Hairstyles for short hair for the New Year 2016( + photo)

  • Hairstyles for short hair for the New Year 2016( + photo)

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    Since the New Year is one of the most favorite holidays, preparation for it must also be special. It is important not only to think over the evening and the New Year's menu, but also look decent. Pick up a stunning outfit and make a great hairstyle - one of the first tasks that set the perfect ladies. Given that the next year will be under the auspices of the Fiery Monkey, the usual version of the outfit and makeup here does not fit.

    The long-awaited New Year's Eve is an excellent occasion to prove yourself in all its glory. Add a fashionable haircut or haircut. What kind of haircuts for short hair for the New Year 2016 will be relevant, let's talk further.

    Fashionable Hairstyles 2016

    As the monkey will become the patroness of the next year - any red thing should become an obligatory accessory to the New Year's hair.

    For owners of not too short hair, the cascade will be relevant. The hair can be decorated with a bunch, and the curls hanging from the temples can be left loose.

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    Hairstyle with a hoop

    Hairpins will be needed to create a hairstyle for short hair. Select you from the crowd can vintage option. This version of the hairstyle requires careful selection of clothes, accessories, make-up. The image must be complete.

    Weaving and hoops

    The new year's hair can be quite diverse. It would be nice if she went to other holidays. Simple, but practical hairstyles for short hair are presented below.

    Trends of New Year's Hairstyles

    A popular haircut in the style of "pixy" will become popular next year. She is quite mobile and feminine. Such a haircut reveals a face, emphasizes the forehead and cheekbones. In addition, it is suitable for many girls.

    Pixie steps
    Very short haircut of the pixie

    Stacking such a haircut will not create difficulties, it's quite simple and fast. Nevertheless, when curling hair is not recommended such an image. Advantage of a hairstyle - multivariance.

    New-year hairstyles differ in asymmetry, buns of different shapes. Styling can make a girl and daring, and aggressive, and soft. It is possible and wind hair.

    Soft laying
    Aggressive image with a fringe bang
    Bob with an oblique bang
    Hollywood wave
    Sluggish image
    Hair waves to the hair
    Stacking the square

    A fashion trend in 2016 will be bangs. With their help, you can adjust facial features and give expressiveness. The form should be selected depending on the type of person. Owners of round shapes fit fringe to the eyebrows, with a pointed chin, it is better to process the bangs according to the method of slipping. Young people in general can not resort to such an element of hair.

    Garzon with a thick bang
    Grooming fervor
    Grooming a cap
    With an oblique bang
    With a semicircular bang
    With a twirled oblique bang
    Bulky fringe
    Narrow disorder

    The favorite in 2016 will be a stepped square. Although such an option was fashionable many years ago, yet thanks to fashionable zest, the haircut again becomes popular. Add individuality will be able to asymmetry and coloring in 2 or more colors.

    Hair toning
    Pink tinting
    Haircut with short temples
    Stylish Mohawk
    Combination of different hair tones
    Retro version of
    Staining in different colors
    Short roll

    The urgency of this hair style is that its shape can be easily changed. In addition, the styling can be done for any type of hair and for different age categories of women.

    Wonders of styling

    Uniqueness of short hairstyle in individuality. They are suitable for many, but require special attention for care. In the next year, hair will become fashionable on the face. Also lifted hair up, which resembles the male version.

    Wonderful looking short curly hair. You can put them either upward or inside. Experiment with bio-tweaking. At home, it is also possible to self-stow with a curling iron or diffuser. You may need curlers. Curls will make you feminine and elegant. And to surprise others - make a small Iroquois. Fashionable and stylish.

    Pixie - diffuser padding
    Curl on the carcass
    Curled bob

    The creative image will help create a smooth laying of the side areas and a massive - the upper part. The comb can be made waves and also beautifully laid.

    Air laying
    Hair raised up
    Brave laying
    Disheveled curls
    Under the male version

    If you do not feel like experimenting, you should resort to a proven classic. This is a familiar bean, also an elongated square and cascade. They are eternal and will always be popular. In addition, they can change their forms, which makes them universal. The novelty will be given by staining, weaving braids or braid.

    Creative mess
    Simple bean

    Together with a huge choice of hairstyles and haircuts, important is the proper care and good styling. Thanks to this image will be sexy and mysterious. In 2016 - you need to be both elegant and bold at the same time. So experiment boldly.

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