New Year 2015 at home - home celebration of the New Year 2015

  • New Year 2015 at home - home celebration of the New Year 2015

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    New Year is a magical holiday. Everyone is waiting for him with impatience. Someone is hoping for a miracle, someone is waiting for the fulfillment of desires. .. A triumph enveloped in a tangerine mood, a crunch of sparkling snow and a myriad of brilliant lights. Here it is - New Year's Eve.

    For someone, the New Year is a holiday that must be celebrated in a restaurant or in a resort. For most people, this is a celebration that gathers the whole family at one big festive table. This is the time when even distant relatives come to stay with their loved ones.

    We are starting to think about the celebration long before the solemn date comes. So much to prepare, celebrating the New Year 2015 at home, which simply does not fit in my head. Gifts, table, home decoration, outfits and of course the fluffy beauty is a Christmas tree.

    We decorate the interior of the

    Goat symbol of the year 2015
    Please note! Jewelry should match the next year's mascot - the Blue Goat or the Wooden Sheep.
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    It's good to make by yourself the symbol of the year. For these purposes, any woolen fabric or yarn is perfect if you know how to knit. A master class of almost any decoration or crafts can be found on the Internet. If you do not want to make jewelry yourself, or you just do not have time for it, then a wide range of different toys made by skilled craftswomen from wool are exhibited in stores.

    Decoration of the room

    Tapes and balloons are preferable to choose blue or blue. But if there are no such, then any other will also suit. Wide ribbons can be bandaged curtains - it will be spectacular, the interior will acquire a new look, it will seem that you have bought new curtains. If you have blue cloaks on armchairs and a sofa, they will be very handy. Just be careful: all the interior elements should not merge into one big blue spot.

    Table setting

    Serving of the New Year's table

    It's best to put a white tablecloth on the table, but blue napkins or plates will look simply delightful.

    Please note! Table setting is an important element. If necessary, forms and examples of festive serving can be found on the Internet.

    The households will appreciate the folded nook or flower napkin with the cutlery hidden in it. An interesting decision will be decorating the wine glasses.

    Decoration of glasses

    Draw on them winter patterns with acrylic paints. The rim of the champagne glasses is dipped in water, then into sugar or chocolate crumb, allow to dry and place neatly on the table. Decorate the table with a draped cloth.

    Bonsai tree

    The bonsai tree is well placed in the center of the table. It will symbolize the well-being and prosperity of your home. The chairs will look original in blue cases. A solemn appearance will be given to them by a white ribbon tied across the back.

    Christmas tree

    On the fireplace - woolen socks. On the door is a New Year's wreath with golden bells. The arrival of guests will sound sonorous in the whole apartment. But the main decoration of the New Year's holiday, of course, will be a green beauty.

    Bell on the Christmas tree

    You can decorate the tree for your taste, but be sure to hang the bells on the branches.


    New Year's entertainment

    Celebrating the New Year 2015 at home, you should also take care of the entertainment. Joke scenarios will come very handy. A few days before the New Year's Eve, it is necessary to choose a script, if possible, to discuss it with some members of the household and put it into practice. It is not necessary to tell the whole family what will happen and how it will all happen. It is enough to hint that the evening will turn out very interesting and a pleasant surprise is expected. Such a hint will warm up the New Year mood, increase the expectation of a miracle.

    The script for the celebration can be found on the Internet or in the library.

    New Year's masks

    You do not have to change clothes, just make some masks. Well, if the script involves not only the performance of the leading, but also an active game with the rest of those present.

    Please note! Games should be selected in accordance with the age and the number of people gathered, take into account also the size of the room, its free area.
    Board Game

    It is better to replace mobile games with some kind of tableware charades. Prizes to winners will be sweets, tangerines, some small souvenirs like key rings with the symbol of the year and similar things. It is worth remembering children's games, for example, "Phantom" or "Crocodile".

    Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden

    And what a New Year's Eve without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, especially if there are children at home?

    Please note! You can order this fabulous couple home.
    Santa Claus on the house

    Children will be very interesting, and adults will not give up such entertainment. If you can not order, you can change your clothes yourself or tell friends that you are expecting to visit so that they will reincarnate as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. In this case, do not forget to take care of the gifts in advance, which will be put in the New Year's bag of Santa Claus.

    Ideas for a New Year's Eve at home are many. For sure, everyone knows, at least, with a dozen ways, how fun and easy to spend New Year's Eve.

    The most important thing is a good mood and faith in the bright, kind, clean. A New Year's Eve is a fairy tale that has been living in the hearts of people since childhood. The magic of the New Year depends only on ourselves.