How to make Christmas balls - make a New Year ball

  • How to make Christmas balls - make a New Year ball

    For certain there is no such person who would not like holidays and celebrations. After all, almost all of them bring with them joy, happiness, gifts and fun.

    As a rule, preparation for an event begins long before the onset of the cherished date. During this time, people stock up on products, acquire chic outfits and accessories, and also prepare various decorations, which are hung on the holiday in the apartment, office, etc.

    It is worth noting that the most colorful and colorful event is the New Year. Indeed, it is to this holiday that a magnificent Christmas tree is acquired, which is decorated with glass toys, tinsel, garland and other products.

    Most people buy these attributes in stores, although they can easily be done on their own. After all, this process allows not only to save money, but also to show creative imagination.

    Before you make New Year balls, you need to prepare all the tools and materials that will be needed for further work. Such products include scissors, beautiful threads, satin ribbons, balloons, PVA glue, multi-colored beads, rhinestones, sequins, beads, sequins, pump for balls, etc. After that, you can safely start to make Christmas decorations.

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    Preparatory work for

    Basis for

    balls Creating Christmas balls requires a person with special perseverance and patience. It is very important that the jewelry turned out not only beautiful, but also high-quality. For this it is necessary to show all your creative abilities and imagination.

    Before you make New Year balls, you should definitely prepare their future basis. To do this, you need to inflate a few balloons to the desired size. If you yourself can not cope with this task, then safely use a special pump, which instantly fills the balls with air.

    Manufacturing process

    Making balls from threads

    After preparation of the base, you should take a plastic tube with PVA glue and, threading a needle, pierce the container at the base. Thus, it is necessary to carefully wind the threads on the balloon, so that they are evenly distributed over the entire surface. It should be noted that it is recommended to do this quickly enough, as the glue can dry up and the ball will not turn out as beautiful as one would like.

    The threads for the winding can be chosen completely different. They can be any color and thickness. If you want to get a variegated gamut of future balls, it is desirable to wrap the same ball with two or three different threads. However, it is worth considering the compatibility of shades. For example, the ideal solution is a combination of colors such as green and yellow, blue and blue, red and orange, etc.

    Decoration of

    Decoration of Christmas balls

    After you have wrapped all the balls, hang them and wait about a day until the glue is completely dry. Then you need to burst or just blow off the balloons and carefully get them out of the hardened threads. If necessary, the thread can be straightened.

    In order to give the Christmas balls a festive appearance, it is necessary to decorate them with beads, tinsel, sequins and other details. In addition, inside you can put beautiful multicolored beads and bells, which will be fun to ring and create a festive atmosphere in the house.

    Thus, using simple tools and materials, you are able to make any decorations with your own hands. However, it is worth noting that the presented method is by no means the only way to create New Year balls. After all, there are other materials, from which very easily produced colorful toys for a lush festive Christmas tree.

    Christmas balls from color cardboard

    Christmas balls from cardboard

    This way of creating balls was very popular several decades ago. In order to make such jewelry, you will need the following tools and materials:

    • Color cardboard,
    • Ruler,
    • Pencil,
    • Paper glue,
    • Threads,
    • Needle.

    Before you start to collect New Year's balls, you need to prepare everything. On the wrong side of the cardboard it is necessary to draw identical circles with a diameter of five centimeters. After that, each circle must be cut out along the contour and bend the edges in the form of three equal segments.

    To assemble the Christmas tree decorations, it is required to glue the prepared cardboard parts together. In this case, you should get a three-dimensional and beautiful ball.

    In order for the decorations to be made to be hung on the Christmas tree, it is necessary to make fasteners from multi-colored threads or satin ribbons. In addition, it is desirable to decorate the balls with all sorts of rain and tinsel, which will give toys a festive appearance.