Contests for the New Year 2015 for young people - youth games for the new year 2015

  • Contests for the New Year 2015 for young people - youth games for the new year 2015

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    If New Year's Eve is going to hold together the best school friends or classmates, then the friendly company for ensuring even greater fun will certainly be useful for our contests for the New Year 2015 for young people. But generally, it is recommended to everyone to light and frolic on the eve of the Year of the Wooden Goat, because this symbol of the year simply adores noisy festivities and all kinds of entertainment. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance everything necessary for holding a variety of New Year contests, quizzes and competitions. Let in the New Year's Eve the goat be sober to the glory! Perhaps, after a stormy night, she will be supportive of the gathered friends and will provide youth with fortune for the whole next year. We suggest exploring several options for competitive entertainment. Let's start with the most accessible and simple.

    Find your prize

    Funny New Year's contests

    The contest is a great success for those gathered to have fun friends, friends or colleagues. The number of participants in this case is determined by the number of prizes wrapped in a gift paper, tied with threads to a long rope. Everyone wishing to receive a small gift from Santa Claus is in the queue. To each next participant, the Leader blindfolds, hands the scissors, twists around the axis and then sends a cut to the prize attached to the rope.

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    Please note! It will be funny if the rope with prizes you do not fix permanently, but give it to the hands of someone from the guests present.

    They must change the height of the strung rope after the main player's eyes are tied. In this case, the hunter behind the prize will have to work hard to find him.

    Plastic pyramids

    Contest with cups

    In this competition, any number of people can participate, if only they have enough plastic cups. First, the Leader explains the scheme of assembling the pyramids: in the bottom row( at the base of the pyramid), a series of four inverted cups is carefully placed, the next row is three cups, then two, and finally, the last inverted cup is placed on the top. Those wishing to test their strength in the construction of plastic pyramids Leader gives out ten plastic cups, after which each of them blindfolds. At the command of the Leader under the merry music, participants begin to erect their pyramids. The winner is, of course, the most accurate and fastest builder.

    Please note! It is very important for the winner to get a prize before the pyramid crumbles.

    Contest with orange

    Merry New Year

    For the contest it will take only one orange and a good mood for everyone who wants to spend a boring time on New Year's Eve. Under fervent music, each participant must, without the help of his hands, grip an orange with his chin, pass an exotic fruit to his neighbor in a circle. The winner is a participant who never drops an orange for the whole time the melody sounds.

    Silent movie

    Funny entertainment

    For this contest, the Leader becomes an amateur director for a short while. He gives the contestants individual assignments. In fact, the participants have to depict our simplest everyday movements. But it would be too easy!

    Please note! We will add to the competition a cinematic highlight: all the movements should be done at an accelerated pace, so that the impression that the audience is watching the old kind silent cinema.

    Suggested tasks:

    • dust mop,
    • pancakes baking,
    • linen underwear,
    • count money bills,
    • darn hole in the toe,
    • wash laundry,
    • wash utensils,
    • pet animal, etc.

    Who will most amuse the company - he wins.

    Like - dislikes


    The presenter seats the participants of the game, alternating between boys and girls. Then he asks each of his friends to say out loud what he likes and what he does not like next to his neighbor( neighbor).For example, you can say: like the nose, do not like the ears. After everyone called any parts of the body or garments of a neighbor. The facilitator invites participants to kiss a neighbor who likes and bites for something that they do not like.

    Please note! It becomes especially fun if you call such parts of the body as heels, ankles or legs.

    The reward in the game is the universal fun of a friendly company.

    Surprise box

    Surprise in the box

    A pleasant box around the circle carries a box of surprises. As soon as the Leader pauses in the playing melody, the one who has the box in his hand gets out of it the first thing that he finds, into which he must immediately wear it. The melody continues until the next pause. Gradually the whole company dresses up in funny clothes, as panties, baby caps, short women's shorts and skirts, men's family trunks, bras, swimsuits, some pantaloons and combinations - in general, any things that cause laughter among others - are put in the box.

    Please note! Such competition always takes place in rough fun.

    After all, everyone aspires, as soon as possible, to get rid of the box full of surprises.

    Take a note of at least a couple of the proposed competitions, and then the New Year's merriment of your company will be exactly ensured!