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    • The essence and features of a lazy diet on the water
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    • Results, reviews of slimmed and doctors about the diet of lazy

    Diet for lazy helps to lose up to 12 kg in 14 days

    Diet for lazy -the opportunity to get rid of extra pounds for those people who do not have the time and money to make and buy special dishes and products, visit gyms and beauty salons.

    The essence and features of a lazy diet on the water ^

    Not very attractive name of the dietary method does not mean that it is ineffective. On the contrary, the result can be very unexpected - in 14 days, up to 12 kg of excess weight will evaporate.

    Stick to a lazy diet program is very simple. Just remember a couple of simple rules that should be observed without fail:

    • During the day before meals( that is, for 20 minutes), you need to drink at least and not more than 2 cups of pure still water.
    • During, and also within two hours after a meal, drinking water is strictly forbidden. Through this time, you can drink a cup of tea or coffee without sweets or flour. The whole point is that such food as cakes, cakes or sweets, a full meal will not be considered.
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    It's very difficult to believe that simple water helps to lose weight. Nevertheless, it is possible. The essence of this technique is that by draining the water as if "deceiving" the body, resulting in a feeling of satiety. At the same time, eating a lot of food will not work, as the stomach will already be filled with water. In addition, gastric juice, which will separate after taking water, will promote better digestion of food.

    Scientists have also proved that due to the water consumed before the water, the metabolic processes will accelerate and the fat will be burned very quickly. Water is the only product that does not contain any calories, unlike coffee or tea.

    This simple diet for the lazy attracts the slimming ones with its lightness and uniqueness, as well as a number of advantages:

    • Water gives vigor and energy, slimming starts to move more and, consequently, lose weight.
    • Helps not only to lose weight, but improves complexion, hair condition.
    • Helps improve the performance of the stomach.

    Unfortunately, this diet program has its drawbacks and contraindications:

    • Diet for lazy people is calculated for no more than 2 - 3 weeks. Otherwise, it can lead to puffiness, increased blood pressure, as well as to worsening of the kidneys and bladder, because not every organism can take out such a large amount of fluid.
    • During this program, a large amount of sodium and calcium leaves the body, therefore nutritionists recommend taking vitamin-mineral complexes during this period.
    • The program for weight loss is not recommended and even contraindicated to people who suffer from liver, kidney and stomach diseases.

    Diet for lazy: menu and dietary rules ^

    Lazy diet: the menu, the best recipes for weight loss

    Before starting the program, you need to prepare the body for something new. To clear it of toxins and other harmful substances, it is recommended to drink herbal teas or linseed oil for a couple of days before the start of the diet. The day before the start of the diet, you can organize a day off. Such training helps in a short time to lose about 2 kg.

    To achieve greater results, you should pre-arrange and consider the time for meals:

    • It is better to eat at a certain time.
    • Although the program does not have strict restrictions in the diet, it does not provide for excessive consumption of sweet, flour, smoked and fatty.
    • Alcohol, sauces and carbonated drinks are contraindicated.
    • You need to eat chicken without skin, and it's better to refuse pork and prefer rabbit, sheep, veal, beef, fresh fruits and vegetables.

    The program is calculated for 14 days. The approximate menu of a lazy diet is timed. According to the diet, you can not give up the usual dishes.

    Menu for 14 days

    • 8.00 - For 20 - 30 minutes before breakfast, you need to drink 2 cups of pure still water.
    • 8.20 - Breakfast: usual dishes, except water, tea and other liquids.
    • 10.20 - Allowed tea, coffee without sugar or plain water.
    • 14.00 - Water in the prescribed amount.
    • 14.20 - The use of products is arbitrary.
    • 16.20 - Favorite drinks.
    • 18.00 - Water in the specified quantity.
    • 18.20 - Supper has no restrictions.
    • 20.20 - Any liquid, for example, herbal tea, coffee, milk, water or kefir.

    The time for taking meals can be changed depending on the regime of the day, it is important only to observe intervals between meals. When there is a strong sense of hunger, between breakfast, lunch or dinner you can eat something light, but before drinking 2 cups of water.

    In the period of a lazy diet, special attention should be given to sleep, which should be not only long, but also qualitative. It is ideal to sleep from 8 to 9 hours a day. As a result of lack of sleep, the body produces a hormone called cortisol, which has a negative effect on the endocrine system and metabolism. Thus, carbohydrates, obtained from food, are converted not into energy, but into fatty deposits.

    To get an even more effective result, do not forget about regular physical exercises. With their help, the excess weight will go away, the muscle mass will increase, the fat layer will decrease, and the skin will become elastic and tightened.

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    Results, reviews of slimming and doctors about the diet of lazy ^

    The results of the diet for the lazy will be stunning, if clearly and conscientiously implement all the rules and recommendations. Enthusiastic reviews of the diet for the lazy prove that this program can work wonders. Some women, losing weight with her help, are very happy that they can not refuse anything in anything and at the same time lose weight. To others, it is not entirely suitable because of the peculiarities of the organism and the appearance of edema.

    That the lost kgs are not returned, the diet can be extended for another week. After the end of the program, you need to monitor the balance of the diet, as well as ensure that the body receives enough vitamins and minerals necessary for it.

    Despite the fact that water is indispensable and very useful, the opinions of specialists about this technique for weight loss are significantly different: some believe that drinking water is necessary if it is required by the body and thirst appears, while others consider fluid craving the initial symptom of dehydration. At the same time, both sides agree that it is necessary to drink water with small sips, not with a volley.

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