Adenoids in children: symptoms, treatment, photo, removal of adenoids

  • Adenoids in children: symptoms, treatment, photo, removal of adenoids

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    Adenoids are a common phenomenon associated with an increase in lymphoid tissue that is located in the area of ​​the nasopharyngeal tonsil.

    They are the most useful part of the body, which stimulate the production of immunoglobulin, responsible for the rejection of the body's infections and harmful factors.

    In the event that your baby is often sick and prone to allergies, then in this case adenoids begin to grow rapidly. Statistical data showed that children begin to get sick, usually from 2 to 8 years. However, the practice proved that there are also 14-year-old patients.

    If the baby has difficulty breathing and is having trouble breathing with the nose, then it is necessary immediately to contact the treating doctor - ENT for help.

    Signs of the disease are difficult to overestimate and not notice: the child often sleeps with his mouth open, while not getting enough sleep, and in the morning apathetic and looks sluggish. The disease affects the memory, which is weakened. This factor, in turn, affects the performance of the child.
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    Symptoms of adenoids in children

    The disease practically does not bother a small patient, flowing imperceptibly and slowly. Adenoids often manifest themselves when your baby often catches a cold. There is a hyperemia of soft tissues - palatine arches, soft palate, and also mucous a nose.

    As a result, rhinitis begins to develop, as well as cough, which develops into pathology due to the systematic drainage of mucus. All these symptoms are accompanied by acute inflammation of the hearing. Therefore, the baby in a number of cases, there are acute otitis, hearing impairment and other diseases. But this is not all the list of problems that affect the baby - the auditory tubes are blocked by adenoids, which are added in size.

    To the common symptoms of adenoids in children, one can also relate the fact that on the background of the disease the voice acquires a nasal note. The phonation is disturbed when the adenoids reach their maximum size.

    A clear symptom of adenoids in children is an inflammation of the sinuses of the nose, so angina, bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis are frequent visitors. The kid gets an "adenoid" facial expression, which becomes indifferent. If the disease is pathological in nature and proceeds for a long time, the jaw becomes elongated and narrow.

    In addition, the bite is broken. Systematic breathing through the mouth leads to the fact that the ventilation of the lungs is carried out inadequately, and this provokes oxygen starvation, and as a consequence, hypoxia of the brain arises. The child has unmotivated fatigue, as well as irritability and drowsiness.

    Violation of the formation of the chest - the emergence of a "chicken breast" is inevitable. All these signs are accompanied by a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a decrease in appetite, the appearance of diarrhea or constipation.

    Symptoms of adenoids in children:

    • baby breathes with the mouth, which is always open
    • the presence of a cold is not observed, but breathing is difficult
    • runny nose, which develops into a chronic( see chronic tonsillitis), and as a result is difficult to treat.

    Adenoids in children 1, 2, 3 degrees

    Doctors classify adenoids into 3 degrees, which differ in severity, as well as% increase in lymphoid tissue:

    1. The first degree is an increase in the third pair of tonsils and their 33% overlap of the hole, accompanied by swelling of the nasopharynx.
    2. The second degree - the hole is blocked by adenoids by approximately 67%
    3. Third degree - in this case, the opening is closed by 99.9%.

    Emerging complications of

    With an advanced form of the disease, adenoids can overlap the entire opening of the auditory tube. It is it that connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx. After the disease ceases to be pathological, the child experiences a significant deterioration in hearing, and the cold is exacerbated by the appearance of otitis( see how to treat otitis media).

    Due to the rapidly developing disease, the child is forced to breathe with the mouth, and the skull structure changes.


    Adenoids, which complicate the life of a small man, can be observed if you put a small mirror in your mouth with a handle. Such an uncommon method will give an opportunity to consider the nasopharynx to the full.

    The doctor can grope for the adenoids with the fingers. However, in order to clarify the diagnosis, even more sophisticated ways of identifying the problem are often used.

    If the child is very small, then consider the formation of a physician can with a unique method - endoscopy, which involves the introduction of a mouth probe that is equipped with a flexible wire. Thus, a specialist will be able to fully consider the adenoids on the instrument panel.

    Video: "At what age to remove adenoids - Dr. Komarovsky"

    Treatment of adenoids in children

    Relatively long ago, such treatment of adenoids in children, as a surgical intervention - adenotomy, which is now very popular, came into use. The complexity of the procedure is that after the operation the child's immunity decreases and the propensity to develop colds increases( see symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection).

    In addition, the child is prone to the occurrence of bronchial asthma. Along with these problems, the picture is aggravated by the fact that adenoids can again grow.

    Treatment of adenoids in children must occur under the supervision of your doctor. Often, the therapy of pathologically inflamed adenoids takes slightly more than 7 months, and in some cases even more. Take note of the fact that to remove adenoids or not, can be solved only by the attending physician. The doctor tends to use the adenotomy in those cases when the child begins to develop rapidly otitis and it becomes difficult to breathe through the nose.

    For the treatment of insidious disease, pediatricians actively use anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as saline solutions and herbal medicinal decoctions. In this case, a very important factor is the interruption of the sequence of colds, which are the "nutrient medium" for adenoids. That is why it is very important to temper the child, who is less likely to get sick with colds and ARI.

    To non-pharmacological methods can be attributed correction of immunodeficiency, the result of which is the emergence of adenoids. Better efficacy compared with other similar methods was earned by spa therapy. The top three leaders are homeopathic medicine, as well as phytotherapy.

    We emphasize that each of these methods is effective only if the basic principles of treatment are observed. Treatment, which is appointed by professionals, should be lengthy. It is necessary to observe an individual approach, which every physician is inclined to solve the problem.

    Laser treatment of adenoids

    Laser treatment has long been used. In the process of therapy, the beam acts on the blood vessels, while the immunity is restored, and the puffiness decreases, and breathing is gradually adjusted, because the air easily penetrates the body.

    Similar treatment is carried out in several stages, the first of which the medic tries to remove the formed inflammation. In the process of treatment, immune cells are rehabilitated, and the metabolism is accelerated. The second stage implies the prevention of inflammation of the nasopharynx.

    The disadvantage of using laser therapy is that it can only relieve the course of the disease. However, it can not remove adenoids. As a rule, medical treatment by a doctor is prescribed 5 times a year.


    Doctors prescribe drops for children that can reduce vessels by an order of magnitude. In some cases, parents drip too much, which causes rapid breathing and drowsiness.

    It is best to give preference to protargol, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. However, before using it, you need to rinse your nose properly, and then put the baby on your back. In no case should not be delayed with treatment, so that the disease does not flow into a chronic stage.

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