• Sea diet

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    • The essence and rules of weight loss on the sea diet
    • Sea diet: approximate menu and recipes
    • Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the sea diet

    Sea diet helps to lose weight without damage to health

    The marine diet is on a special place among the numerous programslosing weight, because it is low-calorie and very useful. Using it, you can not only quickly lose weight, but also significantly improve your health.

    The essence and rules of weight loss in the marine diet ^

    The basis of the sea food ration consists of various products of the sea: shrimp, cabbage, sea fish, etc.

    The special benefit of seafood is their rich composition - protein, amino acids, vitamins A, D,iodine, calcium, omega-3 and other useful ingredients, thanks to which this dietary technique has many undoubted advantages:

    • Weight decreases without damage to the body;
    • Significantly improves the condition of hair, nails, skin;
    • Rejuvenates the body;
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    • Immunity, bone tissue and cardiac muscle are strengthened;
    • Blood is purged from harmful cholesterol;
    • Many harmful toxic substances are excreted from the body.

    The sea diet is also good because it can be successfully combined with physical loads. However, doctors warn that it is not recommended for use in digestive system diseases.

    The dietary diet consists of the following types of seafood, the use of which contributes to weight loss, cleansing and healthy satiety of the whole organism:

    • Shrimp, mussels, malyus, oysters, scallops, crabs;
    • Sea kale;
    • Canned tuna, sardines;
    • Flounder, sea bass, pollock, trout, etc.

    In addition to seafood, the menu includes:

    • Vegetables, greens, mushrooms;
    • Fruit, dried fruits;
    • Curd, yogurt;
    • Tea green or herbal with a slice of lemon, water, fruit juices;
    • Marmalade.

    Ready meals should be fresh, cooked, stewed, baked or steamed. During the period of weight loss, you should completely abandon fried foods, sweet foods, flour products and other harmful high-calorie foods.

    Sea diet: approximate menu and recipes ^

    The slimming program for seafood is presented in several dietary options.

    Diet on sea cabbage( kelp)

    Laminaria enriches the body with iodine, iron, excellently draws slag and relieves excess weight. The daily rate of kelp is 200 grams. Dry kelp must be brought to the ready state before use:

    • For this, the dry collection is poured cold water 1: 8 for 10 hours, then the laminaria is washed and cooked for 20 minutes in slightly salted water.
    • Next, the broth merges and again in the pot with laminaria pure water is poured, heated to 50 degrees.
    • Then the cabbage is boiled for 15 minutes.
    • The cooking procedure must be repeated three times.

    Applying a weekly dietary technique on kelp, it is possible to achieve loss of excess weight over 4 kg.

    Approximate daily menu on seaweed:

    • Morning: chamomile tea, olive oil salad( cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, kelp, tomato);
    • Lunch: kelp with stewed mushrooms, grated carrots and olive oil;
    • Lunch: two eggs, fish cutlet or a piece of lean boiled meat, kelp with greens, tomato and green salad, pineapple juice or apricot compote;
    • Snack: carrot salad with kelp;
    • Dinner: green tea with a spoon of honey, apple salad, kelp and pumpkin, boiled egg, marmalade.

    Sea Perch Diet

    Sea perch is enriched with many vitamins, Omega-3 and minerals. Also in its composition is taurine, which is necessary for normal metabolism and stabilization of cholesterol level.

    A diet with eating dishes from sea bass will positively affect the health and the process of losing weight. Perch can be stewed, baked, or you can prepare a great dietary salad:

    • For this, take 200 g of perch fillets, potatoes and carrots for 1 piece, boil, cool and shredded into pieces.
    • Tomato is cut into thin slices, cucumber into thin circles, green beans into rhombuses.
    • Further potatoes, beans, carrots, cucumber is mixed with olive oil, laid out on the leaves of cauliflower, decorated with pieces of fish, tomato and greens.

    Marine cocktail diet

    This variant of the dietary method should not exceed three days. The result of a mono-diet will be the loss of 3 extra pounds. Sea cocktail - assortment consists of squid, octopus, shrimp, mussels, fillet of low-fat sea fish with a few drops of lemon juice.

    Three-day food ration consists of assorted seafood and warm drinks( tea, infusion).The prepared dish is divided into 4 parts of 150 grams and is used throughout the day.

    Marine diet from Karl Lagerfeld

    Karl Lagerfeld's nutrition system is based on the consumption of seafood and vegetables. The permitted foods include:

    • Fish, seafood;
    • Veal liver;
    • Spinach, carrots, asparagus, green beans, tomatoes, cauliflower;
    • Mandarins, melon, raspberries and peaches;
    • Creamy low-fat butter or margarine.

    An approximate weekly menu from Karl Lagerfeld for each day is as follows:

    • Morning: a pair of low-fat yogurts, a slice of bread, a dessert spoon of butter;
    • Lunch: water or tea;
    • Lunch: a little salad from vegetables, a protein cocktail;
    • Dinner: soup with prawns and vegetables, salad, and a choice of braised bass, sushi, tuna or chicken breast.

    The diet of the famous fashion maestro is very strict, so it is not worth eating for more than 7 days.

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    Results, reviews of lean and doctors about the sea diet ^

    It is not difficult to transfer the sea diet, especially for seafood lovers. The correct way out after the dietary method involves a gradual transition to the usual diet with an increase in the norms of the dishes. However, do not abruptly stop the use of fish and various seafood, especially kelp.

    The results of the sea diet - for 5-7 days weight reduction usually reaches 4 kg and above. But no matter how much the program of losing weight on fish and seafood was useful, it should be repeated no earlier than after 3 months of adequate nutrition.

    Reviews of the sea diet among the applicants are different. Most of the women who lost weight were satisfied with the effect they achieved and the diet. Many would gladly repeat it again. Only a few lovers of dietary nutrition failed to throw off the desired weight by this method.

    Doctors, although they note the high utility of seafood, do not recommend taking this diet very often, because an excess of iodine can lead to problems with the thyroid gland.

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