• The "Minus Dinner" Diet

    • American diet "Minus supper": description, pluses and minuses
    • Diet Dinner minus: detailed menu, rules, recipes
    • Diet "Less Dinner" for safe weight loss: reviews, results of losing weight

    Diet "Less Dinner":reviews and results of weight loss

    The "Minus dinner" diet is a full-fledged diet with some limitations, due to which effective weight reduction is achieved.

    American diet "Minus dinner": description, pluses and minuses ^

    As you can guess from the title, the essence of the diet "minus dinner" is a ban on eating after 17.00.

    According to nutritionists, it is overeating or late dinner before bedtime that causes excess weight, and if the body feels the lack of the usual calories in the evening, it will start to extract them from the existing fat cells by destruction.

    A diet without dinner is good because it has almost no restrictions: in the morning, it is allowed to eat any food within reasonable limits, for lunch the food should be more light, and the lowest calorie foods remain at mid-afternoon snack.

    Pros and cons of the diet "minus dinner"

    Undoubtedly, the advantages of the diet "minus dinner" will surely please everyone who wants to lose weight:

    • Fasting is completely excluded, except that from 17.00 to sleep, but the week the body gets used to, and discomfortstops worrying;
    • You do not have to give up your favorite dishes, but remember the main rule: the fewer calories in them, the better the result;
    • The optimal caloric content of the diet should vary from 1800 to 2500 Kcal, so eating only vegetables or fruits is not necessary;
    • The procedure is suitable for everyone, except for pregnant and lactating women.

    There is one small drawback: refusing dinner, you can not lose weight too quickly, but a smooth weight loss does not harm the body. Reduce the extra caloric content, or not - everyone must decide for themselves, a positive effect will be in any case.

    How many can be dropped on a diet "minus dinner"

    According to an estimated calculation, a week's weight decreases by no more than 1-2 kilograms, and to enhance the effect, you need to go in for sports, run, visit the pool or at least do gymnastics at home.

    Often people wonder if the volumes go on the diet "minus dinner", and here it is necessary to clarify its effect:

    • After 3-4 days a small tummy becomes less noticeable, and after 2 weeks it usually becomes flat, but this applies only to those whohas a little excess weight;
    • With hips all more difficult, and reduce their volume can only after 3-4 weeks.

    Diet Dinner minus: detailed menu, rules, recipes ^

    Diet "Minus dinner": approximate menu, recipes for weight loss

    Diet "dinner minus": slimming rules

    To get the desired effect, you must follow a few simple rules:

    • Last mealshould be no later than 5 pm: after that, you are only allowed to drink water or unsweetened drinks;
    • Restricting yourself to eating is not necessary, but the most calorie foods are recommended in the morning.

    Diet "minus dinner": menu

    Here's how the approximate menu of a person desiring to lose weight according to this technique should look:

    • We have breakfast with eggs, porridge or salad;
    • At lunch we eat fruit jelly or marshmallow;
    • We have dinner with soup, boiled meat with vegetable garnish, as well as a couple of slices of whole grain bread;
    • We snack cottage cheese with the addition of dried fruits.

    Diet "minus dinner plus water"

    For those who find it difficult to survive from noon to sleep and not break, there are small indulgences:

    • Instead of dinner at 18.00, drink a glass of water;
    • In case of acute hunger, which usually manifests itself only in the first week, it is allowed to eat an apple or drink a glass of skimmed yogurt.

    Popular recipes for the "minus dinner" diet

    Recipe for a salad for breakfast:

    • 3 tbsp.l.soaked oat flakes are mixed with 200 g of cottage cheese, mashed banana pulp, half a crushed apple and raisins;
    • We sprinkle with nuts.

    Fruit jelly recipe:

    • We prepare a gelatin bag in warm water, wait for swelling;
    • In a bowl, pour hot water, put frozen cranberries there, pour a little sugar;
    • Grind the blender to homogeneity, filter the mashed potatoes through a sieve, the remaining bones are discarded;
    • Add warm water to the cranberry juice, and slowly pour in gelatin;
    • Cut slices of oranges and apples, spread the filling into molds, pour a mixture of gelatin and cranberry juice on top;
    • We leave in the refrigerator for several hours before solidification.

    Recipe for vegetable soup:

    • Boil chicken, add salt and sliced ​​potatoes to the broth;
    • Prepare the frying of onions and carrots, place it in a saucepan with broth;
    • We spread the same pre-soaked rice, cook for half an hour;
    • Sprinkle with herbs 5 minutes before cooked.
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    Diet "Minus supper" for safe weight loss: reviews, results of losing weight ^

    Doctors do not advise to refuse dinner for a long time, however, and make it too plentiful in the future is not worth it: enough to eat 3 hours before sleep any easy salad to not get betterand maintain the weight at a satisfactory mark.

    It is the introduction of light meals in the evening and is considered to be a way out of the "minus dinner" diet, and it's never worth taking fatty foods after dinner. As a result of the diet "minus dinner" it turns out to normalize the metabolism, in the mornings no longer disturb swelling, but most importantly - the weight decreases very noticeably.

    Reviews about the diet for losing weight "minus dinner" of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Yana, 29 years old:

    "I on this diet dropped almost 8 kilograms in just a month. The first time it was very hard, I always wanted to eat something while watching movies before going to bed, as it used to be before. Now I do not regret that I overcame myself, and at last I became slimmer. "

    Jeanne, 37 years old:

    " I was given up easily because I had not eaten in the evening before. As a result, the weight began to decrease much faster, and in a month I dropped 9 kilos. "

    Zinaida, 45:

    " Lack of dinner is not a diet, it's a way of life, because you quickly get used to such a diet and do not want to return tostill food. It is thanks to this technique that I drop about 5 kilograms a month, while I do not refuse anything except for the evening meal. "