How we work in 2015 - the working days of 2015

  • How we work in 2015 - the working days of 2015

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    Information about the schedule of work for the next year interests almost every Russian. The production annual calendar helps not only to plan time and develop a strategy for 2015 and other years for working people, but will also be useful for a retired, schoolchild, housewife going to visit a state institution or service enterprise. So, how do we work in 2015?What do lawmakers say about this?

    Draft Decree of the Russian Government

    Production Calendar for 2015

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation in the last days of May this year prepared a draft of a future resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. Its name is "On the postponement of days off in 2015".While approving this document, minor amendments may appear, but practice shows that in past years the project was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers unchanged.


    New Year's holidays
    Pay attention! In the first winter of next year we will start working only on January 12.
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    We have to work as a result for three weeks: from 12th to 16th, from 19th to 23rd and from 26th to 30th inclusive. With a 31-day calendar month, we will have 16 working days.

    Separately it is worth mentioning the weekend - Sunday, January 4.This day will be postponed to May holidays and will make May 4, 2015 a non-working day.


    Fatherland Defender's Day

    The short 28-day calendar month was not far from January. It is only 19 working days. They are distributed for 4 weeks, but of them only 2 full-fledged: from the 2nd to the 6th and from the 9th to the 13th;the rest consist of 4 working days: from 16th to 19th and from 24th to 27th. This is due to the holiday on February 23, the beginning of which will be on Saturday, the 21st, and will end on Monday, the 23rd.

    Please note! On Friday, February 20th, the pre-holiday reduced day.


    International Women's Day

    The calendar of working days of the first month of spring 2015 will be reduced by only 1 day in connection with the celebration on March 8, from 7th to 9th.

    Please note! Sunday falling holiday will be supplemented by a non-working Monday - March 9.At the same time, March 6 is considered a pre-holiday day.

    Full-time working days in the third month of the year will be in the first week: from the 2nd to the 5th;on the second - from the 10th to the 13th;on the third - from 23rd to 27th and on the fourth - 30th and 31th.

    As a result, the total number of working days in March is 21.


    In general, the fourth month of next year will be standard: working days from Monday to Friday. The only exception is April 30.He is considered a pre-holiday.

    Of the 30 calendar days, 22 will be workers. The first week: from the 1st to the 3rd, the second from the 6th to the 10th, the third from the 13th to the 17th, the fourth from the 20th to the 24th, and the fifth from the 27thon the 30th of April.


    May holidays

    In May from 31 calendar days we will work 19. Due to the fact that the May Day holidays will last from May 1 to May 4, we leave for work on the 5th. The celebration of the Victory Day will take place from the 9th to the 11th of May, so the next working week will begin on the 12th.


    Day of Russia

    In the sixth month of the fifteenth year of the third millennium we will work 21 days. Due to the fact that the Day of Russia will be celebrated from the 12th to the 14th of June, 11th day is considered a pre-holiday day.

    Please note! Typically, a 40-hour work week on such days provides for a reduction in the work process for 1 hour.

    So, in June we work: from 1st to 5th, from 8th to 11th, from 15th to 19th, from 22nd to 26th and 29-30th of June inclusive.

    July, August, September, October

    In the third quarter( July, August and September), as well as the entire first month of the fourth quarter - October, we will work according to the traditional calendar, from Monday to Friday. In just 3 months we will have to work 66 days. Of these: in the seventh month of 2015 we work 23 days. In August there will be 21 working days. In September for 1 day more - 22. In October, the same number - 22 working days.


    National Unity Day

    In November, out of 30 calendar days, 20 are workers. Day of National Unity - November 4 - red day. The previous, 3rd day, is considered pre-holiday. The rest of the days we work and rest in full accordance with the calendar.


    In the final month of 2015, the production schedule in the territory of the Russian Federation fully coincides with the calendar one.

    December 31

    The only shortened day is December 31.In total, we will have 23 working days in December.

    Everyone who knows how to work in 2015 will easily calculate that out of 365 calendar days, we will be occupied 249 days in production or in the office.

    A lot of time we are busy at work, devoting ourselves to a loved one or just the necessary thing. Correctly arrange the accents and optimally plan their forces will help to exact the schedule of work and rest for the next year. And now we know exactly when and how much we will work in 2015.