How to make the voice beautiful - exercises, recommendations

  • How to make the voice beautiful - exercises, recommendations

    Voice is as important as your appearance. Statistics say that 93% of information is transmitted through voice in any communication. Therefore it is important to have a beautiful voice. When your voice will sound freely and sincerely, velvet, rich and melodic, then almost every business is guaranteed success.

    Do not be upset if nature is not given the best voice. It can always be improved. You just need to know how to make the voice beautiful, what exercises are more effective, how to conduct systematic training.

    How to start

    Voice recording

    Conduct an experiment, explore your voice yourself. You can do it this way: record your conversation on a video camera or dictaphone, mark the positive and negative sides of your voice. Determine what intonations prevail in it. Maybe he is deaf, harsh and expressionless? Maybe it has screechy and annoying notes? You know, because you can listen to someone for hours, and someone can not listen to the end. Everything is in the energy of the voice. And it can be both magical and destructive.

    Rate your voice from the outside. If you do not like something, try to determine the cause, and also do special exercises that make the voice better.

    Exercises for voice

    Respiratory gymnastics

    All exercises must be performed ten to fifteen minutes daily.

    1. Neck muscles relax. Slowly inhale and exhale. Reproduce the sound "a" quietly and quietly. Pull it( "ah-ah-ah"), tilting your head forward and listening as it changes. Experiment with other vowels. It is necessary to remove all clamps, sounds should be poured easily, without bodily tension.
    2. Yawn, spreading his hands in the sides. Then make movements, as if you hide a yawn from those around you.
    3. Mooch, knocking itself with the palm of the chest, on the maxillary sinuses, on the forehead.
    4. Try to purr and miaow in the morning. Soon you will notice a softer note in your voice. For a lower tone, say the "y" sound repeatedly throughout the day.
    5. Learn to breathe correctly, the timbre of the voice depends on it. It is right to breathe properly with your stomach, swinging the lower press. In this case, you can also read aloud. It is also useful practice of yogis. Their exercise will help make the voice attractive. Do it this way: stand straight, take two or three breaths-exhalation, then draw in air, then exhale sharply, pronouncing the sound "ha-ah."
    6. Exercise by saying consonants with different vowel sounds. To do this, record them in columns( vowels and consonants) and train, for example: ba, bi, b, boo, and the like. Note that the sonority of the voice improves if you say several identical sounds in a row: bbb, bbba, bbbe.

    Some recommendations

    Expressive speech

    Worrying about how to make the voice beautiful, you should also take into account such recommendations:

    • Do not speak monotonously. Try to place the accents correctly. Do not be boring, but never tararate. The best rate of speech is this: in a minute from 125 to 150 words.
    • Read aloud. This is an effective exercise. Read out different articles from magazines and newspapers, fill the speech with different intonations.
    • Never get discouraged if you do not see an immediate result. Perseverance and patience will necessarily make your voice beautiful.
    • If after a long period of employment there are no positive trends, then it makes sense to consult a doctor( usually a loroo).Perhaps you have medical reasons.

    Remember that with a voice you unwittingly create a pleasant or tense atmosphere around yourself. And on this depends largely on your success. Good luck!