How to meet the New Year 2016 together - with your beloved alone

  • How to meet the New Year 2016 together - with your beloved alone

    Many people consider the New Year a family holiday. And this is not in vain. After all, it is during this winter period that all the relatives gather for grandiose celebrations. More and more often, young people tend to celebrate the coming of the New Year together, together, without unnecessary eyes. Probably, it is correct.

    Meeting the New Year with a loved one, there is every chance to feel the warmth and magical atmosphere of the holiday. Warm embraces and champagne to the chiming clock can make any person happy. Love just fills people's hearts and makes them fight more and more often. Nevertheless, how best to spend a long-awaited day, so that he would remember and rejoice with warm memories?

    Gifts and frank recognition

    Gifts and recognition

    The new 2016 is an ideal time for sincere confessions. Choosing an original gift, you have the opportunity to talk about yourself and find out what impression was made on the partner. After all, gifts can characterize a person without words. Give a souvenir, an ornament, or some trinket. The main thing is that it was original and beautifully presented. Most often the most memorable is the presentation, rather than the gift itself.

    Action Plan for

    Many couples seek to celebrate the long-awaited event together, alone. But not everyone is so lucky. It would seem that a loved one is near, but the celebrations are held in a noisy company. Here, dreams and expectations begin to crumble. In order for everything to go perfectly, plan your actions. Lay out everything on the shelves so that the holiday is a success.

    Walk under the salutes

    Do not imagine your possible emotions in advance. It will be insulting if reality does not justify your dreams. All, of course, can pass and spontaneously, but this is not to everyone's liking. Boring can be a usual viewing of New Year's programs, standard salads and quiet music. It is possible to diversify evening and night and intimate pleasures, although this will not make the holiday unique and interesting. Maybe it will be a walk under the salutes or a cozy romantic evening at home. The approach can be more original - New Year's Eve in the bathroom by candlelight. Quite an interesting and unusual place to celebrate. With good preparation, such an evening can be remembered for a long time.

    Please note! For a successful and cheerful New Year you need though an approximate, but still a scenario.
    Romantic dinner

    It should also be remembered that the New Year's meeting scenarios are not limited to friends or relatives. You can not hesitate and afford much more.

    Joint preparation

    Get ready for the holiday together

    Try to do everything together: and decorate the tree, listen to music, and prepare a festive table. With a guy this is much more interesting, and he will be pleased with the attention. Such actions by themselves will cause a rush of good mood and positive emotions. After all, very often men do not notice the onset of the holiday, because they do not participate in its preparation. From year to year, they observe one picture, when a ready table and a decorated Christmas tree are waiting for everyone to meet the New Year to battle chimes. This is wrong, and not interesting. Male sex needs to be enticed and interested, then there is the possibility of a good joint pastime.

    Please note! It is recommended to spend more time together to bring people together. Let you have a joint little pleasant cares. This is buying food, preparing an apartment, a New Year's table and a well-decorated Christmas tree.

    Surprises - an integral part of any holiday


    Enjoy your man. Do something that he wanted for a long time, but does not expect to get it. For example, dance a striptease, an erotic dance. Come up with an original and sexy outfit that will interest and warm your interest.

    Also required are gifts. Let it not jewels, the real estate or the machine, nevertheless any trifles are capable to cause positive emotions. Suitable will be some special symbol of the couple, which will remind you of the feelings of lovers. Do not forget about the presentation, it is she who can create an unforgettable atmosphere.

    Treat passers-by

    Congratulate passers-by

    All night sitting together as something all the same boring. Therefore, you can add extreme and diversity. Go out and congratulate passers-by. Prepare small gifts or just sweets. People will be extremely surprised and grateful for the original congratulations. In addition, the charge of positive energy is assured to you. After all, it's nice not only to accept gifts, but also to give them. Smiles on the faces of strangers make you incredibly happy.

    Possible New Year scenarios

    Bedding with rose petals

    If you have not decided how to spend a New Year's Eve together, you can choose the right action plan. So, you can:

    • Meet this holiday at home. Do not deviate from the familiar tradition: salads, champagne, telecasts, music.
    • Organize a romantic candlelit evening with quiet relaxing music.
    • To interest your man with erotic dance or role-playing games. Champagne and fruit here will be very handy. A bed with rose petals will be something new for you.
    • Go to the country or out of town. Clean frosty air, snowmen and a Christmas tree will make your trip unforgettable. A cozy house with a fireplace and dinner will bring you closer together.
    • Go on a trip or to the sea. It is original and unusual.
    • Visit the restaurant. New Year's program, a great dinner and a pleasant atmosphere are provided.
    • Combine business with pleasure. To begin with, meet with parents and relatives. Then a good walk with friends. In the end, retire and spend time alone together.

    Where to meet 2016

    In the restaurant

    The assortment of all kinds of venues for celebrations is quite large. These are restaurants, cottages, recreation centers. Nevertheless, your home will be the best option. It is in him that you will feel comfortable and cozy. The night of love with someone dear to you will be an excellent charge of positive for the whole next year.