• Laryngitis: symptoms and treatment at home

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    The larynx is often inflamed due to colds, after measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough. This disease is called laryngitis.

    The disease develops with provoking factors: hypothermia, dusty air, smoking, excessive tension of the larynx.

    The form of the disease can be both acute and chronic. Most often the disease occurs in acute form no more than two weeks.

    With chronic laryngitis, the symptomatology continues to torment the patient for 2 weeks or more. Since cough and pain when swallowing can be signs of other more serious diseases, with a duration of the disease for more than two weeks, the patient is advised to consult a physician regarding diagnosis and treatment.

    Causes of laryngitis

    The following diseases and factors most often provoke the disease in children and adults:

    • ARI:
    • cold;
    • influenza;
    • bronchitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • viral infections and pharyngitis;
    • allergy;
    • physical and chemical damage to the larynx;
    • dustiness of premises;
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    • voice overvoltage;
    • too dry and hot air;
    • problems with nasal breathing.

    Symptoms of laryngitis in adults

    Adults at an early stage of development of laryngitis feel a deterioration of well-being, an increase in body temperature. Often there are symptoms such as: pain during swallowing, voice wheezing, breathing worsens due to the narrowing of the glottis, which in turn arises from edema or spasm.

    When examining the patient's blood, there is an increase in leukocytes and ESR.The acute phase of the disease is characterized by a swelling in the throat, dryness, dry, then wet cough, rough, hoarse or silent voice. Some feel a headache, pain while swallowing food. Let it be insignificant, but the temperature usually increases to 37.4 degrees.

    The duration of the disease with full compliance with the treatment, which was prescribed by the doctor, usually not more than a week - ten days.

    In chronic laryngitis, patients complain of sore throat, sadness, perspiration, need to clear throat, fast voice fatigue and hoarseness. With the aggravation of laryngitis, all these symptoms only increase.

    Treatment of laryngitis

    Acute laryngitis is treated as follows. To begin with, remove those root causes that triggered the disease. The patient should not talk for a week to rest the larynx. From the diet, spices and spicy dishes are excluded. Smoking, drinking alcohol is prohibited.

    Regarding medical measures, you should give the patient an abundant warm drink, gargle, do inhalations, compresses on the neck. Warm milk, compote, teas and herbal teas will help relieve pain and cleanse the body.

    Rinses kill the pathogenic microflora. Used for rinsing agents such as furacillin, miramistin, chlorophyllipt, soda and salt.

    If we talk about the medical treatment of laryngitis, the doctor can also prescribe antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory medication and antihistamines that relieve swelling of the tissues.

    Children from six to eight often suffer from a particular form of acute laryngitis - a false croup. Manifestations of the disease are similar with the course of the disease such as laryngeal diphtheria. These complications are dangerous because they can lead to significant difficulty in breathing the child due to edema and narrowing of the laryngeal lumen.

    False cereals often occur in children with exudative diathesis. The fake croup has the following attack: the baby wakes up from pain and anxiety at night, he is sweaty and frightened. His breathing is difficult, it is noisy, there is a "barking" cough. It is also possible to blue lips. In half an hour the child will calm down and fall asleep.

    However, if you notice even a single symptom of a false croup, you should immediately go to an ambulance. While the doctor arrives, you can reduce the attack with a mustard plaster placed on the larynx, give the baby warm milk and make a hot bath for the legs.

    Patients suffering from a chronic form of laryngitis, without fail, are examined by a doctor. This is important, because the treatment of the disease will largely depend on the nature. It is prescribed lubrication of the larynx, fizprotsedury, inhalation, rinsing, sometimes pills and surgical intervention.

    To prevent the appearance of a chronic form of laryngitis, necessarily cure diseases of the nose and sinuses, as well as inflammation in the throat. It is also important to comply with the normal voice mode of the day. To prevent laryngitis, use methods of prevention: body hardening, exercise, vitamin therapy.

    Treatment of laryngitis in the home

    Aids in the fight against laryngitis may be folk remedies. The following are useful recipes that can be easily made at home:

    1. 1) Honey with lemon juice. It is necessary to mix honey and juice in a proportion of 2 to 1. If every 2 hours to use a mixture of 1 teaspoon, you will soon feel relieved.
    2. 2) Carrot juice and honey. In 1 glass of useful juice, you should dissolve a teaspoon of honey. The solution is taken every three hours for one tablespoon.
    3. 3) Honey and aloe. This is an effective method of treatment, which even doctors advise. A half-liter bowl is needed, where the juice of aloe and one hundred and fifty grams of honey is added. The solution is bitter, however, it helps well. Patients with laryngitis should take it 3-4 times a day for a teaspoon.
    4. 4) Milk + honey. Effective and simple means. It should be heated milk, add a little honey. Drink the mixture for the night, then wrap your throat with a warm scarf. For the morning it will become easier.
    5. 5) Soda and sea salt. Very simple, but, nevertheless, gargling with soda, and also with sea salt are effective. Alternating rinsing procedures, you will achieve improvement. For one glass of warm water, enough to take 1 teaspoon of soda or salt. On the day should be a minimum of 5-6 rinses.
    6. 6) Inhalations. To prepare inhalation at home, you need to take a bowl with a narrow neck or a teapot. Make an elongated paper funnel. Go to the treatment after it took 5-10 minutes, and the water boiled. Alkaline solution with soda( half a teaspoon of soda and 1 glass of water) will help if you have chronic laryngitis. To soothe ligaments and sputum better, alkaline water such as Borjomi, Polyana Kvasova or Essentuki is used. It is also good to use decoctions of herbs - ayr, chamomile, cinquefoil and sage. Eucalyptus essential oils and menthol help. In a day there will be enough 3-5 inhalations in the acute form of laryngitis. It takes about 5-10 minutes to breathe, not more.
    7. 7) Gogol-Mogol. A medicine that is treated with laryngitis by many famous people. It will take sugar and a whipped egg yolk. There add a little butter or cognac. The laryngitis will pass quickly if you drink 1 serving a day.
    8. 8) Baths. If possible, use an old but proven way to treat this disease. You need to make a general bath with a decoction of chamomile or with sea salt. Baths exert a strengthening, warming effect on the body, as well as the effect of inhalation. Inhale the chamomile before you go to sleep. After the procedure, you need to put on socks and warm up under a warm blanket( preferably woolen).Foot baths with soda and dry mustard are suitable for adults.
    9. 9) Compresses. Warming compresses with interior fat, badger fat or a ready-made mixture that is sold in any pharmacy are very relevant and effective in treating laryngitis.
    Remember that laryngitis is a disease that needs to be treated in a complex. Undoubtedly, natural funds can support the body, but it is possible to identify the cause and permanently get rid of the chronic form of the disease only with the help of a therapist.


    The following procedures and measures are effective for the prevention of laryngitis in children and adults.

    1. 1) Hardening of the body. It is necessary gradually, but systematically to accustom your own organism to various temperature differences. Of course, the prevention should be done carefully, so that your voice device is not damaged.
    2. 2) Refusal from alcohol and smoking. This will not only increase the overall immunity and resistance of the body, but also improve the condition of the mucosa.
    3. 3) Vitaminotherapy, walking in the fresh air.
    4. 4) Prophylactic lollipops if your work is associated with increased vocal cord strain. Also, you can drink a glass of warm milk at night with a spoon of dissolved butter. This will soften the ligaments and larynx.
    5. 5) Cleaning the mucous membrane from dust and chemicals. Such cleaning is easily carried out with the help of a special inhaler. It can be a nebulizer or a homemade device for inhalations.
    Remember: the disease should not be brought to a chronic form, laryngitis occurs after a few days. The main thing is that the treatment was right.

    The doctor will prescribe the most appropriate therapy, because there are several forms of laryngitis, and depending on the type of illness, the most appropriate procedures are prescribed.

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