Make-up for the New Year 2016 - the choice of New Year's make-up 2016( + photo)

  • Make-up for the New Year 2016 - the choice of New Year's make-up 2016( + photo)

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    New Year - a holiday is noisy and cheerful, so this day( and night) you can afford to be bright and unusual. Especially since the patroness of the coming year, the Fiery Monkey is a very big prankster. She will love the juicy active make-up, but not the "fighting coloring".How to become bright and creative, but not be vulgar, we will consider further.

    Makeup choice for the New Year's Eve

    Choose makeup

    Make-up for the New Year 2016 largely depends on what kind of attire you choose. The brighter and more colorful the color of clothes, shoes and accessories, the more delicate it will be to handle the makeup. If you do not follow this simple rule, your appearance will be unnecessarily flashy and provocative. The goal of correctly chosen makeup is to make the woman attractive and make her noticeable and effective.

    Different make-up of

    So, on holiday you have a bright and elegant dress, similar to an exotic flower or a bird of paradise? Perfectly, in make-up we leave from a variety of colors, but we remember that we are painted for a holiday. Therefore, we choose a rich make-up of the eyes of a fig and a classic red lipstick. This choice will require an ideal skin condition. We need persistent makeup and tonal with a radiant texture.

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    What make-up should I do if the dress is solid and delicate enough?

    Please note! Make-up should take into account many factors, except the order: the age and color pattern of a woman, the condition of her skin, personal preferences and eye color.

    Given the festiveness of the moment, it is perfectly acceptable to use brilliant, shiny and iridescent textures, mainly in the shadows for the eyelids.

    More details of the New Year make-up will help makeup options for different shades of the eyes.

    Makeup for green eyes

    Green eyes

    Such a color gas requires underscoring and revealing. The perfect companion is mascara, shadows and a pencil of all shades of purple. Using the latest trends, for green-eyed beauties it is fashionable to apply all shades of burgundy and wine shadows. In order not to create the effect of inflamed or tear-stained eyes, the contour of the eyelids is drawn as close to the eyelashes as a soft black pencil.

    Green eyes are not suitable for green shadows - they will "compete" with them in terms of brightness. But podvodku this shade, especially if it is combined with a dress, it is possible to apply.

    Please note! The main condition for success is that the shade of eyeliner one by one does not match the color of the eyes.

    Performing makeup on New Year's Eve, discard deaf frosted colors. Allow yourself to shine, but do not overdo it with brilliance. You do not want to compete with the New Year tree? It is enough to arrange shiny accents - a radiant complexion and shiny shadows, lipstick and shadows with a shimmer with matte skin, mother-of-pearl shades and blush. Especially neatly you need to handle the shiny texture of cosmetics, if you are going to be photographed or make a video. On the film, sparkling places may appear to be illuminated.

    Makeup for brown eyes

    Brown eyes

    Brown-eyed beauties can afford almost all the colors of shadows. Their choice depends on the depth of color of the eyes and their shade. The darker the eyes, the brighter the colors of the shadows and leaks used. But when applying make-up, you should not forget that girls with this type of eyes usually have a naturally bright appearance."To muffle" the natural beauty of artificial colors is not worth it. Expressive dark eyes can be sufficiently emphasized by a beautiful festive shade of eyeliner or pencil, for example, bronze. Because the makeup is evening, false eyelashes are appropriate.

    Please note! For the holiday for the brown eyes, gold, copper and bronze colors of cosmetics are extremely attractive.

    These women often have olive or honey-colored skin. The combination of warm "metallic" shade tones with this skin tone give an ideal result. White brown-eyed girls will go as neutral gray-brown tones, and catchy and saturated, in a colder range.

    Makeup for blue-eyed

    Blue eyes

    Blue eyes differ in color saturation and color intensity, they are gray-blue, blue and turquoise. Each of these shades is beautiful in its own way and requires underscore and emphasis.

    Makeup for blue eyes is closely related to the color of the hair. What is ideal for a blonde will make a blue-eyed brunette too pale and colorless. Artificial light neutralizes colors, therefore from gray and brown pencils, shadows and carcass habitual for blondes it is necessary to refuse in favor of the saturated coal color. First of all it concerns brunettes with blue eyes. To bright blondes black it is necessary to apply accurately and it is dosed out: dark eyelashes and thin podvodka beautifully allocate color of eyes and will make its or him sated or saturated, and here the excess of black can transform eyes into dark "failures" on the face.

    Gray eyes

    Like green-eyed girls, blue eyes do not have shadows that completely match their shade. A beautiful make-up can turn out if you take shades of a different tone or gamma, for example, to blue-gray eyes apply a puff of saturated turquoise tone, and greenish-blue to tint with dark blue velvet ink.

    Please note! The ideal companion for emphasizing the depth of blue eyes remains brown in all the richness of its shades.

    Summing up all of the above, we emphasize that the basis of beautiful makeup is always a healthy, radiant skin. Examples of successful holiday make-up can be found on the photo of numerous stars and celebrities.

    Please note! Carrying out a festive New Year's makeup, do not forget about the hostess of the holiday - Fiery Monkey. She will be happy with a bright red accent - scarlet lipstick.

    In the spirit of the symbol of the year in the New Year's make-up, it is permissible and even desirable to play a little bit - to use unusual materials and textures, bright and catchy colors, which in normal life would not have been used. Having done this with a sense of proportion and taste, you can get a very elegant, festive and beautiful make-up for the New Year 2016.


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