How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2016 - decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year 2016

  • How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2016 - decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year 2016

    No one will argue that the main symbol of the New Year is the Christmas tree, without it, whatever one may say, it is very difficult to achieve a festive mood. It is for this reason that we buy the most beautiful forest trees for winter holidays. Then the question arises: how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2016, so that it was not only the most beautiful, but also radiated New Year's magic.

    Some may be surprised, after all, it seems that it is not at all difficult to do this - hang rain, jewelry and toys. But, so that the Christmas tree really corresponds to the holiday and fits well into the interior, it is worth knowing a few secrets.

    New Year tree styles

    Retro toys

    The process of decorating a Christmas tree is a very emotional activity that can unite the whole family. By the way, if you decide to decorate the New Year tree yourself, then you should decide what style it will appear in the end.

    Please note! The stylistics of decorating a Christmas tree should be chosen according to your own tastes, because the work done should bring you pleasure, please the eye.

    To date, there are several styles of decorating a Christmas tree, photo examples can be found on the Internet.

    • Country Style. To decorate the forest beauty in this rustic style, it is worth using garlands and ornaments made of paper, the figurines of felt that will be sewn by you personally will look beautiful. For example, the easiest option will be boots made of red felt, designed for Christmas gifts.
    • Traditional style. Everyone knows how to decorate the spruce in this style - we hang all the toys on the tree. But to diversify the style, you can add to them bright bows, flowers that will be made from satin ribbons. From above the Christmas tree can be powdered with artificial snow. Do not bother, what color the lights of the garland should sparkle or what kind of rain to wrap the spruce, experiment, because all the bright colors can bring their share of magic.
    • Style Vintage. This style will be especially appropriate if you have old toys at home that you got from your grandmothers. Also, different fakes for antiquity will be needed. By the way, you can make retro toys with your own hands.
    • Modern style. To decorate a Christmas tree in this case is with a special sense of style and measure, using bold and ingenious solutions. The main attributes for decoration will be toys made of fur, metal, plastic and glass. By the way, you can even use CD-ROMs!

    Decoration of a Christmas tree for the year Monkeys

    Figures of monkeys
    Note! To decorate the tree is better in accordance with the preferences of the future mistress of the year. In the year of the monkey it is worth choosing an eco-style.

    It is due to the fact that the monkey adores fruit, bananas. Decorate the Christmas tree with real oranges, hang nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon and vanilla sticks, gingerbread and biscuits.

    Since the Year of the Fiery Monkey is ahead of us, the toys should be dominated by toys of bright, fiery colors. It will be appropriate to place vines on the tree. To make them yourself, you need to use a thin tinsel. It is better if it is green. Cut bananas and monkeys out of thick paper.

    Stick the tinsel to the tinsel. Buy them can be in the store, and if there is a desire, you can print the figures on a color printer, and just cut them. That's all - the liana is ready. Such an ornament will definitely suit the Fiery Monkey, and therefore the next year will be even happier for you.

    Rules for decorating a Christmas tree


    Let's take a detailed look at the algorithm for those who decided to decorate the New Year's beauty with their own hands.

    1. Get Christmas toys at least one day before the planned start of the process of decorating the Christmas tree. Check that they are intact, if the paint has not peeled off. So you can understand - whether you need to buy new toys or you can do with what is.
    2. Decorating a Christmas tree is best for the whole family, especially if you have children. Success will be assured.
    3. Buy a natural Christmas tree. Before you dress it, bring the tree into the house so that it is used to room temperature.
    4. You have to start decorating a Christmas tree with a garland. Do not hang a lot of glowing lights, as this can spoil the whole picture. You can decorate the tree in an original way, by separately highlighting the tree trunk. Hanging the garland, turn it on to see how it will look.
    5. Let's get to the toys. Distribute them in size. If the tree is large, then it will look good big balls, similarly it is necessary to do with a small tree.
    6. The top of the tree should be crowned with a star or a peak.
    7. The last step is to add beads, rain, artificial snow and a bit of serpentine.
    8. Do not forget to put under the Christmas tree Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

    And the most important rule - to decorate the Christmas tree you need to approach with all your heart. If there is no desire to decorate the Christmas tree today, postpone this occupation for tomorrow, only in this case your tree will be the most festive and elegant.


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    Traditional style
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    Country style
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