• Preparing for the New Year 2014

    On the Eastern calendar, the upcoming New Year 2014 is considered the year of the Horse - the Blue Wooden Horse. In some horoscopes it is also called the year of the Green or Emerald Horse.

    Both the blue and green colors, which "color" the symbol of the next year, already speak for themselves that all people on earth have to go through a difficult year of change, characterized by persistence, speed, prudence and fiery passion. If this is the case, then prepare well for the New Year's Eve, so that the Horse will be pleased and give you as many pleasant and joyful moments as possible throughout the coming year.

    New Year's mood starts to be felt already from the beginning of December. These days, cheerful flickering lights of festive garlands are appearing everywhere, and people start to run around bustling about shopping, buying up a huge number of various gifts for relatives and friends.

    New Year's interior

    Christmas tree 2014

    Of course, the preparations for the new 2014 should begin with the general cleaning of your home.

    First of all, make sure that all the faucets in the house are working properly, so that the well-being of your family does not disappear along with the flowing water. After careful cleaning, it will be possible to proceed directly to the New Year's decoration of the rooms. Here you can give free rein to your fantasy and even feel yourself as a designer.

    Adults and children know that the main central decoration of the house for the New Year is the Christmas tree, which this time it is desirable to dress up in blue, purple or green colors. A special festivity of the rooms will be given by a colorful serpentine, a rain-shining rain, golden beads and glowing garlands. The tree is an element of the coming year, therefore in no case in the house there should be no artificial trees, your Christmas tree should be only a living coniferous beauty.


    Candles in the New Year's interior

    Candles are a wonderful addition to the New Year's interior. Arrange them in large numbers throughout the house. Unusual candles in the form of cute Horse will certainly cause increased interest among your guests. And the refinement of your taste will emphasize the thin long candles, for example, dark blue. For romantic natures, you can recommend decorating the room with beautiful bowls filled with water, in which the lit floating candles will look spectacular. As you can see, thanks to a huge variety of decorative candles, any house can be made refined and original.

    Symbol of the Year

    Horseshoe for luck

    Decorating rooms, feel free to use images and objects that reflect the symbol of 2014.In the New Year's Eve at any souvenir shop, you can easily buy an elegant statue of a horse or rider made of porcelain, crystal, ceramics or glass, or buy a vase or painting depicting horses. Also welcome are wooden souvenirs, vases, cups, bowls, painted spoons - everything that is made of wood, after all, the New Year's Horse is wooden. This year's amulet is a horseshoe. It would be nice to buy a horseshoe souvenir for luck, and hang it over the front door of your house.

    Laying New Year's table

    Serving the New Year's table 2014

    For each housewife, an important role in decorating the house for the New Year's Eve is played by the table setting. Be sure to put a statue of the Horse on the festive table. And if you have a tableware that shows the symbol of the year, actively use it to serve guests prepared by you dishes.

    Of course, the most New Year's salad "Olivier" is always prepared and served on the table, regardless of the symbol of the year. This time in addition to it, aromatic herbs and various dishes from vegetables and seafood will be welcomed. Also suitable are sweet buns, cheese, and if there is a possibility, koumiss. It will be good if in honor of the symbol of the year on the festive table will be served fresh greens, vegetarian salads, and as a dessert apple pie and oatmeal cookies are quite suitable. Blue Horse alcohol prefers non-alcoholic cocktails, juices, compotes and mineral water. But traditional champagne is allowed, otherwise, what will it be for the New Year?

    What to wear on New Year's Eve?

    New Year attire in green shades

    This question is especially important for the beautiful half of humanity. Lovely ladies, for the meeting of the New Year 2014 you will have to approach the selection of clothes especially carefully. Since the Horse is wooden, when choosing a dress, consider that according to the Chinese tradition, the green color corresponds to the elements of the tree. But besides, this time the Horse is also Blue, so you should not avoid blue, purple and blue shades, because they will please the hostess of 2014.Other colors that are not characteristic of horses, boldly reject. Blue-green color scheme can be used not only in clothes, but also in refined expressive details( shoes, pendant, brooch, decorative hairpin).Wooden beads, bracelet or pendant can also become a stylish addition to your New Year's attire.

    Given that the symbol of 2014 is characterized by optimism, cheerfulness, love of space and entertainment, before the New Year's Eve try to find time to visit the exhibition, concert or theater. But the year of the Horse is best to meet at home, as this noble animal likes to be with the family.