How to decorate the walls for the New Year - decorating the walls

  • How to decorate the walls for the New Year - decorating the walls

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    The New Year celebration in a cozy home circle for representatives of the post-Soviet space is a good family tradition. And if Europeans buy Christmas trees, decorate the streets and their homes for the meeting of the Nativity of Christ, then we, in contrast, carefully prepare for the New Year's Eve. Usually we have this resulting in a busy running around for shopping, in numerous purchases of gifts for those who are dear to us, as well as in the purchase of various newfangled accessories to decorate our apartments or houses. Of course, on New Year's Eve, the center of attention in each house is a smart, sparkling Christmas tree. But do not forget about the rooms, because it is very important to create a full sense of the New Year in the house.

    Decorating room

    Snowflakes on the wall

    Decorating the rooms before the New Year is a creative and interesting activity in which adults and children are happy to participate. This is a great opportunity to relax from everyday life, devote a little time to your family and chat with the kids. If you can not figure out how to decorate the walls for the New Year, then the all-knowing Internet and New Year's editions of fashion magazines will help you, in which, as a rule, designers and needlewomen give lots of advice.

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    Interesting tips

    Preparing the walls for the New Year
    • First, look carefully at the room, and to avoid overloading the details, remove all unnecessary walls.
    • Remember childhood, cut out applications with New Year themes, for example, pictures in the form of Snow Maiden, snowflakes, a snowman, bells, Christmas trees and a reindeer team with Santa Claus sitting in it. These pictures decorate the walls of the room, attaching them with an invisible scotch, which at the end of the holiday can be easily removed.
    • If you do not want to paste festive pictures on the walls of the room, then make of wooden slats of small size false wall, which will serve as the basis for fixing New Year's appliqu├ęs, ornaments and different festive tinsel. The false wall will look spectacular, if you fix a garland on its perimeter.
    Christmas tree of magnets
    • Hang on the walls of the room made with a child of colorful paper garlands of rings, iridescent rain, fluffy garlands of foil, balloons. On the wall of paper snowflakes you can lay out a congratulation: "Happy New Year!"
    Improvised Christmas tree
    • Alternatively, pull a strong thread along the wall, on which you can hang Christmas balls, cones, New Year's boot, snowflakes and other decorations you like.
    Christmas tree on the frame
    • Make a contour out of the wire in the form of a tree, circle or star, twist it with a colored thread and fill the interior with Christmas decorations or shiny tinsel, for beauty, attach it to the wall.
    • If you have embroidery hoops, then wrap them with foil, then in the upper part, strengthen bells, on the sides spruce branches and cones, bows, sweets or wrapped walnuts - you will get a very effective decoration that will please you all New Year's holidays.
    Wreaths on the wall
    • You can fasten twigs of spruce or pine in a circle, beautifully twist the resulting circle with red ribbons and decorate with Christmas-tree toys - you get a walled New Year's wreath.
    • Walls can also be decorated with "snow-covered" coniferous branches. To do this, you only need to grind the foam, then sprinkle the branches with glue. Still it is possible to put spruce branches for the night in hot strong saline solution, in the morning carefully to take them out, it is good to dry and strengthen on a wall. The same "snow" you can sprinkle twigs of mountain ash and fir cones.
    • Homemade wall newspaper with photos, New Year's greetings and wishes can also decorate the family celebration of the New Year.

    Fantasize, create your own fabulous New Year atmosphere in the house with your children - it will bring a lot of fun and joy to both children and you.