New Year's 2016 contests for young people - New Year's youth contests

  • New Year's 2016 contests for young people - New Year's youth contests

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    New Year's holidays are usually celebrated in a home environment, in the family circle among relatives and friends. But this does not mean that the New Year can be met only once. All the time of winter vacations and weekends are usually devoted to entertainment and recreation. When else, if not in youth, gather large noisy companies and rejoice in the coming of the next year, promising new joys and achievements!

    Just communication and feasting is clearly not enough to fill the whole day. That the gathered company of young and energetic people is not bored, it is necessary to occupy something with it. Best for this purpose are suitable competitions for the New Year 2016 for young people.

    Various ways to cheer up

    Good mood

    The joy of meeting and communicating with friends can be enhanced by using a variety of competitions and games.

    Please note! Choosing a scenario for a New Year's youth party, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the gathered.
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    This is necessary for everyone to take part in the competitions. Otherwise, it may turn out that only the elite are entertained, while the rest are modestly bored on the sidelines.

    All kinds of competitions can be conditionally divided into groups:

    • Creative.
    • Entertaining.
    • Funny.
    • Dancing and outdoor games.

    Creative competitions

    Musical competition

    Creative contests are selected depending on the interests of the company. If young people who prefer rock music gather together, it is logical to assume that they will be interested in competitions related to this topic. For example, you can suggest listening to fragments of musical compositions. Those who can recognize it will receive a prize - a candy, a tangerine or some other sweetness. He also called the year of the release of the record or the name of the first performer receives additional points. The king or queen of the evening is the one who scored the most points and prize sweets.

    Homemade toys

    For inventive and talented representatives of young people, a contest for making New Year's ornaments from improvised tools can be very interesting. In the course can go all the things that can be found in any apartment: paper, cloth, ribbons, thread, old and new cards, Christmas tinsel, fresh and dried fruit, sweets, candy and candy wrappers from them. For someone from the company this is quite a common occupation, but for others it can be a discovery. The results of his work can decorate the New Year tree and take a picture under it for memory. After many years, reviewing old photos, all participants of that evening will be happy to remember how they were then fun and interesting.

    Entertainment and dances

    Contest with Santa Claus

    There are many entertaining contests. In order for them to be successful in the youth company, the competitions should correspond to the age of the gathered and the sphere of their interests.

    Please note! We should not forget about the owner of the new 2016 - Fire Monkey.

    She will be very pleased with the contest, in which the contenders will come up with the most ridiculous and witty greetings and congratulations on the holiday. The winner will be recognized as the Main Monkey of the Year and crowned with a banana crown. Laughter and joy in such a fun contest will be just enough.

    Snowball game
    Please note! A very important element of the youth meeting of New Year's holidays in the open air is various outdoor games and dances.

    If the guys are gathered at the dacha, in a private house or on a suburban recreation center, then it will be very interesting and fun to spend a part of the evening on the street. The whole company can harmoniously decorate the Christmas tree( it does not matter that it can be a pine, tuya or juniper, the main thing is the atmosphere of the holiday and the present evergreen tree).

    Dancing by the fire, shish kebab and grilled sausages, frosty winter air will not leave anyone indifferent. In order not to freeze, it is better to choose active outdoor games and contests. The easiest way is to try to jump around the tree in a bag with a full tray of sweets in hand. Everyone around for a long time with a laughter will collect from snowdrifts scattered in all sides of sweets.

    Hang on a tree branch on a thin string of any smooth fruit, for example, a juicy liquid apple. The purpose of the contest is to bite an apple without touching it with hands that will be tied behind your back. The swinging fruit will persistently slip away, and the contestant will try with all his might to cope with it.

    Funny contests

    Monkey from balloons

    Contests can be and cool , but absolutely harmless, not touching anyone's feelings.

    Please note! For this, there is no need to laugh at others.

    Prepare a large number of balls, give them to the participants. Who is the fastest blowing the biggest ball, will be the winner. It will be very fun and noisy, especially when the balls start to burst. Prepare a solid stock of props, because there will be a lot of interested people.

    From the resulting balls you can collect the shape of the monkey, draw on the ball its funny face with toothpaste or lipstick, dress the mistress of the year and put it on public display. Compliments and praise is definitely enough for the whole company. And the New Year's animal will be unspeakably pleased.