Nail design for the New Year 2014 - nails for the New Year

  • Nail design for the New Year 2014 - nails for the New Year

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    2014 - the year of the Blue-Green Wooden Horse on the Eastern calendar - will bring to our life with you not only a frantic pace, but also new trends in fashion. To replace the crawling Snake with its iridescent colors of the rainbow styles will come convenience and relative conservatism, clad in blue and black colors. Will not pass attention to the horse and the design of nails for the New Year 2014.

    Nail shape

    Manicure with a geometric pattern

    The only thing that does not affect the changes is the shape of the nails. Oval, square, round, sharp - all of them will remain fashionable( however, the main thing is that you were comfortable with them in everyday life).But with color in 2014 it will be possible to play for glory.


    Fashion manicure 2014

    In the first place will still be a classic French manicure. But this time its basic colors( white and pink) will give way to more unexpected shades, leaving room for experiments. Just try to observe the basic principle of the French manicure: the tip of the nail should differ in color from the main background.

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    The nail design for the New Year 2014 allows you to use even such unusual combinations of colors as purple and dark green, bright blue and pale pink, navy blue and white. At the same time on New Year's Eve, the French manicure will require additional bright ornaments - sparkles and rhinestones.


    Curls on nails

    In place of the "snake skin" so beloved by all, the nail design for the New Year 2014 offers two basic versions of the drawing that in some way symbolize the year of the Horse.

    The first is a sharp sharp line of dark( mostly blue) colors on a light background. The lines should go diagonally across the nail, in one direction on all the fingers of the hand. In the New Year's Eve, you can add to them a few brighter strokes decorated with sparkles.

    Flowers on a dark background

    The second is the floral motifs returned to us from last year's collections. True gentle pink shades are still a thing of the past, giving way to dark saturated colors. The main attention is paid to the contrast between the main background and the drawing on top of it.

    Nail design for the New Year 2014, embodying the speed and swiftness of the Horse, requires the use of cool, but bright colors, with no smooth transitions.


    Blue small flowers on nails

    The second innovation that brings with it a year The horses are a return to natural nails. True, the nails should not only be healthy, but also strong enough. And the length of the nails depends in this case not on the desire of the hostess, but on the capabilities of her body.

    In this case, the design of nails for the New Year 2014, in this case - natural, is not limited to a simple one-color option. All the drawings, from the unusual French manicure and ending with cold floral motifs, will also look great on the living nails. True to the New Year's celebration, it is better to slightly grow the nails, so that their length exceeds the usual convenient size and allows you to apply a more complex pattern.

    Single image of

    Beautiful manicure 2014

    The passing year of the Snake carries with it another trendy trend: different patterns, made on the nails of one hand. In the Year of the Horse, designers are advised to refrain from such diversity and confine themselves to one chosen and repeated image.

    Do not also focus on just one fingernail, performing on it a brighter or larger picture. The only exception is New Year's manicure, when almost any festive and joking "excesses" are allowed, but only in strict accordance with the situation( for example, going to the carnival, it is better to choose a manicure in the spirit of the character, and not to follow fashion trends).

    Nail design for the New Year 2014 photo:

    Blue stripes on a light background
    Blue stripes on the nails
    Blue flowers on the nails
    Simple manicure for the New Year 2014
    Black color in the nail design
    Decoration with crystals
    Beautiful New Year's manicure
    Scarlet flowers on the nails