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    Diet for flat stomach:reviews and results of weight loss

    In order to get rid of fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, it is enough to take advantage of a simple diet - the result will not keep you waiting too long.

    Is it possible to make the abdomen flat with a diet ^

    The essence of the diet for a flat stomach consists of a limited number of calories, as well as the use of only useful and natural food. This approach allows the body to begin to independently remove fat cells - accordingly, the excess fat is also removed.

    Are volumes on the flat stomach diet

    Together with the fat deposits, of course, the waist and hip volumes decrease, and the total body weight decreases. You can use any of the types of diet: fast and slow. Fast is designed for 3-5 days, but the second option takes at least 2 weeks in duration, but is more satisfying and safe.

    Pros and cons of a fast diet for a flat stomach

    The main advantages of a flat stomach diet are:

    • Good efficacy;
    • No too strict restrictions;
    • Easy portability.

    Of the shortcomings - only contraindications: pregnancy and lactation period, any chronic diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

    How much can you lose on a diet for a flat stomach

    If you stick to the diet for a week and do not violate its rules, you can lose up to 7 kg - with strict, and up to 3-4 kg - with a soft menu for several weeks or a month.

    Calorie diet for the flat stomach and sides also depends on the specific diet: if it is limited to a small number of foods, then a day is allowed to consume no more than 1000 kcal. With an expanded list of dishes, this indicator does not exceed 1500 Kcal.

    What should be excluded from the menu:

    • Fatty and sweet foods;
    • Fried, smoked, salted;
    • Alcohol;
    • Non-natural juices;
    • Lemonade.

    Diet flat stomach at home: menus, recipes, rules ^

    Diet for flat stomach: menu options for losing weight

    Rules for flat belly diet :

    • Before starting a diet, it is recommended to make a fasting day, and then eat small meals, but often;
    • Daily it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of filtered water;
    • It is allowed to eat any non-fatty foods: fish, meat, sour-milk products, fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals.

    Diet for flat stomach and thin waist

    To achieve a reduction in volumes in these areas, it is necessary to eat for a week according to the example of this menu:

    • We have breakfast with boiled egg, grapefruit, green tea;
    • For lunch, let's get fruit;
    • We have lunch with chicken breast and stewed vegetables;
    • We drink kefir or fat-free yogurt for a snack;
    • We dine with boiled rice, beetroot and a piece of meat.

    Diet for a flat stomach for a week: menu

    For large stomach volumes, it is necessary to have a half a grapefruit snack during the week, and the rest of the meals should be formed according to the principle of this menu:

    • In the morning we eat fruit salad, drink a cup of tea;
    • We have lunch with steamed vegetables and boiled chicken breast;
    • We dine with seafood salad, we drink tea.

    Flat stomach for the month: diet

    In order to get rid of large volumes for a month, it is recommended to adhere to the following sample menu:

    • We have breakfast cereal and fruit;
    • At lunch we drink tea, eat a sandwich with a piece of cheese;
    • We have lunch with vegetable salad and low-fat soup;
    • We snack 200 g of kefir with the addition of 1 tsp.cellulose;
    • We dine 100 g of fish and rice with vegetables.

    Rice diet for flat stomach

    The most stringent, but effective measure of weight loss is this:

    • In the morning we boil a glass of rice;
    • We divide everything into 6 portions, eat during the day;
    • At a sensation of hunger we have a snack with vegetables, but not more than 2 times a day;
    • We use the methodology for not more than a week.

    Buckwheat diet for flat stomach

    To adhere to this diet is allowed no more than 10 days, during which you can consume only buckwheat cooked according to this recipe:

    • Before going to bed, brew 200 g cereals in 400 g of boiling water;
    • We eat during the day only steamed buckwheat, can be diluted with kefir.

    Fitness diet for a flat stomach

    This option is best for those who go in for sports and visit the gym, becausein the menu the advantage is given to the proteins:

    • We make a glass of oatmeal equal to the portion of milk, mixed with pieces of pineapple. After the swelling we eat for breakfast;
    • We have lunch with vegetable salad and tuna;
    • We have dinner with baked fish and boiled beans;
    • For a midday snack and lunch we drink blueberry smoothies.

    Diet flat stomach with water Sassi

    Sassi's water is prepared according to a special recipe, and it should be drunk on an empty stomach and for 20 minutes before each meal. Only low-calorie foods are allowed to eat by any of the menus presented here, and the water itself is prepared as follows:

    • Add 2 grams of water to grated ginger( 1 tsp), crushed cucumber, mint leaves. Squeeze juice from one lemon;
    • We leave for the night in the fridge, the next day we drink.

    Diet of the flat stomach of Cynthia Sass

    It is necessary to eat by the method of Cynthia Sass in two stages: during the first( 4 days) it is necessary to drink Sassi's water, and to consume no more than 1200 Kcal per day, and then - 4 weeks to follow this menu:

    • For breakfasteat oatmeal with nuts, drink a cup of coffee;
    • Having a snack with a fruit mix;
    • We have lunch with baked fish, stewed vegetables;
    • For a snack we eat 50 g of bitter chocolate, we drink juice;
    • We are having dinner with seafood salad.

    Mediterranean diet for a flat stomach

    To get a flat tummy for a week, it is suggested to eat on this sample menu:

    • In the morning we eat muesli with fruit;
    • At lunch we eat yogurt;
    • We have lunch with baked vegetables;
    • We snack a fruit salad;Tomatoes with grated mozzarella cheese.

    Protein diet for flat stomach

    For athletes and those who prefer meat, fish, eggs and sour-milk products in their diet, this method is best suited. You can use it for no more than 2 weeks, using the following menu example:

    • We have a breakfast omelette, drink tea;
    • For a snack we eat a couple of boiled eggs;
    • We have a seafood salad, drink kefir;
    • We eat a banana for a snack;
    • We dine with boiled meat( 200 g) and leafy vegetables.

    Kefir diet for flat stomach

    Express version, calculated for 3 days, is as follows:

    • Every day, consume 1.5 liters of 1% kefir;
    • Any other products are not allowed.

    Ginger diet for flat stomach

    One of the best fat-burning drinks is ginger tea. It should be drunk after each meal, and it is prepared as follows:

    • 1 tsp.ground ginger and a lemon slice pour 1 liter of boiling water, close in a thermos;
    • We insist half an hour, then it can already be drunk.
    We also recommend that you read the Maya Plisetskaya Diet article "Do not eat".

    Effective diet for a flat stomach and a thin waist: testimonials, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    Doctors, in general, approve any of the techniques to reduce the volume, but do not advise them to use more than three times a year. Important for the body has the correct way out after a fast diet for a flat stomach:

    • It is allowed to add one forbidden product per week;
    • To increase the caloric content of the diet you need to smoothly, 200 Kcal per day.

    As a result of a diet for a flat stomach, a week can remove up to 5 cm in volume, and reduce the weight - up to 7 kg, provided that all the rules are strictly observed.

    Reviews about the diet of the flat stomach of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Alina, 30 years old:

    "I took advantage of the fast option on yogurt, and three days later my favorite jeans began to make it much easier! Of course, it was not easy to hold out, but any rigorous methodology presupposes exactly such efforts and the presence of willpower. "

    Larissa, 27 years old:

    " I managed to lose almost 7 kg per week with the help of the Mediterranean diet, and I transferred it easily and without hunger. I recommend everyone! "

    Maria, 23 years old:

    " I used to weigh 77 kg with a height of 155 cm, but after I sat on a buckwheat diet, my weight dropped by 9 kg in 10 days. This is an excellent result! I will say at once: it is difficult only for the first three days, and then you get used to it and you practically do not experience temptations ยป