• Alkaline diet - restore the acid-base balance

    • The importance of optimal acid-base balance in the body
    • Alkaline diet: phases and menu for 3 weeks
    • Results, useful tips and feedback on the acid-base diet

    Alkaline diet promotes weight loss and general improvement of the body

    Alkaline( alkaline)the diet was designed to achieve the optimal acid-base balance of nutrients in the human body, which allows you to normalize the process of metabolism, control the appetite and provide regulationsweight gain.

    Importance of optimal acid-base balance in the body ^

    The human body is a very complex biological mechanism in which there are many processes directly related to the preservation of its vital activity. This is due to the maintenance of constant body temperature, blood pressure, compliance with the balance of liquids and many other factors.

    In order for these processes to remain relatively constant, they were able to withstand external changes in the environment and did not lead to malfunctions of the systems, the body has the property of homeostasis. And one of its most important indicators, among all others, is the acid-base balance of


    Its essence is the ability of the organism to attach to itself or, on the contrary, to give up hydrogen atoms. The substance that takes it, called alkali, and giving - acid. And in order for a living being to have a right to a healthy existence, the correct correlation of these elements must be observed in him.

    Calculates acid-base balance pH, which is normal in humans is 7.35 - 7.45 units, and for the body it is extremely important to keep these figures in these clearly defined frames. Any, even insignificant changes in this equilibrium lead to a violation of all the biochemical processes taking place inside the person and his illness or even death. The displacement of acidity in one direction or another can have different consequences.

    So, the increased acidity disrupts the synthesis of collagen. With acidification, the transport of oxygen to tissues and organs is significantly impaired, and the mastering of important minerals ceases. In general, acidosis( increased acidity) contributes to:

    • accelerated reproduction of viruses, parasites and bacteria;
    • weight gain;
    • development of diabetes mellitus;
    • formation of stones in the bladder and kidneys;
    • development of oncological diseases;
    • of nervous excitability;
    • bone fragility, etc.

    Reduced acidity, or excessive alkalization is also undesirable. Alkali helps neutralize the acid, but when its excess( so-called alkalosis) develops, it can give no less serious complications:

    • deterioration in the absorption of minerals and blood toxicity;
    • development of dermatological diseases;
    • impaired liver function;
    • development of allergies;
    • appearance of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

    The alkalization of the body occurs, in general, quite rarely and is caused mainly by excessive use of drugs that have alkali in their composition. But increased acidity - a fairly frequent phenomenon. The following symptoms may indicate the appearance of these malfunctions:

    • lethargy, fatigue;
    • constant low body temperature, sensation of chilliness and chills;
    • appearance of unhealthy complexion - gray, pale or yellowish;
    • development of acne, the appearance of redness and dry skin;
    • disorders in the digestive tract;
    • body weight disorders;
    • appearance of muscle aches.

    All body systems begin to react to acidification. There are inflammation of the urogenital tract, spasms and pains in the stomach, frequent diseases of the respiratory system, jumps in blood pressure. Emotional state of a person also begins to be characterized by increased irritability and nervousness, mood is different with sadness and depression.

    For self-determination of acid-base balance, you can use all the known litmus test paper. Saliva drips on it, and if the paper turns red, this indicates a deviation in the acidic side, if it turns blue - in alkaline.

    What influences acidity?

    • food products - they are all divided into alkaline and acid;
    • drinks - water is involved in the formation of acid-base balance;
    • movement and load - in moderate amounts they help to get rid of excess acids.

    To maintain the life of the body, it is necessary to consume leaching products more than oxidizing products - their ratio should normally be about 70: 30 or even 80: 20.

    The acid-forming foods are:

    • protein food - fish, seafood, meat, cheese, eggs;
    • curd and yogurt;
    • natural coffee;
    • cereals;
    • beans;
    • sugar and by-products;
    • pasta;
    • confectionery;
    • oil;
    • lemonade;
    • alcohol;
    • canned food;
    • seeds and nuts;
    • starch, etc.

    The alkalizing products contain a lot of water. These are:

    • greens;
    • lemons;
    • beet;
    • radish;
    • cucumbers;
    • turnip;
    • garlic;
    • cabbage;
    • Citrus;
    • avocado;
    • dried fruits;
    • currant;
    • cherry;
    • tomatoes;
    • potatoes.

    Basically, all fruits and many vegetables belong to alkaline foods, and proteins to acidic foods. There are also neutral foods - dairy products, butter and vegetable oils.

    Alkaline diet: phases and menu for 3 weeks ^

    Alkaline diet allows you to normalize the acid-base balance in the body, which in turn positively affects the work of all its organs and weight regulation in particular. The diet in this diet is designed for three weeks, the food system has three main phases, each lasting seven days.

    The first phase of

    It is characterized by an active alteration of the body and its purification. During this period, there may be discomforts and physical discomfort. In the first week, weight is lost very quickly, especially if it is facilitated by physical exercises.

    The menu in the first phase is as follows:

    • breakfast: soy milk or natural yogurt, fruits with low glycemic index - apples, pears, peaches;
    • lunch: baked poultry, vegetable salad or vegetable soup;
    • snack: soy yogurt;
    • dinner: braised fish, green vegetables, natural yogurt.

    In the first week of the diet, the menu should limit the use of bread, cheese, butter, alcohol as much as possible.

    The second phase of

    During this period, the ratio of acids and alkalis is restored. Even physical indispositions, fatigue, disappear, weight in the stomach disappears.

    Menu about the following:

    • breakfast: yogurt or soy milk, fruit or vegetable juices, fruit;
    • lunch: vegetable soup;
    • snack: soy yogurt;
    • dinner: green vegetables, tofu cheese.
    • Excluded: bread, sweets, alcohol.

    The third phase of

    The third phase is aimed at maintaining the achieved mineral balance. To fix the result, it is very important to use alkaline food. By the morning meal it is necessary to add whole-grain bread and mineral water, as well as protein foods throughout the day.

    The menu can be as follows:

    • breakfast: steam omelet, fruit, soy yogurt;
    • lunch: vegetable salads and soups, dishes from fish, meat or poultry;
    • afternoon snack: a piece of bitter chocolate, fruit;
    • dinner: baked white fish, fresh vegetables.

    This phase can be extended at will, but no more than up to 12 days.

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    Results, useful tips and feedback on the acid-base diet ^

    The results of the alkaline diet say that it does not apply to fast-acting weight loss techniques, it weighs mostly only in the first week of compliance - about 3 to 4 kg per week. Then the loss of weight will be no more than 1 kg in seven days. This system of nutrition is mainly directed to the improvement of the body and the normalization of metabolism.

    In addition to losing weight, following the prescribed diet can also achieve the following pleasant results:

    • improve digestion;
    • skin tone recovery;
    • increasing concentration, memory, attention;
    • improved mood;
    • increase of energy.

    According to the weight loss reports, the alkaline diet is very pleasant, as it does not require strict control of food consumption and does not cause a feeling of hunger. Absolute contraindications it does not, but like any dietary program, it is impossible to observe it only to people of advanced age and children - these categories of the population have very strict requirements to the composition of their food. A consultation of a doctor when changing the power supply system has not hurt anyone yet.

    With caution follow the alkaline diet you need:

    • to people with acute and chronic kidney failure;
    • patients with ischemic heart disease.

    Acid-alkaline diet is very beloved by many Hollywood celebrities. Especially popular was Victoria's alkaline diet Beckham. She began to follow it on the recommendation of the book Corret and Edson Honestly Healthy Alkaline Program. Recipes taken from this edition, have become for Victoria the main components of the menu. The difficulty is only that there are mostly vegetarian dishes here, but this problem is completely solvable.

    Kirsten Dunst's diet is also well-known, the main principle of which was the division of products into acid-forming and alkalizing products. The diet was based on salads, vegetables, fruits, low-fat yogurt, whole-grain bread, boiled cereals, herbal decoctions. The most useful are lemons, watermelon, and cayenne pepper. Perfectly clean the intestines smoothies and juices.

    Kirsten Dunst not only attaches importance to the balance of nutrition, but also actively engages in sports. This allows her to always remain beautiful and cheerful. It is also known that fans of the alkaline diet are Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.
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