New Year 2013 with friends - a new 2013 with friends

  • New Year 2013 with friends - a new 2013 with friends

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    Ahead of the meeting of the New 2013 Snake. Each of us is building grandiose plans where, how and with whom to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Ideal - in a fun company of friends.

    A warm company you can go to the recreation center, book a place in a restaurant or go abroad. Here, organizational and financial issues and the availability of free time are important. Otherwise, if the friends did not plan big expenses or wanted to return at any time at home, this venture will have to be postponed. But do not be upset, New Year 2013 with friends can also be perfectly met at the apartment or in the cottage.

    Preparing a meeting place for the New Year

    Preparing a meeting place for

    To begin with, it is worth decorating the chosen dwelling, dressing up in a special way a Christmas tree. You can decorate it not only with traditional balls, but also with snakes, bright candies, crackers or festive boxes with souvenirs, phantoms, horoscopes for friends. It is necessary to hang a large number of garlands, other lighting devices, place candles and souvenirs of the symbol of the year everywhere.

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    A friendly party is good because you, for sure, know your friends pretty well. Therefore, you can plan a holiday in the light of their tastes and wishes. As New Year's dishes, to cajole Snake, prepare fish and meat delicacies, for example, salad of seafood "Churchill" or rabbit in wine sauce. Make a list of menus and distribute among all friends on wishes, so that the range of dishes does not repeat. Think about the musical accompaniment of the gala evening and make a selection, taking into account all the addictions from children's New Year's songs to incendiary dance novelties.

    How to have fun with friends

    Hosts can try on themselves the role of Snow Maiden and Santa Claus with matching costumes. Costumes can be found on the doorstep with a unique "dress code" system with hot aperitifs in return for the festive rhyme. Such initiation will at once liberate, defuse the situation and bring all present together. If you decide to organize a friendly carnival or an unusual themed party. It is worth considering whether it will be interesting to all your guests. Party members also need to be notified of the proposed New Year carnival, where everyone will have to beat and present their costume.

    Traditionally, the collection time is about 20-22 hours, so that you can dress up in costumes, put on make-up, cover the table and spend the old year of the Dragon. It is desirable that each of those present spoke about the outgoing year, what important events occurred during this time, what achievements were accomplished, what was new, interesting and bright in 2012.

    Do not rely on the fact that a warm friendly company will be fun and active in any case. No matter how strong and proven your friendship was, it is worthwhile to prepare an interesting and entertaining scenario in advance to amuse all the guests and the owner of the house. This can be placed on the shoulders of the most creative of your friends. But even better. If each of the participants of the proposed New Year party introduces their original idea into the New Year scenario. You can address each of the guests present personal congratulations in the form of prose, two lines or quatrains. Individual congratulations will be remembered and stay in memory for a long time.

    New Year scenarios for friends for the year of the black water snake should be thought out so that all guests can take part in it, fun contests and musical breaks should alternate between themselves. Periodically go out to start fireworks, celestial lanterns and explosion of firecrackers, thereby providing all with vivid emotions and good mood.

    Tips for hosts

    If the lot for the acceptance of friends, relatives and other guests has fallen on you, then follow the simple tips to avoid getting trapped:

    1. Healthily calculate the useful area of ​​your apartment to accommodate everyone at the New Year's event and consider the availability of beds if one of the guests decides to stay overnight.
    2. If necessary, enter restrictions - a ban on smoking in the apartment, to smash dishes, the torture of pets, to a bad mood. Hang on the apartment joking warning signs, for example, crossed out sad smiley.
    3. Organize a themed party. Think about the style of the competitions and the main scenario, and prepare participants in advance for the upcoming actions. You can send all electronic or SMS notifications, where to specify the date, place, time and theme of the evening. In the case of scattered or forgetful guests, keep a spare set of New Year's attributes - masks, ears, wings, tails. Apartment, too, decorate according to the thematic focus.
    4. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the mountains of dirty dishes, buy disposable dishes.
    5. Think carefully about contests and entertaining events, the original procedure of acquaintance, if there are many newcomers to your company. Let each participant prepare a song or rhyme. The game "Hot-Cold" will help you in an unusual way to find and receive a gift, a dance with music around the Christmas tree will amuse adults and children.
    6. Design a festive program and print out mini-bills with a list of upcoming activities during the holiday and give out to all guests, so visual information will help to prepare thoroughly for the evening. You can enter the rubric "improvisation from a guest", where everyone can show their number or independently hold a contest.
    7. Take care of promotions and gifts. For example, each guest purchases a souvenir for a certain amount and puts it into the Santa Father's sack, with the next lottery the winner will get the prize.