New Year 2015 for pregnant women - celebrating the New Year in pregnancy

  • New Year 2015 for pregnant women - celebrating the New Year in pregnancy

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    Very soon the magic New Year's time will come. Who among us does not expect a real winter miracle? If you are "in an interesting position," it's not a reason to lock yourself up in the room on New Year's Eve and not celebrate the holiday.

    How to celebrate a holiday for girls in position?

    Tips for you

    Get more rest

    The new 2015 year for pregnant women should not cause preterm delivery. Therefore it is better not to go on a visit on a long term and not to make long trips.

    Please note! It is necessary to closely monitor the New Year's menu and during the first trimester of pregnancy. A woman during this period often suffers from toxicosis and various manifestations of allergies.

    During the holiday try to rest more. Do not take part in active games and dances.

    New Year's menu for pregnant women

    Festive menu

    New Year is remembered by many people for an incredible variety of dishes. However, pregnant women should strictly limit their diet. Carefully select the menu for yourself. New Year is usually associated with the dizzying smell of mandarins. It is worth remembering that citrus are strong allergens, so future moms are extremely contraindicated to use them.

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    Salads. What festive table without a variety of salads? Let your "pregnant" menu be no exception. One should only take into account the small nuances:

    1. All the ingredients should be fresh.
    2. You can use olive oil or low-fat sour cream as a dressing. Do not dress salads with mayonnaise, tk.it contains many harmful chemicals.
    3. You should not prepare exotic salads using unusual products.
    4. All salads should be consumed in small quantities.

    Hot. New Year's Eve can not do without hot. Do not cook fried or smoked meat. Pregnant can be used boiled, stewed or baked( without crust).You can also prepare meals for a couple.

    Baked red fish

    If you want to cook fish, give preference to red fish. Trout, salmon or salmon will be an excellent option for New Year's dishes. They can be steamed or baked in foil. As a side dish, rice risotto with vegetables can be used.

    Boiled tongue

    Beverages. Christmas drinks for pregnant women deserve special attention.- Do not drink alcohol. You can take one glass of red dry wine.

    Please note! Carbonated drinks are strictly forbidden. Therefore, this New Year will have to do without a traditional glass of champagne. You can not use different juices( factory production) and lemonades.

    As a drink you can use compote, mors, house juice, drinking water, tea.

    Pie for a dessert

    Dessert. Try to limit yourself to sweets. It is not recommended to eat fat cakes with a lot of cream. You can eat a bun, oatmeal cookies, home-made pie.

    Restrictions on the New Year's table

    What products are prohibited by

    So, what can not be used by girls in an interesting position?

    1. Alcohol. Fried, canned, smoked products.
    2. Salty, spicy and sweet dishes.
    3. Products that cause an allergic reaction. Citrus fruits, berries, exotic fruits.
    4. Chocolate, cocoa, sweets.
    5. Sausages.
    6. Home blanks.
    7. Semi-finished products.

    Where to celebrate the holiday

    Celebrate the house

    The New Year for pregnant women should not be held as a noisy holiday with active games. Choose a more peaceful kind of celebration.

    Celebration options:

    1. Houses.
    2. Visiting my parents.
    3. Visiting friends.
    4. In the restaurant.
    Please note! When planning a holiday, start from the date of your pregnancy. So, in the first and at the beginning of the second trimester, you can practically not limit yourself and allow yourself active rest, of course, if there is no toxicosis.

    If your pregnancy is about to end, choose a more relaxed version of the celebration.

    Home New Year

    So, you have chosen to stay with your husband alone. You can arrange a romantic evening. Decorate the Christmas tree, light the candles and cover the table for two. It is not necessary to prepare many different dishes on this day. The main highlight of the holiday is to enjoy each other. This New Year will be the last for you two, because the next you will already be three. You will become not only loving spouses, you will become parents. Time for a romantic dinner you have almost no choice.

    We go to visit the parents of

    To celebrate the main family holiday better in the company of the closest people. Observe restrictions in food, do not get involved in active entertainment. In advance, think about where you will stay for the night( at the parents or go home).

    And what about friends

    How to spend with friends

    If you can not imagine yourself without a fun company of your favorite friends, go to visit them. In advance, discuss the options for the menu. You can bring the dishes with you. Limit yourself in alcohol and do not participate in noisy games. If you feel a change in your condition, it is better to just get home.

    Dinner at the restaurant

    A pregnant girl often gets tired, so the option of a festive dinner in the restaurant is the most advantageous. You do not have to stand at the stove all day and have a general cleaning. You will only need a good mood and a beautiful dress. In advance, talk to the waiter on the menu options. Choose a quiet restaurant without a noisy show program.

    Pregnancy is the best female condition. The future mother is the most beautiful in the world. Spend this holiday so that it will be remembered for a long time.