• New Year's Eve 2014 at home

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    The Chinese horoscope promises us the patronage of the Blue Horse throughout 2014.How to meet the New Year at home correctly, so that the synergetic mistress left the horseshoe for luck and prosperity?

    Since most people are eager to meet in 2014 in the Eastern, then all our advice will be focused on the hints of the eastern calendar.

    If the departing "snake" year, astrologers recommended to meet in cozy nests in a not very noisy( purely family) composition, the Blue Horse will require space. On the one hand, this animal is cheerful, freedom-loving and playful, on the other - sincere, faithful, domestic and loving, easily tamed and stretching to the warmth of the home. Therefore, you will have to contrive and weave both trends together into one.

    New Year with native people

    Celebrate New Year's Eve at first with your very own people, and afterwards - join a large, friendly and really pleasant company. A wonderful way out is to go out of town, to somebody's dacha where you can build a fire in the fireplace. The lulling crackling of wood will create a special warm atmosphere of calm and inexplicable bliss. Be sure: the blue horse will look at this flame and, greedily drawing in the spirit of serenity and home comfort, will obediently follow you all year.

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    If you have not yet married, and close people are far away, meet the New Year in any crowded company. But focus on the word "crowded", trying to avoid a lot of fireworks, drunken debauches and endless enthusiastic screams, because the horse is by nature an animal rather cautious and shy. From loud clap it will carry, and your luck you will not catch even by the tail. Yes, and drunken riders horses are usually discarded. So "shake your head" and draw conclusions.

    Be sure to congratulate not only relatives, but also friends, and relatives, and just acquaintances. An animal, under whose supervision it will flow throughout the year, requires attention, sociability, sensitivity and in return feelings is not exchanged for trifles, paying the same coin as it received.

    Decorate the house and carefully think over the menu

    Decorate the house in the New Year

    Set the basic gloss setting for the last two days of the outgoing year( 30-31 numbers).And before that, if you work, take care of bringing the workplace into an ideal state. Horses know how to work and rest, so you have to follow the order at work and at home.

    If we are talking about the eastern traditions and signs, it is not superfluous to learn that according to the beliefs of the Chinese with the water leaving the house, well-being also goes away. Therefore, the plumbing state of the apartment( or home), this time, pay special attention.

    Get the symbols of the coming year

    Spruce twigs

    A small horseshoe on the front door and statuettes of a horse is quite enough. If there is a desire, then you can decorate the tree( according to the old custom).

    By the way, the Chinese do not put a Christmas tree in their houses, but here they have fir branches, and in combination with pine and cypress branches. For them, such a combination is a symbol of inner nobility and immortality. Elke Chinese people prefer a money tree, which to some extent resembles the usual fir tree."Tree"( a branch of cypress) sticks into a large persimmon, which lies in a large bowl filled with boiled rice with the addition of a mixture of fruits. Instead of the usual Christmas tree garlands and sparkling balls, coins are attached to the branch, which are then shaken off. Although you can decorate the cypress in your own way.

    Traditional Chinese jewelry includes flashlights( perhaps we could have candles), which are a symbol of prosperity, happiness, peace. The decoration of Chinese houses is unthinkable without a lot of flowers( they are easier with this, but our lovely violets and blossoming "lights" are quite suitable).

    New Year's meeting was only after the wires of the old year, based on visiting relatives. And you also need to distribute all the "hanging" debts, so that in the year that has come, they have not multiplied. The last custom is especially interesting. ..

    On the table there should be an abundance of. .. herbs

    Homemade bread

    This, of course, is not about grass, as such, but about fragrant herbs and natural seasonings. All food should be fresh, freshly cooked. It's not their quantity, it's their quality."Nail" of the table will be the homemade bread, which horses love so much, and do not forget about the variety of fruits.

    Do not forget about the gifts

    Gifts under the Christmas tree

    Postcards and numerous sms are certainly a big plus, but for gifts, at least for loved ones, have to be spent. Especially since there are no chic gifts for this holiday, there are quite a few souvenir shops with which all the shops abound. This and various kinds of sculptures, figurines, paintings, calendars. In the horse theme perfectly fit horseshoes( additionally you can order even inscriptions or wishes) and bells. If finances permit, take the permits. A horse is born for movement, so a tour for at least a couple of days will become a really wonderful gift. Indulge at least yourself.

    A chain with a pendant in the form of a miniature horseshoe will look great on the neck of a young fashionista. The original necklace or modest classic bracelet in the form of a miniature sprig will be very appropriate for a woman. For a man, you can pick up an organizer( the calendar in the form of a notebook will also suit) with the symbol of the horse. For the baby, a new horse costume for the morning will come as a surprise( you can also see the New Year in it), and as a gift, take him a stable wooden horse( the one that is on wheels).

    As in the coming year in the symbols not only the blue color, but also the tree, all sorts of handicrafts and talismans made of this material will be very useful( they are both household items and decorations).

    We hope that the recommendations from the series "How to spend a New Year at home" will be useful to you, and the Blue Horse will be supportive all the 365 days, until the coming of the year Sheep. All the best to your home!