How to behave at New Year's Eve - New Year's party

  • How to behave at New Year's Eve - New Year's party

    New Year is the most beloved holiday of people, because on this magical night before each person the doors open, behind which there is a new road leading to the fulfillment of desires. That is why they prepare for this event with special care and faith in a prosperous future. It's not for nothing that they say that as you will meet the coming year, you will spend it the same way.

    In order for the festive night to be perfect, it's not enough just to cook tasty hot dishes, snacks and salads. It is very important to prepare for this event yourself and think over everything to the smallest detail, including how to behave at the New Year's Eve.

    Consider several rules that will help you have a great time at this wonderful holiday.

    Preliminary preparation of

    Preparing for the New Year 2014

    If you unexpectedly received an offer to meet the New Year with an unknown company, it is better to find out in advance the expected topic of the evening and the venue. After all, not all people spend this event in the home. Some companies like to celebrate the New Year at a tourist base, in a restaurant, saunas, bowling centers and even outdoors.

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    Finding out where the celebration is expected, it is necessary to prepare appropriate clothing. In addition, it is advisable not to be limited to just one outfit, since besides the everyday sweater and cotton pants, it is likely that you will need a classic suit.

    It is also worth noting that after specifying the place of events, it is recommended to fill up your knowledge of those or other sports( games) in which you are going to take part in the celebration of the New Year( skis, water volleyball, bowling, etc.).

    Cautious use of alcoholic drinks

    Cautious use of alcohol

    In order to understand how to behave at the New Year's Eve, it is enough only to look at the most exuberant guest and act in the opposite way. In other words, when you celebrate the New Year, do not drink too much alcohol, as in most cases it does not end well with anything. After all, for sure, many watched drunk people who, under the influence of alcohol, began to dance on the table, show striptease, etc. Just imagine for a moment that instead of this person, your person may well be.

    If you feel that another glass of champagne begins to seem to you sweet soda water, then it's better not to risk and stop in time. Otherwise, you risk becoming the star of the next video on the Internet.

    Friendly attitude to guests

    New Year is the most active and magical holiday, which gives rise to many hopes and happiness. Try to be as open and friendly as possible on this day. Noting this holiday with family, friends or colleagues, you should definitely make a congratulatory toast. Prepare for this speech in advance and do not miss the opportunity to thank your loved ones for their support and understanding.

    It should be noted that the written text should not carry with itself any negative information. In addition, it is not recommended to delay it too much, as this can simply make guests tired. Make toast short, witty, humorous and benevolent.

    Activity and Childishness

    None of the New Year can not do without entertainment, which not only entertain guests, but also in some way bring them closer together. Do not give up participating in competitions, being afraid to look frivolous and ridiculous. After all, this holiday was created in order to open and throw out all the emotions that accumulated throughout the year.

    If you are afraid to be ridiculed in a silly contest, then try to participate in such productions, where you can show your strengths. For example, if you perfectly dance or sing, then choose entertainment where these skills are required.

    During the competitions show your sense of humor and do not be afraid to laugh at yourself, because this quality is appreciated in any company.

    Compliance with the safety instructions

    According to doctors, the New Year is the most traumatic event. And this is due to the fact that it is on this holiday that the maximum number of different salutes, fireworks and other firecrackers is launched. Careless and improper use of them can even lead to the death of a person. That is why it is very important to observe safety precautions and beware of chemical components entering the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, it is necessary to follow the New Year's decorations in the form of garlands, artificial Christmas trees, candles, etc. After all, a large number of fires and other traumatic situations occur precisely because of improper handling of these goods.