Decorating the table for the New Year 2015 - how to decorate the New Year's table

  • Decorating the table for the New Year 2015 - how to decorate the New Year's table

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    Each time with the approach of the New Year's night, filled with miracles and pleasant surprises, our pre-holiday efforts also multiply. If with the making up of the menu the owners usually have no problems, then with the design of the New Year's table, as a rule, some difficulties arise. Deliciously prepared food and beautifully decorated dishes help us create a feeling of celebration in the home atmosphere. The exquisite decoration of the table for the New Year 2015, the original laid out laying in the heart of an association with a magic melody, sounding on New Year's Eve.

    Today, souvenir shops are literally full of offers for every taste for decorating a New Year's table, so you can safely let go of your fantasy to freedom, and buy everything you need to decorate, if only it's allowed to make your finances.

    Table setting

    Festive service

    Despite the fact that the design of the festive table is a kind of art, there are no strict rules for decorating the table. How beautifully and elegantly the serving for the New Year's feast will be performed, mostly depends on the personal taste of the hostess.

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    Traditional decoration elements of the festive table are:

    • tablecloth with New Year's pattern,
    • tissue and paper napkins,
    • table set,
    • cutlery,
    • beautiful candle holders with candles,
    • decorative ikebans made from fir branches, cones, candles,golden or red ribbon,
    • and, finally, a deliciously prepared and festively decorated meal.
    Designing a table in blue tones

    The last time to cover a New Year's table taking into account the preferences of the animal, personifying the symbol of the year in the Eastern calendar, becomes a good widespread tradition. Despite the fact that in the East the Year of the Wooden Goat( Green or Blue - decide for yourself) will come into its own in February 2015, our country will greet him with joy and joy on the night of January 1.Since we have such a tradition, in order to please an energetic and wayward Kose, take care of souvenirs and accessories with its image in the appropriate color scheme. A win-win option for decorating a New Year's table is a traditional combination of rich red and white or red with green( blue) shades. In one color solution and a certain style, you should choose everything you need: tablecloth with napkins, table set, appliances, candles, souvenirs and other stylish ornaments.

    Decoration of a table with candles

    If on the eve of the celebration you suddenly found out that you do not have enough elegant tablecloth with the New Year's print, do not rush to run to the store for purchase, because there is a quite affordable solution to this problem. To do this, you need a light tablecloth and many lit candles. Such a simple simple design technique is able to give the most usual table layout a magical and fabulous mood. In the light of the candles burning on the table, any service and crystal glasses on high legs will look especially festive.

    New Year's menu

    Fish in the New Year's menu

    Not all goats in the nature are vegetarians, therefore, on a festive New Year's table, dishes cooked from rabbit( hare) or poultry meat, as well as exotic seafood are welcomed. In addition, please the Goat with delicious fish dishes from perch, pike perch, trout, salmon or salmon. Find an unusual recipe in the presence of the Internet or an old cookbook, inherited from the great-grandmother, not a problem.

    Please note! In any fish and meat dish, appetizing sauces are especially valuable, and there are a lot of them: with shrimp or squid, with dill, parsley or basil, with sour cream, cream or with sweet and sour tomatoes.

    New Year's salads should be light and dietary. Prepare them from vegetables with the addition of olive oil and game meat.

    Please note! You will further coax Goat if you decorate the festive table with an abundance of greens, vegetables and fruits.
    Christmas Serving 2015

    Show your creativity in creating unusual appetizing compositions from tangerines, kiwi, oranges, pears, apples and grapes. Using carving, which is common in our region, recently, try to cut out various fruit and vegetable figurines, which will undoubtedly enrich the festive serving of the New Year's table. In addition, this amazing art comes from the East, which will also have to do with the symbol of the coming year.

    Completion of the table setting is made possible by the presence of luxurious bouquets. On New Year's Eve, bouquets can be made from fragrant pine and spruce twigs. They will bring into the festive atmosphere the breath of nature, enriching and emphasizing the sophistication of dishes and dishes on the table. Decorate winter coniferous bouquets usually New Year's toys, red ribbons and shiny tinsel.