How to choose an artificial Christmas tree - artificial Christmas tree

  • How to choose an artificial Christmas tree - artificial Christmas tree

    At the end of December, many of us again begin to solve a difficult task: to buy a live forest beauty, which until mid-January will exude a pleasant coniferous aroma throughout the house, or finally venture to buy an artificial Christmas tree, not wanting to ruin Mother Nature any more. If you are determined to become a supporter of Greenpeace, before going to the store, try to figure out how to choose an artificial Christmas tree of good quality.

    Advantages of

    Advantages of artificial Christmas tree

    To make you feel more confident when deciding on such a responsible action, read carefully the following advantages of artificial trees:

    • Saving finance Saving money. You do not have to spend every year on buying a live Christmas tree, which, by the way, today is not very cheap. Buying an artificial Christmas tree, you pay once, and it will last you 10 years or more.
    • Save time. Note that artificial Christmas trees are more magnificent than natural ones, and besides, they are also beautiful, like coniferous beauties. In search of a luxurious natural tree, you will definitely have to go around a few Christmas tree markets. And be prepared for the fact that your search may not be successful.
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    • Practicality. Remember how much prickly needles are pricked from a natural tree, and how hard each year you have to clean them around the house. Artificial beauty just does not give you such trouble.
    • Security. Artificial spruce is considered safe for children, because the needles at it are completely not prickly.
    • Taking care of nature. Buying an artificial Christmas tree, you are giving your child a good example of respect for nature.

    To date, a large selection of artificial pines and Christmas trees from very small trees to soft trees under the ceiling is available in stores. They differ in that the trees do not have such fluffy branches as the pines. Manufacturers decorate New Year trees with bumps, silvered with hoarfrost, make fir paws snow-covered. Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate their twigs with built-in illuminations, which creates a flicker effect. Tastes in people are different and what kind of tree in the end to choose - it's up to you. When buying, be sure to consider the size of the room in which you plan to put artificial spruce.

    Criteria for selecting

    Criteria for choosing an artificial Christmas tree

    The choice of an artificial Christmas tree( pine) needs to be approached with great care, and if you follow the following tips, an artificial Christmas tree will beautify your home for the entire New Year celebration without causing any problems.

    • The Christmas tree you liked in the store first try to check for strength: bend and straighten its twigs to see how securely they are attached to the trunk.
    • Be sure to check the strength of the needles. To do this, with a little effort, draw a hand against the needles: if not crumbled, it means that the spruce is made qualitatively.
    • The presence of a smell of rubber or plastic means that a cheap material was used in making a Christmas tree. Such a tree is better not to buy, because the secreted odor can be not only unpleasant, but also harmful to health, especially for toddlers.
    • Christmas trees made of polyvinylchloride( PVC) do not burn, but under the influence of high temperature this material can melt. Therefore, if you have installed such an artificial spruce at home, then when buying an electric garland, ask the seller if there is a fire safety certificate on the garland.
    • While in the store, check the stand of the Christmas tree. It must be stable. Only in this case, you can not be afraid for exclusive glass New Year decorations and, accordingly, for children's safety. Give preference to strong supports made of metal, as plastic can burst.

    With a quality artificial Christmas tree, the New Year's holiday will be fabulously comfortable and unforgettable for you.