Decoration of the table for the New Year 2014

  • Decoration of the table for the New Year 2014

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    New Year is the most cherished holiday, children and adults are waiting for it with equal impatience. On New Year's Eve, people believe in miracles and that the coming year will pass the way you meet it. Therefore, I want everything to go perfectly. People are trying to propitiate the symbol of the year, because you want to believe that the patron of the new year will bring prosperity. The decoration of the table for the New Year 2014 will be associated with the symbol of this year - the Horse. The festive table is made up of two elements - serving and festive meals. The horse will influence both the design and the menu.

    Decoration of a table

    Decoration of a New Year's table

    When deciding how to decorate a table for the New Year, it is necessary to be guided by what characteristics the symbol of the coming year has - the Horse.2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. In the Chinese tradition, the tree corresponds to a blue color, however, both green and purple colors are respected by the Wooden Horse. Thus, these colors should prevail on the table. You can choose a tablecloth of blue or green or place decor elements of the appropriate color. Napkins are better to choose white from a natural cloth.

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    Blue Horse characterizes assertiveness, dynamic character, and, in addition, fiery. Therefore, on this night it will be appropriate to put candles on the table. Also, wooden decor objects are necessary, you can put wooden utensils on the table. In addition, you can use different items associated with the horse. Perhaps the horseshoe or bells will look strange on the table( it's better to place them on the door or in the doorway), but an elegant porcelain statue of a horse can be placed in the center of the table. Since horses like fresh greens, the table can be decorated with a vase with fresh flowers or a flower pot with lush greens. An element of decorating the table, and, possibly, part of the menu, can be a pumpkin or a dish of pumpkin.

    Festive menu

    Vegetable assortment

    At a meeting Horses need to cook their favorite food, but since dishes from oats are hardly a celebratory option, you can put a bowl with cereal on the table in order to pay tribute to the symbol of the year. Since the horse is a herbivorous creature, vegetables and greens must be present on the table in large quantities. Ideally, the main dish of the feast should be a vegetable dish. It will be appropriate to use different root crops: potatoes, beets, turnips, carrots. However, this does not mean that the festive menu will be exclusively vegetarian, you can prepare dishes from fish and seafood. If your tastes do not coincide with the preferences of the patron of the year, then it will be enough to decorate the snacks and main dish with greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, for example, grapes. It must be borne in mind that the Horse appreciates fresh products, which means that one should refrain from using canned food. The horse basically does not accept the old or yesterday's.

    When choosing how to decorate a table for a horse's year, do not forget about desserts - a sweet beautiful dish can be the culmination of a festival. If you want to impress the patron of the new year, it is better to cook dishes from apples or bananas, for example, apple pie. You can also offer homemade oat cookies or granola to guests. The symbol of the year will certainly appreciate the aroma of homemade bread or baking. Those dishes that are thought to be hot, preferably served "with a heat with a heat," only cooked, this impresses the fiery characteristic of the Horse.

    Delicious apple pie

    In terms of drinks, the horse is conservative, gives preference to mineral water, drinks from berries, for example, to morsam, and alcohol is allowed only by traditional champagne. However, if you want to expand this list - go ahead, but put a saucer with clean water for a horse next to a bowl of oats.

    When preparing for the New Year's Eve, think not only about decorating the hall and decorating the festive table, but also about how you will meet the coming of the new year. The horse is energetic, modern and dynamic, she will like a noisy festival with dances and fireworks. Activity and good mood on New Year's Eve guarantee you a charge of cheerfulness for the whole year under the patronage of the Horse.