How to decorate the office for the New Year 2016 - Office decoration for the New Year( + photo)

  • How to decorate the office for the New Year 2016 - Office decoration for the New Year( + photo)

    The New Year is celebrated not only at home or in the circle of friends, but also at work, in the office. About holding a corporate not talking, with this and so everything is clear - the room for its holding is decorated by the company that organizes the holiday. How to decorate the office for the new year 2016, so that it looks solid, fashionable and modern?

    Choice of decor

    Habitual garlands on the walls and snowflakes on the windows look at least out of place in the office of a solid company. It's too much like a school or a kindergarten. For decorating an office it is worth picking up unconventional ideas that will not be given amateurishness and excessive infantilism.

    Screensaver on the computer

    One of the easiest ways to decorate the New Year office - changing the screen savers on all computers for special New Year. Here, corporate or office symbols will be very appropriate. This screen saver can be ordered or done with your own hands, knowing at least a little to draw in computer programs.

    Christmas tree as an art object

    You can use the classic Christmas tree object, but decorate it as an art object. No domestic tinsel, the usual glass shiny toys. The Christmas tree may very well be natural, but it would be in the spirit of modern ecological trends to use a plastic artificial tree. To decorate it, too, is original, taking advantage of office equipment and office supplies. The tree will look at the same time both a classical element of decor and remind postmodern constructions if instead of toys on it there will be notebooks, pens, pencils, staplers and erasers. The main thing is not to overdo it."Hanging" on the Christmas tree too many small things, you make it motley and untidy, the very idea of ​​"Elkoofisa" will be lost.

    Christmas trees on the desktop

    Another simple and easily implemented by the own forces the idea of ​​decor - the creation of a poster with the wishes of good luck in the New Year. To make it, you need a large poster with a picture of a festively decorated elegant New Year tree and a photo of all the employees of the office. They are carved in the form of balls decorating the tree, and are glued to their places on the poster. Under the photo each employee writes New Year's wish. Such a joint decorative object will unite all employees of the office and make them closer to each other.

    Poster with congratulations
    Please note! A small souvenir or a figurine depicting the symbol of 2016 - the Fire Monkey, Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden or the New Year tree, can become a pleasant element of decor and at the same time a small New Year's gift. Such an ornament can stand on each desktop. You can use different figures or figurines, or you can put them all around the office. This will look quite strict and at the same time original.
    In the working kitchen

    And the usual garlands and snowflakes can easily fit comfortably in the utility room or in the kitchen of the office, creating a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere of celebration and rest. Here, new cups for office staff, decorated with New Year's symbols and names of owners, will also be relevant. To order such production it is possible at any enterprise, engaged in color printing on various subjects.

    Festive decoration of glasses

    Decoration of the chief's office

    It is unlikely that the bosses will approve the placement of a New Year tree in his office, but he will not object to the stylish composition of spruce branches and ornamental berries. A large composition can be placed in the corner of the cabinet, on a separate stand or on the floor. This decoration looks rather laconic and at the same time festive.

    Christmas trees

    A small decorative composition that does not interfere with the holding of meetings and gliders, can be on the desktop. The main condition for the success of such ornaments is a minimalist and modern decor with a minimum of composite elements. Decorate the office of the head can and printing products with New Year's symbols - writing paper, notebook, stickers and pens.


    A simple and original way of New Year's decor can be the placement on the windows of the office of a typical symbol of Christmas and New Year - poinsettia, or "Christmas Star".This original indoor flower has very inconspicuous inflorescences, the existence of which most owners do not even suspect. The main decoration of this plant - large brightly colored bracts, in the classical version having a rich red color against the background of the main dark green. This is a typical New Year's combination of colors, as well as the fact that colored leaves are formed just for Christmas and New Year, and make this plant the best decorative flower for the holidays. Modern varieties of poinsettia have white, yellow, pink bracts. Such a catchy plant will make an interesting contrast with the strict lines and colors of the office.


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