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    Weight loss day on potatoes for losing weight: reviews and results

    Potatoes knowingly occupy one of the leading positions among all vegetables, because the potato we are familiar with contains a large number of useful elements that are necessary for the human body.

    It is for this reason that a fasting day on potatoes is successfully carried out both for cleaning the intestine from toxic harmful substances, and for minor, but rapid weight correction.

    Unloading day for weight loss on potatoes: good or bad ^

    The main advantage of potato unloading is that during it, the slimming person enjoys a pleasant and familiar meal, and does not feel hunger at all.

    The use of a day of unloading on a potato is due, first of all, to its unique chemical composition and consists in the following:

    • Young potatoes produce an excellent purifying effect. After unloading, you can feel an unprecedented ease in the stomach and a surge of energy.
    • Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, removes excess fluid that has accumulated in the body and, therefore, relieves swelling, clears blood of toxins and toxins.
    • Potato containing antioxidants, rejuvenates the body, struggles with free radicals, because of which the skin grows old and becomes flabby.
    • Vitamin C contained in potatoes helps fight infectious and colds, improves immunity.
    • This product also contains amino acids, pectins, vitamin B2, a range of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc.
    • Potato energy value is 72.7 kcal per 100 g of product.
    • Potatoes "in uniforms" are considered the most useful, because in the potato peel there are a lot of vitamins.
    • Indications for potato unloading are nephritis, high blood pressure, kidney failure, circulatory problems.

    Before carrying out unloading on potatoes, it is important to know one interesting fact: the skin of the early and sprouted potatoes contains a substance called "solanine", which can cause poisoning. Therefore, the early or sprouted potatoes should be used without skin.

    In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the main contraindications for conducting potato discharge, which include:

    • urolithiasis;
    • exacerbation of bowel diseases, for example, colitis or enteritis;
    • flatulence;
    • diabetes mellitus.

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    Potato Relief Day: popular recipes, menu ^

    Unloading day on potatoes: menu, recipes

    For a potato-free day, you need to prepare 1.5 kg of potatoes, boil it or bake. During unloading, authorized products are also sour cream, kefir, greens. In unlimited quantities it is allowed to drink herbal decoctions or green tea.

    Unloading day on baked potatoes

    In advance it is necessary to bake 1.5 kg of this vegetable in the oven. To do this, it is necessary to thoroughly wash root crops, cut them in half and, without cleaning them from the peel, put in the oven. Potatoes can not be salted, peppered, added with water, mayonnaise and so on, you can only sprinkle it with herbs.

    • The prepared dish should be divided into 5 equal portions of 300 grams and eaten throughout the day.
    • This discharge is especially effective in diseases of the kidneys and heart.

    Unloading day on mashed potatoes

    Mashed potatoes are a favorite dish of many people. This version of the unloading day is more diverse and, besides the mashed potatoes, includes other dishes. The menu for this unloading looks like this:

    • Breakfast: skimmed milk( 1 glass).
    • Lunch: a serving of mashed potatoes without adding oil or spices( 300 g).
    • Dinner: a salad made from potatoes, boiled eggs and seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil, vinegar and ground pepper.

    Between meals you can drink green tea or herbal decoction. In addition, as a snack, you can eat one cucumber and puree from one large potato.

    Unloading day on potatoes and kefir

    Kefir in combination with potatoes has strong cleaning properties and promotes effective weight loss. However, it is not recommended to use young or sprouted roots, as their skin may cause poisoning.

    • To carry out this version of the unloading day, it is necessary to boil "in uniforms" 1.5 kg of potatoes and divide it into 5 equal portions.
    • If with each meal to drink a glass of low-fat kefir, the effect of unloading will increase several times.

    Unloading day on boiled potatoes

    As you know, with potato unloading, the roots can be baked in the oven, making mashed potatoes, boiling "in uniforms".A very tasty dish is boiled potatoes without peel, cut into pieces.

    • For its preparation, you should clean 1.5 kg of potatoes, cut it into cubes and boil it by slightly pouring water. When the potatoes are ready, it can be sprinkled with dill or parsley for flavor.

    Unloading day on potatoes and sour cream

    To perform an effective unloading, you will need to take potatoes( 1.5 kg) and sour cream( 200 g).Pre-potatoes should be baked in the oven, cutting it into four parts. It can not be seasoned with spices or mayonnaise, otherwise the effect of unloading will be zero.

    • Potatoes and sour cream should be divided into 6 equal portions and there is a dish throughout the day, watering it with sour cream.
    • Between meals you can drink water without gas.

    Unloading day on potatoes and green tea

    This day of unloading day is one of the easiest. For its conduct, you need to boil about a kilogram of potatoes. Salt and fill the dish with various spices is prohibited.

    • Potatoes should be divided into 4 portions: breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper.
    • Between meals, you can drink green tea without sugar and water.

    Unloading day on potatoes and greens

    Potatoes with greens are an excellent spring combination, which, for sure, adores everyone. A fasting day on potatoes and green onions, dill, parsley will not only give pleasure, but will cleanse the intestines and relieve a couple of extra pounds.

    • It is necessary to boil potatoes( 1, 5 kg) in slightly salted water and sprinkle it with a herbal mixture of pre-ground greens.
    • As with other discharge options, the dish should be divided into 5 equal parts and eat them during the day.

    Unloading day on potatoes during pregnancy

    This kind of discharge during pregnancy is the most safe, so when you hold it you do not need to starve, because potatoes are quite a satisfying product. To future mums the variant with boiled potatoes, sour cream and greens is perfect.

    • Preliminary boil or bake in foil 1.5 kg of peeled and cut potatoes.
    • For one sitting you can eat 300 g of dish, dressed with sour cream and sprinkled with a small amount of greens.
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    Unloading day on potatoes: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    The results of potato days of release can be significantly improved if you carry out unloading at least once a week, and in between them play sports and observe the principles of proper nutrition. For one unloading it is possible to get rid of 1-2 kilograms, and for 4 discharges, carried out with an interval of 7 days - from 4-6 extra kilograms.

    On the Internet, you can find only good and enthusiastic reviews about the unloading day for weight loss on potatoes. Here are some responses from our regular readers sent to us:

    Elena, 35 years old:

    "I really love potatoes, especially young ones with sour cream and fennel, but earlier I never knew that it is possible to spend unloading days on such a hearty and delicious product. The day after the first unloading, I felt a surge of energy and ease. "

    Margarita, 23 years old:

    "Who does not like potatoes? I personally just adore it, so I spend potato unloading at least once a week. Throughout the day I eat potatoes and drink low-fat kefir. And I do not feel hungry, and I lose weight at the same time. "

    Yana, 28 years old:

    "For me, potato unloading is a great way to quickly lose a few kilos before an important event. I eat potatoes baked in the skins over the course of the day with greenery added, but I drink clean water. "