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    A melon diet helps to lose weight due to the unique property to effectively break down fats

    A melon diet for most weight loss will be excellentdietary system in the summer - autumn period. Thanks to this effective method of losing weight you can very quickly lose excess weight in a short time period.

    How to lose weight on melons ^

    Melon is a dietary, healthy and delicious product that contains vitamins A, B, C, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium. But most importantly, rapid weight loss is achieved thanks to the unique property of melon to effectively break down fats.

    Advantages of the melon diet are:

    • Increased immunity and hemoglobin, strengthening of the nervous and circulatory system;
    • Excretion of salts, slags, harmful cholesterol and toxins from the body;
    • Deceleration of the aging process;
    • Reduces edema.

    It should be noted that the diet on melons perfectly satiates the body, provides additional energy, a beneficial effect on beauty and mood. But, for all its advantages, the melon diet is contraindicated in the presence of diabetes and individual intolerance of the product.

    You should know that not all types of melon are desirable for weight loss. An excellent grade of this dietary product is melon. For the competent selection of a mature and ripe melon, there are two basic rules:

    • When tapping on the shell of the fruit, sound should go deaf;
    • There should be a bright pleasant aroma.

    In addition to melons, the following dietary and nutritious foods are included in the dietary diet: the

    • Eggs, cottage cheese, sour milk drinks;
    • Seafood, diet and lean meat;
    • Vegetables( fresh, steamed or boiled), fruit;
    • Natural juices, herbal teas.
    • Cereals - pearl barley, rice, oatmeal and buckwheat.

    The melon diet program is based on the implementation of mandatory recommendations:

    • One-off dietary norms are: ready meals - 150 gr., Fish and meat products - 100 gr., Drinks - 200 ml;
    • It is advisable to consume the melon 15 minutes before the meal or 30 minutes after it.

    Melon diet: menus for 3 and 7 days ^

    The melon diet can be used in several variants, the most popular of which are a purifying mono diet for three days and a balanced dietary method, calculated for seven days.

    Three-day melon diet

    Melon technique effectively removes harmful substances from the body and removes excess 3 kg of weight.
    The daily food ration includes:

    • 1.5 kg melon pulp, used in six meals;
    • Drinking water, green or herbal teas.

    Such a power system can be used in a week once as a discharge day. However, if the melon day is carried out within two months, a gradual loss in weight will be about 6 kg.

    7-Day Melon Diet for

    The seven-day dietary melon slimming program includes a balanced and low-calorie diet, in which the daily use of melon pulp will be about 1.2 kg.

    The main rule of eating: the daily norm of melon after 20 minutes after breakfast is 500 gr., After dinner 450 gr.and after a snack and dinner for 150 grams.

    Melon menu for 7 days


    • Breakfast: compote apricot( dried apricots), buckwheat porridge, egg;
    • Lunch: kiwi;
    • Lunch: berry infusion, a salad of Bulgarian pepper and tomato, seasoned with soybean oil, fish;
    • Snack: tea, green apple;
    • Dinner: Morse, mashed potatoes, salad from boiled vegetables.


    • Breakfast: apple infusion, boiled rice, egg;
    • Lunch: tangerines;
    • Lunch: compote, salad from grated boiled medium beet, carrots and garlic, chicken soup;
    • Snack: 100 g of salad from grated apple, dried apricots and lemon juice;
    • Dinner: orange juice, pumpkin puree, a piece of beef.


    • Breakfast: cocoa, lettuce( corn, crab sticks, sour cream), egg, cereal loaf;
    • Lunch: a handful of berries;
    • Lunch: fish casserole, rice porridge, yogurt;
    • Snack: a pair of nectarines;
    • Dinner: berry drink, corn porridge, vegetable salad.


    • Breakfast: Morse, oatmeal, bread, egg;
    • Lunch: Berry - fruit puree;
    • Lunch: vinaigrette, chicken stew with vegetables, any drink;
    • Snack: ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt;
    • Dinner: vinaigrette, apple juice, chicken breast.


    • Breakfast: pearl barley, egg, herbal tea;
    • Lunch: peach or apricot;
    • Lunch: cereal bread, yogurt, chicken piece, any fresh salad;
    • Snack: carrots;Dinner: apple - melon puree, cottage cheese, fruit juice.


    • Breakfast: vegetable puree, egg, kefir or fermented baked milk;
    • Lunch: a couple of kiwi fruit;
    • Lunch: vegetable ragout, fish, grain loaf, compote;
    • Snack: fruit and yoghurt salad( melon, apple, banana);
    • Dinner: a couple of boiled potatoes, cabbage salad, berry juice.


    • Breakfast: cereal by choice, milk, egg;
    • Lunch: baked apples with honey;
    • Lunch: apple infusion, boiled rice with beef, grain loaf;
    • Snack: yogurt;
    • Dinner: any drink, salad of pulp of fresh pumpkin, grated apple and olive oil.

    After a week, the loss of excess weight is, as a rule, more than five kilograms.

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    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about a diet on melons ^

    The results of a melon diet are excellent both in terms of weight loss and cleansing. Excess 3 kg or more will leave the body quickly and permanently, as the process of losing weight is due to the burning of fat, and not just by removing the liquid. Also, during melon weight loss, you do not have to exhaust yourself with intolerable hungry days, and after it the body will not accumulate fat stores.

    Thanks to the excellent taste of melon and the developed menu, the melon dietary method is very easy to transfer. Repeat a seven-day melon diet should not be more than once every 1.5 months. As for melon unloading days, they can be used frequently, up to 6 times a month.

    In order to properly exit the melon diet, you must further adhere to the habitual, but proper nutrition, avoiding fatty and floury. It is recommended to add melon or dishes from it to dessert.
    Reviews of a melon diet among women who lose weight are as follows:

    • Noticeable improvement in skin condition;
    • Loss in weight from 4 kg;
    • Excellent cleansing of the body and intestines;
    • Dietary program with melon is very simple, easy and not hungry.

    For lovers of this delicious and natural product, the dietary melon method was just the best way to lose weight. Doctors consider the melon program one of the most acceptable systems of dietary nutrition, since melon pulp is rich in useful substances, perfectly cleansing the kidneys and intestines from toxins and other harmful substances.

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