glass of kefir;
    • dinner - salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, soft-boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or fermented baked milk;
    • dinner - grated apple, cottage cheese, a glass of milk or kefir.

    Menu for 5 days, option number 2:

    • breakfast - banana, yogurt, unsweetened tea;
    • dinner - salad of cucumbers, dressed with yogurt, or cottage cheese with fruit, 1 boiled egg, a glass of yogurt;
    • afternoon snack - cottage cheese( 200 g), oatmeal( 100 g), a glass of milk;
    • glass of yogurt, pear.

    In addition, if you follow this diet, you need a day to drink a liter of milk a day, divided into several receptions( every 2 to 3 hours).On the day also need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid, before each meal - a glass of mineral water without gas.

    Menu for 5 days, option number 3:

    • breakfast - kefir or yogurt( 200 g), non-acidic fruit;
    • second breakfast - cottage cheese( 200 g) or porridge( 100 g) and cottage cheese( 100 g), a glass of milk;
    • dinner - light salad, dressed with yogurt or boiled egg, or curd-fruit casserole, fermented baked milk;
    • dinner - a glass of any sour-milk product.

    All milk products in this diet program should be of low fat content.

    Milk diet for 7 days

    There is also a method of weight loss based on milk for a week, divided into two stages. In the first four days, your daily menu should include 0.5 liters of milk, 150-200 grams of hard cheese or brynza, 1 yogurt. In addition, it is necessary to drink 1.5 liters of water - either mineral water without gas, or simple boiled water.

    Over the next three days, the daily diet will become more significant, it will include the following products: 100-150 g of lean fish or meat, 1 yogurt, 200 cottage cheese, 1 orange or grapefruit, 1 liter of milk. It is necessary to drink at least 1 liter of water during the day.

    The entire amount of food included in the daily diet, you need to eat for 5 to 6 receptions. In this case, milk should be drunk separately from other foods and in no case should it be used to drink anything. During the day, to improve the taste, a little honey can be added to the liquid.

    It is possible to replace cottage cheese with vegetable broth, and fruit - freshly squeezed juice.

    Recipes of mixed milk diets ^

    Very popular is the so-called milk-vegetable diet, combining the useful properties of dairy products with plant components. The essence of such a program of weight loss is that the combination of protein with complex carbohydrates and fiber is the best option for dietary nutrition. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

    When observing a dairy - vegetable diet, a complete ban on the consumption of sugar and salt is imposed. Your diet can include such products:

    • low-fat broth( 120 g),
    • boiled potatoes( 200 g),
    • fresh and boiled vegetables( 400 g), berries, fruit( 250 g)( preferably pear, apples and strawberries),
    • olive or creamyoil( 15 g).
    • Drinking is allowed tea, natural coffee or diabetic compote - up to 2 liters per day.
    • Once a day you can eat 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, during the day, also drink 2 cups of low-fat milk, or cook it with mashed potatoes or porridge.

    Milk - banana express diet

    Very simple and effective is a milk - banana express diet for 3 days, which promises to dump up to 1 kg of extra weight every day. It is based on a combination of bananas and milk. A day is allowed to eat no more than 3 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. The menu is extremely simple:

    • breakfast, lunch and dinner - 1 banana and 1 glass of milk.

    You can whip the food in a blender. Milk is allowed to be replaced with yogurt or fat-free yogurt, and in case of intolerable hunger, it is recommended to divide the daily norm of products into more receptions. During the day, it is also necessary to drink up to 2 liters of fluid and use all possible physical exertion.

    Milk and fruit diet

    Another popular method of losing weight on the basis of milk is with the addition of fresh fruit. It involves eating only dairy products and fruits for two weeks. In this case, meals should be repeated often, every 2 to 3 hours. The milk and fruit menu can be as follows:

    • 1 meal - a cup of tea or coffee with milk;
    • 2 food intake - 200 grams of cottage cheese no more than 9% fat;
    • 3 food intake - fruit salad, or 1 apple and 1 banana;
    • 4 food intake - a glass of yogurt, yogurt or ryazhenka;
    • 5 food intake - 200 g of fruit salad or just 2 different fruits.

    You can also drink water or tea throughout the day.

    Dairy diet against the stomach

    Dieticians also developed a very interesting diet program based on milk, which allows you to get rid of excess tummy. On it you can "sit" no more than two weeks. The menu is very simple:

    • breakfast: creamy yoghurt of low fat content, baked apple( can be replaced with banana, apricot, melon, non-acid pear), tea with honey;
    • lunch: porridge semolina, low-fat cottage cheese, milk, dairy ice cream;
    • dinner: boiled egg, lettuce( cucumbers, tomatoes), croissants cheese, fermented baked milk;
    • late dinner: fruit - 100-150 g, unsweetened yogurt.

    Before each intake, do not forget to drink a glass of still water. It is highly recommended that a hygienic bath is often taken with this method of feeding, since water relieves stress caused by a constant feeling of hunger and flushes the slag from the skin. To enhance the effect, you can do daily cleansing enemas.

    Dairy slimming programs from Hollywood stars

    By the way, a very popular dairy diet has become and in Hollywood. So, the fan of dairy, and especially milk-banana slimming program is Kim Basinger. She always and everywhere does not get tired of repeating about the benefits of milk and sour-milk products for health, beauty and a great figure.

    Lose weight on the milk diet and Paris Hilton. We do not know whether this is true or not, but she is credited with the following diet menu for milk, calculated for 5-7 days:

    • 1 day - 200 g cottage cheese, 400 ml skim milk;
    • Day 2 - baked potato with olive oil, 400 ml of milk;
    • Day 3 - 200 g of cottage cheese, 400 ml of milk;
    • Day 4 - salad of green or red vegetables, 2 liters of water;
    • 5 day - boiled meat, fish or chicken, 400 ml of milk;
    • Day 6 - 800 ml of milk, at night - tomato juice( 200 ml);
    • Day 7 - salad of green or red vegetables, 2 liters of water.

    The menu is quite tough and difficult, but it allows you to quickly lose weight( up to 6 kg per week).

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    Milk diet for weight gain ^

    By the way, milk can not only lose weight, but if necessary, gain the missing weight. The essence of the weight gain program is that it does not limit the fat content of dairy products, which must be consumed at each meal. In combination with a properly designed training program, a dairy diet for muscle mass is very popular among athletes.

    Sample menu for muscle mass:

    • breakfast - biscuit, warm milk with honey;
    • second breakfast - a sandwich made of bread and bran, ham, cheese, boiled egg, vegetable salad with sour cream or mayonnaise, coffee with milk;
    • dinner - mushroom soup with bran bread, cottage cheese with dried fruits and sour cream, black tea;
    • afternoon snack - warm milk with honey;
    • dinner - stew with vegetables, lettuce, jelly, cake;
    • before going to bed - a glass of milk with honey.

    And remember - for effective and useful weight loss only natural fresh milk will do. And what kind of diet to choose - decide on your own preferences.

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