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    The vegan diet provides weight loss of up to 5 kg per week

    The Vegan diet is a low-calorie food system that perfectly reduces excess weight. This technique is very similar to the vegetarian lifestyle, but there is one difference - vegan provides a complete rejection of any animal protein.

    The essence and features of weight loss on a vegan diet ^

    Veganism is a certain way of life based on ethical principles that do not accept the killing of animals for satiety.

    In addition, vegan refuse honey, eggs and milk drinks and products, arguing that the method of obtaining them disrupts the natural processes and habitats of animals.

    The vegan diet promotes the process of losing weight by consuming foods with low caloric content and a limited amount of fats and sugar.

    The diet of the vegan diet includes:

    • Legumes and cereals - peas, beans, lentils, pearl barley, oatmeal, rice, millet and buckwheat;
    • Vegetables - cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, beets and greens;
    • Berries, fruits - pears, mango, pomelo, grapefruit, mango, apples, oranges, bananas and many others;
    • Berries, seeds, nuts;
    • Milk soy products - milk, tofu, sour cream, low-fat yogurt;
    • Mushrooms.

    Under strict prohibition of the vegan diet are:

    • All kinds of fish, meat, poultry;
    • Dairy, sour-milk drinks and products;
    • Any eggs;
    • Coffee drinks;
    • "Garbage" food - crackers, carbonated drinks, chips, French fries, fast food;
    • Sweet products, which are made with the use of eggs, egg powder, milk, sour cream and other prohibited products).

    Positive aspects of the vegan technique are:

    • Over a week, the loss of excess weight is up to five kilograms;
    • The organism is actively cleared of salts, slags, poisons and toxins;
    • The skin condition is noticeably improving.

    Among the shortcomings of the vegan food system are the following:

    • It is impossible to exclude from the diet for a long time animal proteins, since their absence in the body can lead to quick wilting of the face and body skin;
    • Insufficient saturation of certain vitamins and nutrients will cause in the body their deficiency;
    • The products included in the vegan diet, especially exotic fruits, will require increased financial costs.

    The vegan dietary technique is contraindicated in pregnancy and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Vegan diet for weight loss: menus for a week and features ^

    The vegan diet for weight loss is perfect for those who intend to throw off excess weight within 3-5 kg. The dietary regime consists of a daily five-time meal, where single meals should not exceed 250 g / ml.

    Approximate weekly menu of the vegan diet:

    1 day

    • Breakfast: porridge with apple and pear slices, orange juice;
    • Lunch: tangerines;
    • Lunch: rice vegetable soup;
    • Snack: pomegranate;
    • Dinner: vegetable salad, milk.

    Day 2

    • Breakfast: pearl barley with mushroom sauce, tea;
    • Lunch: mango;
    • Lunch: stew of potatoes, carrots, beets and peppers;
    • Snack: tofu, apple;
    • Dinner: boiled beans with natural tomato sauce, tea.

    Day 3

    • Breakfast: rice boiled with raisins, milk;
    • Lunch: the apple is baked;
    • Lunch: stewed cabbage, cucumber - tomato salad;
    • Snack: soy yogurt;
    • Dinner: cabbage rolls with mushrooms, carrot drink.

    Day 4

    • Breakfast: lentil boiled, a slice of whole-grain bread with soy cream, tea;
    • Lunch: pumpkin seeds - 50 g;
    • Lunch: buckwheat, baked vegetables, pomegranate juice;
    • Snack: pineapple - apple salad with almonds;
    • Dinner: squash soup, fruit cocktail.

    Day 5

    • Breakfast: cabbage salad, pea porridge, tea;
    • Lunch: peaches;
    • Lunch: potato and mushroom puree, milk;
    • Snack: bananas;Dinner: banana - strawberry cocktail, bean stew with corn.

    Day 6

    • Breakfast: cereal( rice and millet), broth of wild rose;
    • Lunch: yoghurt with avocado;
    • Lunch: rice soup, potato salad of boiled and white cabbage;
    • Snack: a big orange;
    • Dinner: vinaigrette with walnut, ginger tea.

    Day 7

    • Breakfast: mashed pumpkin, carrot juice;
    • Lunch: tomatoes with green onions;
    • Lunch: borscht lean with mushrooms, mint tea;
    • Snack: walnut - fruit mixture;
    • Dinner: salad from boiled beets with cashew nuts, apricot juice.

    22-day vegan diet ^

    The vegetative vegan feeding system significantly reduces the risk of diseases of blood vessels, diabetes, heart and even cancer. A vegetable diet is an integral part of the vegan lifestyle.

    For those wishing to join their direction, it is necessary to withstand the diet for 22 days. It is such a time period, according to many psychologists, will allow the body to adapt to new nutrition and reduce weight to the optimum limit.

    The vegan diet for muscle mass gaining

    In order to gain and increase muscle mass, using the dietary method of vegans, it is necessary to develop a menu taking into account training days and rest days.

    Menu of the vegan diet during training:

    • Morning: boiled lentils, bananas;
    • Lunch: soy yoghurt with dried apricots;
    • Lunch: boiled brown rice, salad of cherry and cucumber, orange juice;
    • Snack: grated apples with cashews;Evening: tofu, vegetables.

    After training, it is recommended to use a protein shake - beat in a blender 200 ml of soy milk, 100 grams each.soybean sprouted beans and sweet berries, half a banana.

    Day off:

    • Morning: soy milk with any berries;
    • Lunch: oatmeal, apple jelly;
    • Lunch: vegetable light soup, a handful of nuts;
    • Snack: citrus fruit or pineapple;
    • Evening: vegetable salad with sour cream.

    The Vegan Diet Beyoncé

    The famous singer Beyoncé followed a diet of vegan food for three weeks. Already the first week of abandonment of animal food markedly affected the figure of the singer.

    For 22 days of the vegan marathon, the owner of lush and chic forms managed to perfectly clean the body, to lose weight superb and to bring her body to a fine chisel shape.

    The vegan diet Megan Fox

    Model and actress Megan Fox resorted to a diet of vegans to maintain the harmony of her body. For a while Megan completely abandoned all kinds of meat, eggs, milk and honey.

    In addition, under its prohibition were coffee, bread and any sweets. However, to correct the figure of the actress not only helped this technique, but also regular physical training.

    Vegan Diet Jennifer Lopez

    After 22 days of dietary vegan food, the celebrity successfully dropped the right amount of extra pounds. According to Jennifer herself, this technique is an excellent option for the constant maintenance of the figure in excellent condition.

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    Results, reviews of slimming and doctors about the vegan diet ^

    The results of the vegan diet after a week will be up to 5 kg. To sustain the nutrition of vegans is rather difficult due to a sharp restriction of the usual products.

    The correct way out after a vegan diet is to gradually enter into the daily menu of animal food.
    Reviews about vegan diet from women who lose weight are the most positive. Many noted excellent weight loss, improvement in well-being and a feeling of lightness in the body.

    However, the opinion of doctors is at odds with the opinions of those who lose weight. They consider this diet, which rejects animal food, harmful to health. Doctors do not recommend to constantly keep vegan food, as deficiency of vitamins and animal proteins can negatively affect the body and appearance.

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